Zombie Distracting Suggestions

Things that could be used as a distraction for zombies:

-Environment resources(sticks,rocks…).
-Firecrackers/Fireworks could be thrown and last for a small duration of time.
-Meat,could be used as bait.
-Car alarms,break the window of a car and trigger the alarm.
-Makeshift distraction devices made from house hold items(speakers,bells,toys)
-Breaking windows.
-Other zombies,encourages the player to engage in stealth,for example if you are getting spotted by a zombie,he could draw the attention of others to the player location by screaming or alerting them in another way.

  • I like the idea.
  • I would change something(comment).
  • I don’t like the idea.

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Umm, dude?


Will seriously aid stealth in for looting, etc…


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Sorry,my bad.

No problem, it happens. Just do some very little research from time to time, or search for a thread you would like to write to make sure you don’t repost.


I would like the meat suggestion not to be a part of it, they are only attracted to you, weve never seen them chase animals so for this too work you would probably have to kill your buddy

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We’ve never seen the turned whatsoever, unless those horde mode enemies that look identical to the player are turned. From an in-universe or from a gameplay perspective it would make sense that they would scavenge meat if it’s readily available but wouldn’t constantly be sprinting around chasing squirrels.

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