I think that there should be more types of zombies and also there should be an upgrade in the AI of zombies. For example I think that flankers have a different AI from the other zombies because they try to go around you and not strait at you. What I mean is that there shouldn’t be something so certain about zombies I think that even a single zombie should be a threat in higher difficulties. What you believe?


Sounds like a great idea. I’m just concerned with how difficult its gonna be to add since its severely lacking IMO. I know he’s been talking about global nav mesh so that’s gonna add a whole bunch of possible features and strategy to zombie killing/base building but that still leaves the types of zombies, their attack patterns, agro range and length of agro time.

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You are right this would be for hard-core players but it’s still a good idea if Nelson make the zombie mechanics more complicated👍.

Different zombie types would be great for more challenging gameplay. I would suggest some from the Left 4 Dead games, but I’m afraid most people would not like getting pinned down in a specific place and get killed slowly.

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Something also cool would be to have special zombies spawned these zombies would have a special abilyty like having a gun or a knife. This would do more damage to youband also they could shoot you with the gun and if you killed them they would give you the gun this would be very useful in the(non stressing areas check that here Loot and difficulty):+1:

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