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This topic is about weapons (i place all weapons of unturned 3.0 in here nelson dont tell anyting about weapons in 4.0 because this i supose that 3.0 are the weapons on 4.0 and all weapons (or good part) need changes to pass for a adaptation 3.0 to unturned-II (realy i hate this name))
Please vote
(I place all weapons in alphabetic order)

Weapons To Remove

    • Ace
    • Augewehr
    • Avenger
    • Baseball Bat
    • Birch Bow
    • Birch Rifle
    • Blowtorch
    • Bluntforce
    • Bulldog
    • Butcher Knife
    • Butterfly Knife
    • Calling Card
    • Camp Axe
    • Chainsaw
    • Cobalt
    • Cobra
    • Colt
    • Compound Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Crowbar

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    • Dagger
    • Desert Eagle (Desert Falcon)
    • Determinator
    • Devil’s Bane
    • Dragonfang
    • Eaglefire
    • Ekho
    • Empire
    • Fire Axe
    • Flashlight
    • Frying Pan
    • Fusilaut
    • Golf Club
    • Grizzly
    • Hammer
    • Hawkhound
    • Heartbreaker
    • Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
    • Hells Fury
    • Hockey Stick

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    • Hollowcharge
    • Honeybadger
    • Hospitality
    • Impact Grenade
    • Judgement
    • Katana
    • Kitchen Knife
    • Kryzkarek
    • Luger
    • Machete
    • Makeshift Bat
    • Maple Bow
    • Maple Rifle
    • Maplestrike
    • Masterkey
    • Matamorez
    • Military Knife
    • MP40 Maschinengewehr
    • Nailgun
    • Nightraider

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    • Nykorev
    • Orel
    • Paddle
    • Paintball Gun
    • Peacemaker
    • Pickaxe
    • Pine Bow
    • Pine Rifle
    • Pitchfork
    • Police Baton
    • Pool Cue
    • Quadbarrel
    • Rake
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Sabertooth
    • Saw
    • Sawed-off shotgun
    • Scalar
    • Schofield
    • Scythe

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    • Shadowstalker
    • Shadowstalker Mk II (Mk 2)
    • Shovel
    • Sledgehammer
    • Snayperskya
    • Sportshot
    • Swissgewher
    • Swiss Knife
    • Tank Cannon
    • Teklowvka
    • Timberwolf
    • Viper
    • Vonya
    • Wezel
    • Yuri
    • Zubeknakov
    • Zweihander

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Hated Guns

I’m going to ignore the fact you dislike random melee weapons, and just point out this instead: The Orel isn’t official content, nor is the Hospitality, Dagger, Cobalt, Wezel, Judgement, and Hollowcharge. The MRLS isn’t either, but you didn’t list that one.


So is this about removing weapons from 3.X or about not adding them into 4.X? (you can categorize the post by clicking to edit the title.)


its about dont add


I took the liberty of recategorizing this to the 4.X category. I hope you don’t mind.


You really can’t be serious about most of the guns and weapons you want to see gone.


just because you dislike guns in 3.0 doesn’t mean you’ll dislike them in 4.x. They will be entirely new weapons, not exact copies from 3.0.


The only guns I ABSOLUTELY dont think should be in 4.0 are the shadowstalkers. Everything else is fine, just may need tweaked or repurposed. The Hell’s Fury can stay, but make it a vehicle mounted weapon that wont work otherwise. Plus, using it will drain the battery of the vehicle.


This is a pretty terrible poll. A weapon’s fate of returning is decided by discussion, not simple polls or personal preferences.

Especially with the fact that you don’t want ‘bad’ weapons to come back


I dislike this post.


I could make this reply to a number of threads about the topic, but tbh the normal Shadowstalker isn’t even that good in Unturned 3.

And considering alternate reality stuff going on with the Turned, it’s not that unreasonable for there to be more things like the Shadowstalker, tbh, especially during any late-game Excursions the player decides to partake in. :thinking:


Drain the battery of the vehicle? why?
If you take a vehicle-mounted gun OFF a vehicle, it will still WORK, it’s just going to be extremely heavy.
Maybe you could mount the minigun on the GROUND, that would make sense


also that remimded me of this lol


Screw the Grizzly and Mata my dude


mini guns require power to spin from what I know.


They are either gas operated or by battery. So either fuel it, or give it a car battery to function


Well, tbh, in your eyes it may not, but it certainly does not require any skill because it has no bullet drop, one shot kill, 300m range, and splash damage. Not necessarily OP, but it certainly does not require skill to operate


No skill to operate, sure, but no real reason to use it either. Bullet drop isn’t that hard to compensate for regularly in Unturned 3 anyways, nor is leading shots (something the Shadowstalker still requires anyways). The splash is nice though, despite splash being a bit finicky.

Considering weapons in Unturned II aim to have more realistic ranges, with projectiles all properly affected by gravity or whatnot, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had bullet drop in Unturned II anyways.


better not remove guns and more for players getting fun if u remove some guns players can quit the game easly because the didnt find what they want like minigun or something else


Because a mini-gun needs an external power source to rotate the barrel. That is why it would drain the battery. And in 4.0, if you take it off it wont do anything, because it is unwieldy.