How about a paid 4.0?


For the love God.
I beg to whoever doesn’t know and won’t take 5 minutes to read anything.

Unturned 4.0 would have a much better community if it was a Pay2Play. NOT UNTURNED 3.0
$5 would be a very fair price since it’s affordable to poor gamers like myself. Less hackers and a slightly more mature playerbase.

If it makes the fetuses happy, I suggest Nelson do a “Free weekend” every few months


Ok tbh I agree with this idea it fair and it explainable and unturned get to be free on the weekends every few months so yes we all have to agree on this.


Man, it still unturned, calm down


Doesn’t mean you should panic over the idea of a paywall


I have gold, but my friends don’t have, all the fun of the multiplayer is gone for me than


Play 3.0 with your friends then. The pay wall is a myth.


Doesn’t work that way, but if it is what nelson want, it’s ok for me


It completely works that way. 3.0 will always be available and always free. Play 3.0 with your friends if they wont pay.


With that logic, i could play unturned 1.0 and not pay gold


do whatever you want, no one stopping ya


I dont know how you havent heard this already, or how you couldnt understand this, because 4.0 will NOT REPLACE 3.0 IN YOUR LIBRARY. 4.0 will be a COMPLETELY SEPARATE GAME. 3.0 will remain in your library as “Unturned” and 4.0 will have a new name, most likely “Unturned II”. You will ALWAYS be able to play 3.0. It will always be available for FREE.


And I will repeat for you what I say to everyone, STILL UNTURNED

All right, that’s fun


If its still Unturned, why are you complaining about “not being able to play unturned with your friends” when you can literally keep playing 3.0 for free? Its still Unturned. Play 3.0 if they wont buy 4.0.


Looks like I will have to do that, thanks to making my life better


also it shows up on your steam account


Wait question if the game become priced or whatever we all player have paid for it if they got it for free.


I dont know what you’re asking so rephrase your question if you really want an answer.


How long have you played Insurgency?..
That community is toxic and full of people who do nothing but insult each other most the time and a whole bunch of whining…
Also if you’ve ever played a game like ArmA which is very similar to Unturned in most cases than you would know that KIDS will ALWAYS find a way to join/play games that cost 10-100 dollars…


I agree the whole point of this was to take down hacker and also take down kids like me I am 13 for crying out loud.About to turn 14 and I don’t think this game should be paid for cause the population of unturned will fall that my theory here so yeah I think I agree with him.If we decide to pay for unturned half of the population of unturned won’t and some other will do so but now that I think of it we should not pay for unturned this man here is right.So let not risk unturned on behalf of what it is.


I honestly care more about “Less hackers” than population because that will go up with time.
But hackers can simply make another account if it stays free.
However, if they wanna hack again, they’ll have to pay for the game again