How about a paid 4.0?


I think this would be a brilliant idead and $10 should be the cost maybe $15 is u wanna include membership :sunglasses:


With the whole toxic player base thing, I think the problem started with not enough interest in the survival aspects of Unturned, so the remaining player base shifted to the more “toxic” ways of playing. I’m not sure if making the game paid or free would have a major effect on the type of player who plays the game and who doesn’t. There would be less young people who can’t pay money, but there will always be people who enjoy the more “less mature” stuff.

I think the goal should be to attract and retain more players who focus on survival. Then the community would be less toxic because survival players would outweigh the rest.


NO WAY! dude!!!

Check this commercialism! 8k hours and no respect at all!

A price tag would not keep out the kids out as they already can ask their parents for cash and the would get it nowadays or just steal their credit cart.


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That is pretty unlikely
It happens a lot, sure, but when exactly does it happen?
70% of Unturned’s community doesn’t have Gold and almost all of them are kids who can’t pay. Keep in mind that 3.x is very simple, CSGO is extremely popular and competitive, and GTA V is very popular and has nudity. 4.x is going to be more complex than 3.x. it’s gonna focus more on survival than just “killing people for fun” which is what kids wants.


I think that it would be reasonable to do something where Unturned 4 is either 1 USD which unlocks everything or have it where the survival game part is open and then the PVP servers (few ones be it) are unlockable by buying a DLC so that the other servers are instantly PVE and that way you can play normal Unturned 4 without having the toxicity.


The DLC idea is pretty bad. Putting a price on a community feature that was a part of 3.0 pretty much makes zero sense. Why would you make people pay for PvP mode?


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I actually thing if lets say the game cost $5 okay? then have it so u get a crate and a key every 24 hours if u want more keys then yea pay for them but u basically get 1 key free every 24 hours


I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not.


Been confirmed that that 4.0 will be free also, what makes you think that we’re going to have crates and keys (cosmetics/skins) ?


because thats how nelson made like 99% of his money in order to be able to make 4.0 even possible i mean like sure they had memborship but lets say 10 people were playing the game and they all spent $100 on the game only 95% of thats from crates and if he needs to make a living off of the game then he needs money somehow and i believe crates


Nelson expressed in an interview from November that he doesn’t want to add cosmetics in 4.x to avoid micro transactions and to keep the game more serious. He’s been trying to find other ways of funding 4.x and so far it’s looking like an official server pass or some other form of DLC.


I see your point, but, the point of 3.0 was more shifted to PVP whereas Nelson stated that Unturned 4 will be much more heavily focused on PVE.


3.0 was directed into PvP because the community whined for him to keep adding new guns and PvP features. 4.0 is meant to wipe the slate clean while fixing technical issues.


Your point?


Unturned 4 is a start over (and is more PvE like Unturned 2 was) and Unturned 3 was a PvP game due to the community wanting it.


I was talking to the guy who basically just repeated what you said immediately above him


Oh sorry then I thought you meant the whole discussion.