The Almighty RPG


(theres no official map yet XD)


(no, I mean a map map)


(an unturned map? well no. we could use my unturned map? Actually I should name the secondary city Hyrdro Point.)


(an unturned map or a chart, either work)




(the issue with this map is it is extremely unclear, being a jumble of unturned maps put together. Of course, unless you mean to imply that this “Glitch” is jumbling together maps and making towns the size of countries.)


(Yeah, The glitch is taking the the old map, which was the hydropoint one, and the recent one together so they are glitching)


Pesky packs up his things and moves to another set of clouds farther from the ones he used to live on

“Christ o’ Fuck is the glitches getting closer, i better set up a radio and see if there any camps or towers to send my communication. and i have my box of MRE’s in case of emergency.”

Pesky pulls out his watch, radio and flashlight and starts moving away from the Glitches


(If we want to use my map for this, we can… I guess. here it is. its a bit outdated, like the map is snowy now, and some stuff.)


Unturned player uses Fus Ro Da
He misses
He dies from a chicken


AJ walks by his corpse. AJ is slightly unnerved by it.


Isn’t it Fuh So Lah? Hmm i need to research this/


Another map has glitched in


(MEN WE CANT LET IT DIE!! DO SOMETHING!) (the part of the map you used actually has the portal I believe and you can get to it xd) AJ has made his way onto the Saint Pete’s Island part, he recognises it pretty DANG fast.


(you made something which was casual too ‘professional’ and actually put some effort into it so it died.)


King frog croaks in triumph as he sees he is the last one standing!


But then is consumed by a glitch


reminds me of the siege massacre of hydro point docks

not even when little jimmy fulfilled his dreams of sexually identifying as a battleship due to a reality gl8ch did it save them


SirAdy returns from his hidey-hole only to discover he still has the markings on his hand.

I am the map now! :thinking:


King frog consumes the glitch, as eat or be eaten comes into play.