Devlog #008



No god please no


Nelson, could you explain the difference between community-hosted and ‘official’ servers? I’m concerned about how administration and plugins would work on those servers.


He said there will be a discount, please read the devlogs throughly.


Would be better worded as “are official servers all vanilla with default difficulties, and who will moderate them?”

imb4 Reaver the Server Mod

I highly doubt there would be modded official servers though. It’d either have new mods every wipe (which would likely be every update, as to avoid mod–game conflicts), or it’d just use “curated” mods similar to Ark.


You’ve really outdone yourself here, holy crap.


If 4.0 has the same stockpile as 3.0 I wouldn’t mind.

There would be no randomization, which is why I dislike loot boxes.

You only pay for what you chose.

Although I think the skins could be toned down. I would like to see skins only based on what people could
actually make in ‘real life’. Nothing futuristic, just things like changing a guns wood color, or simple engravings.


The premium pass sounds cool.

If you don’t already have an idea of the price in mind, maybe some kind of Poll/Survey would help you get your bearings as to what your minimum is.

Otherwise, Can’t wait! Thanks nelson


A poll or survey will not help at all. Why might you ask? Simple.

The community will choose the most obvious best alternative for themselves. Here are the options that would more than likely appear in the poll.

  • Permanent pass

  • Subscription (As in you pay multiple times: weekly, monthly, yearly subscription)

Why would subscription be a choice?

Nelson will have to pay for servers on a basis (monthly or yearly), meaning that at some point when the player base levels out and there are fewer premium purchases going on, at some point less money will be made to support both Nelson & servers.

So. Now you (And everyone else who thought of the poll idea) you can see why this would be a bad idea. Obviously, everyone would prefer to pay less, but think realisticly.


We will have discounts for all dlcs.


I disagree due to evidence of the contrary. Although this evidence is seen in polls made before today based around version 4 itself being pay-to-play, it’s still quite relevant. (Similarly, I’d also disagree due to forum goers (SDG forum & elsewhere) posting that they would’ve preferred 4.0 be paid.)

iirc Digital Extremes has done a similar poll before, and it was a “vote for the price you’d pay for, but take note that the amount of benefits you’ll get for that price will be adjusted to be reasonable.”


Different weapon appearance could be handled the same as clothing appearances. I’m not terribly bothered by the skins and microtransactions of 3.x, but I’d prefer 4.X be internally consistent.


So how will admins be selected for official servers, or will there not be a need for any?


well, molt, great (big) heroj, reaver and any other trusted forum members, DUHHHHHH.


Me of course


actually i’ll be the only admin on every server /s


My admin base will be a nearby cave


I was thinking more of a “Will you or a friend continuously buy the monthly subscription?” was the right way to go.
Asking if the community would want a permanent pass or a subscription would obviously be a bad idea…

If I was Nelson in the situation that I was unsure as to what price to set the premium at, I would find out what my minimum was in terms of servers & the price of them, think of a reasonable price that I would like as a player, and think about how much people are willing to pay monthly for official servers in the F2P game.

Once I had a price in mind, (Lets say 5 dollars) my main question to the community would be something along the lines of “Would you pay for the subscription?” or “What price do you see fit for the monthly pass?”

Of course, as you stated, any community would want to put the price as cheap as possible, and that’s where the reasonable price that nelson thought up (in this case, that would be 5 dollars/month) would come into play.

If anything, Nelson could stick to the minimum price for a month or two, and see how it works out. Afterwards, adjust as needed.


Depends on the benefits you’d get from the subscription and if it only affects your ability to join Official Servers, what’s the benefit over community-hosted ones.


Will 4.0 be on Mac like 3.0?


Most likely, yes.

I doubt he’d suddenly drop support for such a notable portion of the playerbase.