The Almighty RPG


(There are current friendly coalition patrols in his area)


Aj ran into a coalition patrol!. THen it turns out their actually zombies. AJ straight up ran


Harvest builds a cannon that can launch an ender pearl so far it reaches another dimension. He uses this to teleport to a world where Molt’s palace still exists. (Which is rather unfortunate, because his bushcraft skills from his hermitage would have been really useful in the apocalypse.)
He left a note which reads:
“Catch up with you guys later”


Current status: 97% health, turns out there are some particularly unusual zombies in the area, how is unoted, but a squad was lost, they continue to clear out the area, but more dissapear?

(95% health)

The coalition temporally withdraws.


Aj remembers that he has several weapons. AJ checks his inventory.


Molt slumbers, unaware that he may die in the next few seconds (or not). Nay, he is dreaming—quite blissfully, actually—of flunking students who poorly attempt to join the culture that was “RP.” Oh well.

Loud snoring sounds begin to protrude from Molt’s nostrils.



  • Lee Enfield

  • shishkebab (fallout 4 weapon)

  • potions that are now useless in this world.

  • Pocket AJ (A small doll)

  • Explosive robotic Pocket AJ (this thing is freaky, like man it has a demonic smile, is holding a stick of dynamite and will run at you. ffs its scary)

  • Pocket versions of all the rest of the players.

  • Katana

  • Revolver

  • Throwing knives

  • Minigun (too heavy to equip)


He accidentally sucks up a large bug up his nose and starts to choke


Aj uses Explosive Pocket AJ. Its creepy as all heck watchging that thing running towards the zombies. Wait is that laughter coming from it???


(know what, I should draw a picture of this doll for u guys XD)


Harvest approaches the gate to Molton’s capital, and sees the gatekeeper lady. He attempts to apologize.

(Harvest rolls a nat 20)

After Harvest gives an eloquent and charming speech, the gatekeeper looks up from her phone, towards the person she’d been ignoring, and is like:
“Huh? Yeah, sure we’re like cool or whatever.”
and opens the gate.

Harvest enters the palace once again, where he finds Molton choking on a bug. He does the Heimlich maneuver to save Molton, then asks @MoltonMontro why he became an evil emperor (of course because of all the dimension hopping, Harvest may be asking a version of Molton that never was an evil emperor.)


welp its already failed as a drawing. SO yeah, nope XD.


Night time is Comeing to Hydro Point docks.

The battleship lies a few meters from the docks, a forwards camp is established, several watch towers are posted, and a scaled down version of trumps wall (ideal for keeping unwanted immigrants/zombies) with a small gate exists.

All is quiet, but something is off.

The crew is nervous, it’s normal to not contact no survivors the first day, or the radio to be dead, but several entire patrols upped and dissapeared.

The zombies are quiet, the moon almost has a reddish tint, and Peedeoo7 is busy makeing a day one report in his room with his assistant, ironically carrying a large harbard and heavy blue gothic armor.

Supplies: +5, 105%, the city is surprisingly mostly unlooted


Molt shivers. “Should’ve left me for dead, gonna have nightmares about that :bug: in my nose now.”

“But uh, yeah. That kinda depends on which Molt we’re talkin’ about here. There was this one reality where he slash I just kinda realized that it’d be incredibly easy to be an evil warlock emperor overlord with no serious repercussions, so it just kinda happened. Ya’know, just ‘why not’ and all that shazam.”

“We’re surprisingly pretty well in-sync though, unless something real wack is going on in the multiverse. …Who, uh, let you in again?”


Since harvest was formally a reanimated illuminati puppet, he possessed a pass for the absolutely insane defences, but for the inner quarters, I have no clue, someone was not doing there job


AJ sees a old guy and a kid run through what looks like some green portals. He shrugs and goes to find the nearest police station


“I work for you in an alternate dimension. Say, are you not evil in this universe?”


Pesky wakes up from long sleep on his cloud

Yawn, The Fuck Happend, Im sleeping for god knows how long and i thought we were in a forest or something, now were in a city. At least im over some Vegetation.”

Pesky Floats over to a nearby apartment



Pesky picks up Police notes

“Huh… Some cool stories… The Sun vanished case, The Dyatlov Pass Case, Area 51 Mystery…”


“Stuff to read later…”