The Almighty RPG


Peedeoo7 finally heaves himself onto a barstool and asks for a medkit and a heavy drink.

It has been a long day…

“Codian, I have a few gold … Nevermind actually, do you accept mastercard? Also I need to charge my devices, got a plug? I whould appriciate it man…”


AJ has realised that the wolf quiver makes his bow litterally shoot wolves. This has created some interesting scenes.


Remember when that arrow hit that slime?

Now there is a fully grown direwolf within the slime husk furiously snarling and biteing.

Peedeoo7 starts slamming his twisted arm trying to get codian’s attention for that medkit & wolf situation, which at that moment the wolf breaks free and nearly hits Peedeoo7, who is withdrawing a desert falcon with his vary painfull looking twisted arm. And it lands upon @Codian

the wolf immidiately starts biting into him

Peedeoo7 tries to aim at the wolf and Basicly hip fires with a high powered handcannon with his arm out of joint and socket

Peedeoo7’s pain meter goes from high, to insane

He screams


AJ teleports to the screaming and smacks him. He them starts rapid firing his bow. Its utter chaos.


Codian tries to vigorously fight off the wolf that is now devouring him and his gucci belt.
-10 HP
Codian [########<] 90HP

Codian smacks the wolf with a bottle full of acidic pickles! The wolf screams in agony and runs off out the door.

+43XP @Peedeoo7
+13XP @Aj_Gaming
+50XP @Codian


He then politely turns to @Peedeoo7, furfilling his request to recharge his device but mastercard? no no no… we only accept American Express here, bugger off.


AJ shoves Peedoo down a convenient hole to the basement, which is 25 meters down, nearly killing him. AJ then shoves 50 American Express cards into Codians arms. and buys everything int he shop. then hacks codians account and steals all the money back. He then goes and gives it to poor people.


then some random guy uses a time potion and reverses time to when codian is being attacked by the wolf.


Codian still tries to fight off the wolf but this time the acidic pickles aren’t there! Dammit random guy, don’t you know about the butterfly effect?


AJ uses bow to attack wolves… Somehow,this wolf is on AJ’s side! Aj is eating popcorn while watchingt he wolves attack each other… oh wait, their fighting over which one gets to kill codian.


(Didn’t you make Codian a poor person by doing that?)


(well if hes dead he will be poor XD)


**In this alternate timeline, everyone dies a horrible, and gruesome death

Codian gets devowerd by the wolf, Peedeoo7 kills the wolf, Then he goes to Molton Keep, a border war starts between him and kingfrog, hydrogen bombs are exchanged, both sides eliminated, pugstown despite being underground suffers a wolf pandemic, everyone but the pug dies, then he gets eviscerated by his “Other” nemesis, Aj almost finds meaning in life, but a golden hazed doughnut materialized in his head accidentally (Mr Rawr ):<) and he suffers inreversable damage and then dies, some other people not mentioned dies somehow and only a ethral @Mr.Rawr remains, alone in the apoculipse 's apoctuliptic landscape (double end of days)


This doesn’t happen: then some random guy uses a time potion and reverses time to when codian is being attacked by the wolf.


correction error. diverting to alternate available timeline.


Timeline loaded. Timeline name_Apocalyptic_City_V5_Zombie_Infection_Overgrown_4
( :3)


(I had too okai guys XD)


Harvest has finally recovered from the morale debuff from KingFrog’s screeching, and remembered and accepted that the girl at the gate is the one that knocked him unconscious. He is heading out to apologize to her for the stupid things he said. If he succeeds, he will get over his newfound social anxiety. If not, he will resume his hermitage.


Peedeoo7 is alone in his quarters, the cities are overrun, his loved ones safe, the world has fallen, but not himself and the coalition.

Peedeoo7 in this timeline is a coalition major, reclaiming the world, one territory and step at a time.

He is arriving at the coastline with his battleship, he sends out radio frequencies and bombards a local infected city, and then clears off the docks with persise gunfire, and docks.


His crew set up a defensive position, set camp, and begin to cleanse the area.

Current status: Full health, full morale, full supplies, heavy infected count, exa.

He steps into the docks in his dark blue uniform. Completed with a black obi and golden aviators.

He is heavily armed.

Scouting parties are soon sent out, looking for survivors, offering aid, and if needing, restoring order.

Welcome to Hydro Point Docks


AJ is wandering around a place that actually looks like where he had come from, well, what it would look like at this point.


Players who lost their memory:pretty much everyone
Player who havent lost their memory: AJ, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.