Zombies afraid of water and water guns


A weakness of zombies could be water and I think they should react just like how cats do to water, so they don’t really mind rain but they don’t like rivers and pools etc.
What would fit with that would be water guns: images%20(1)

you can find water guns at swimming pools and beaches.

you also need to pump them up so their range is further.

and I think every zombie should have a different level of how much they don’t like water.

and if you become a zombie the only thing that you have is that you can’t swim.

do you have more ideas? :upside_down_face:


just y e s :sweat_drops:


I really think this should go into the meme category


You guys ruin my idea lol


recatorizated to memes

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but it was serious oof


no it wasnt


It was.


I would actually say, that the zombies should try to find shelter, when it’s about to rain.
If they are afraid of water guns and not from the rain that wouldn’t make so much sense, would it?

And also, since you’re talking about water guns. I like the idea that you have to pump them up to shoot further. As for the zombies that don’t like water, my opinion is that they have to get slowed down and make some noises or something similar to that.


pfft why have assault rifles and machine guns when you can have water pistols guys i mean really


we want peace in this game. :upside_down_face:
(and eat blue berries)


This would be super impractical to implement, and wouldn’t add anything to the game. If this idea were to be implemented there might be a couple of different levels of vulnerability to water, but there’s absolutely no reason to have so many possible reactions that each zombie in the game will behave uniquely.


Don’t come to Seattle tomorrow

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why not sir?


He’s bringing a water gun to school.


This idea made me want to kill myself

Edit: due to the concept of ‘why’. Just literally, why. What’s the point of it

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Well @skydragonfire05 is clearly not a 3.0 player, cos zombies as is are plushies at this point,
why make them softer?


I dont like this idea, but that counter argument in itself is stupid. This isnt 3.0


I’m not a fan of this suggestion to be honest.

Plus I think the turned should be able to get to water bases imo


I don’t see why zombies would be afraid of water