Xbox one version?

I already saw and heard that there is gonna be controller support in unturned 4.0 and i’ve been following unturned since deadzone give or take a little time in between(Computer issues) Anyway i would love to see this game to comeout on console to expand its fanbase what do you all think? :grin::grin::grin:

There are no plans for console port

It has been discussed multiple times that it’s a waste of time and resources


They already have split screen and xbox controller support imagine how many new followers would download a potentially free survival game i know many

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that there’s no plans for supporting consoles (although it’s unrealistic), it’s a market that would benefit a lot from this game!

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It would cost Nelson a shit ton of time and money because updating a game on console is so much harder than PC (fokin peasants)
And he already has to keep updating 4.x and 3.x weekly (I suppose). So I don’t think he’ll have the time to manage the same game 3 times on his own


Clearly you have not been following unturned from deadzone because there have been like 7000000000000000 people (im exaggerating) asking for console cross-platform. Nelson clearly said: no.

In exchange for a loss of quality in all versions of Unturned, as he now has to split his attention to yet another complete code rewrite? No thank you, we’re good.

Ignoring the ridiculous amount of times this has been posted, it’s just a bad idea in so many ways.

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If you absolutely have got to have it on a console, mod the console, put windows on it, install steam, and try playing Unturned. That’s the only way you’re getting it.

I sincerly agree.
Once the game is up and running well (not in “well for now”, propelry well) Id say go shoot for a console release, but for the time being there are better ways to invest NelsoNs time.

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Console ports are normally ported by different companys, for example: Minecraft has 4J studios and Terraria has pipeworks. I don’t think Nelson will want to have somebody else to work on unturned

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Indie games happen all the time if he only goes digital it will cost a lot less then if he did disc, digital downloads are around 25-30% cheaper then full out down and dirty with the disc

Im not asking for cross platform just xbox one if he brings unturned to windows then my guess would be most of the works done already for him right?

PC master race. Consoles are just PCs with different OSs, lower graphics, and different controls. Get a PC.


The current gen of consoles is fairly close, yes.
But the previous ones did not even run x86, so no, not really.

Anyone ready for the Xbox x? Exactly the same as the Xbox 1 except has 4k which lags like ass? It’s about 500,000 $ more and there are no fixes. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAASSSSAAAAÀAAAYYYYY

Are you proud of what you just wrote?


No. (10 chair limit :wheelchair:)

Pc’s cost WAY more than a console and i dont have that kind of money and i know alot of people are the same way they buy a $200 console instead of a $500 Pc that’s why i think I’ve be a good thing for unturned to get the console exposure.

Modding a console requires you to jail break it plus the amount of time and effort required, it would just be easier for unturned to lose the player, because i know me like alot of console gamers wont ruin our consoles for games that potentially could come out

We’re not going to jeopardize a PC classic just because some console gamers now want a piece of the action. PCs are highly accessible and most families have at least one. If you don’t, tough luck, that’s a personal problem and Nelson won’t have the time to perform yet another code rewrite for a console port, on top of continual updates for all versions and bug fixes.

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