The Almighty RPG


Mr.Rawr causes a rupture in the space time fabric of the mortal plane and the ethereal plane using his golden hazed donut staff, causing the two planes to collide and saturate among one another. There are now creatures from the ethereal plane, both friend and foe roaming the mortal plane.


Pesky looks outside, opens the curtains and sees creatures outside

Immense look and camera to close to face

“This is Fine”


Saving progress…


Ohh shit SirAdy joins the Party


“Not really, unless uninvolvement is a crime. I’m just being a hub. Mind letting me sleep now? Apparently, some magical bugs decided to get in here, and I need to feel rested before I can feel motivated to demolish the area.”


Harvest, unsure how large of an area Molton will be demolishing, tries to get as far away from the palace as he can, but is yet again, stopped at the gate.


Pesky leaves the building and again, fire his bow randomly

It falls and hits Harvest in the head


Pesky also fires again and hits moltron in the head

Pesky Leaves on his cloud


(Those arrows just crossed dimensions, and passed through Molt’s defenses.)


Pesky looks at the failed arrow

“Ehh whatever… i have better things to do then fire my bow randomly”


A wounded stranger appears from behind a rock

“I mean no harm. I was just watering my tulips when this huge rupture in the space-time continuum appeared out of nowhere and almost vaporized me. Be kind enough as to heal me, and maybe I could be of use in your quest.”


Mr.Rawr, bored by gazing upon the mortals and etherbeasts, thought of an idea for fun. He hit his golden hazed donut staff twice and caused a crack in the atmosphere of earth, causing electromagnetic disturbances which travelled everywhere. the electromagnetic disturbances were actually an ethereal form of telecommunication called magnetowaves. the magnetowaves hit several people: @SirAdy @TophatPesky @Aj_Gaming and @Harvest. the 4 people became dizzy and noticed something started forming on their right hand’s wrist, beneath the surface of their wrist, a digital-esque jigsaw like pattern emerged. what seemed like a disease, later looked more like a map. a map leading to something, something big.

it was now a race for who reaches the final destination and what lies at the X.

Mr.Rawr sits back and watches his so called source of entertainment


Pug’s Bunker is now open to anybody who doesn’t want to die


(In which dimension?)


Aj considers cutting off his arm to get rid of the markings. he decides not too.


“ehh whatever… I’m immortal, No chance of a cloud spirit like me to die in a 3-dimensional universe with morons running about looking for survival. Easier if I just dissipate and wait for this to end”

Pesky Dissipates and his cloud moves to the cloud tops

The Humans below hear a distant Dice roll above and the smell of Coffee


SirAdy is concerned, for he is a mere farmer, and he has not yet learned to use his immortal powers.


AJ is stating to wonder whats going on, because it seems that two worlds are crossed.


Pesky floats back down after a long nap

Yawn, Ahhh fuck whats happening? Glad to see my markins are gone. Whats everybody up to…”

Pesky notices a small tear in the sky

“Oh shit that cant be good”39%20PM


in random places the world is glitching from the apocalyptic city to the old world, its causing some problems with the npcs