Yukon 2.0 is out, bois


I love the fuckin map so much (carpat)

It’s like Yukon, except on steroids with no annoying weather.

I love how hard it is to find and maintain a gun. No ammo, nothing. EXP? Thats in extreme scarcity unlike other maps. Leveling up skills and choosing a proper skillsets instead of picking mr FBI man sharpshooter skillset is actually necessary for most teams. I’m playing on easy mode for god sakes and it’s still difficult. Albiet finding food in a full 24/24 server is relatively meh difficulty and could be more scarce.

I just love the challenge presented by this map. It forces people to be friendly. My server is full to the brim and I’ve met tons of people sofar. Nearly everyone isn’t spawn-killing / punching eachother to death in cities, just casually picking up loot and running off to kill eachother later on in the game. It’s how the game should have been, but sadly wasn’t.

I am going to be very sad if nelson chooses not to make this map apart of the official pool of maps. Despite the kiddies joining my server and complaining about “few zombies” “low exp” “no guns” I think the map should be kept for all the hardcore survivalists out there, because just like every other timed curated map it’ll just die if it gets taken out of the game - which this map doesn’t deserve.

Though there are a few slight bugs such as the small incline of a ramp that totally destroys your car near the bunker area. And killing wolves to get wolf leather - the leather can’t be crafted into anything. It should just give you standard leather imo.

it’s a good survival map that brings people together


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