The Almighty RPG


The fire escaped containment


AJ is carrying peedeoo like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder.
AJ has discovered the dungeon! Some old dude who looks homeless is sitting there. (looks like he hasn’t showered in ages ew)
AJ sets peedeoo and looks back, to see the entire forest on fire. (there’s a mod that can actually cause this to happen for terraria xd) AJ just watches it for a while then goes mining, while peedeoo is sitting there with incredibly damaged clothes and a broken Coalition issued Maplestrike


(Peedeoo is holding his broken gun while still sorta dazed… )
AJ comes back up, takes one look at peedeoo’s gun and grabs it. He goes inside the dungeon and for several hours explosions and banging can be heard inside it. As well as a few roars? AJ comes back out having fixed peedeoo’s gun and gives it to him, while waving around a key that looks like its made from a bone (it’s a drop from dungeon guardians, you get a skeletron pet from it)
AJ sets up a tent, and decides to wait a few more days to fight skeletron. He also has gotten sick of the constant fire so he just uses a massive blast from his ice staff. The entire world is turned to winter.


AJ wonders how the world turned to winter from a blast that was way to small to cause that. He shrugs and shoves peedeoo into the tent, then lights a fire on the dungeon brick, where it won’t burn anything.


Peedeoo7 wakes from his trance slightly startled, and looks at himself, and looks inside his,bag and pulls out some cloth, and magics up his uniform to full repair, and then scraps a frying pan with his hands, and fixes his armor.

~Def greatly increased!

Peedeoo7 thanks Aj for the maplestrike fix, and then tends to himself

several magic dressing swipes later and a splint, then a nicely packed MRE with quality food!

Peedeoo7 offers one to Aj

  • Aj acquired Quality MRE! There’s even real chocolate!*

~Peedeoo7’s health and Power restored!

Whelp, no need to sit here broken like, what happened, happened, no matter how terrible or how costly it was, I guess I’ll resume my normal life when I can, if that will be a thing still, but for now I’m traped in this… Strange reality…

Say, what are your goals here? You look lile you know what your doing?

Also sorry about the whole carrying thing… It’s quite frankly slightly humiliating that I just… Caved like that…


AJ just shrugs and starts speaking to the old man. It seems like the moon is rising. AJ tells peedeoo to get ready for a battle. AJ pulls out a burning sword, and readies the mre for consumption when he needs it.


"eh I’m used To it as well. Now get ready to fight a monster."AJ also said


Peedeoo7 readies his grenades, Matamoreziser (special issue Matamorez), longsword, and various other equipments.

He even has a strange energy about him

gtg sleep soon GL


Wild pero has appeared !


“Why have we changed from a 3 dimensional world to 2D in the blink of an eye is my first question”
“My second question, why am I floating…”

Pug falls into a tree


Skeletron Has Awoken! the battle has begun


Peedeoo7 instantly reacts!

With a small cloud of dust, and a small raise of the hand, he kicks backwards throwing several accurate assorted gernades sending himself backwards with a small skid, alongside wherling out a sentry when he places his hands on the ground, placing it armed and all where he lands, then backs a little further and unloads a extended magazine of his Matamoreziser, mostly at the oncoming hands.

Then he reloads while backing even more, setting up a large metal plate barrier as he does in fast succession.

But then he backed away to much, and was near a tree, as he equips his rocket launcher, laying down to aim, @AstronautPug falls and hits him on the head, then the rocket propelled explosive, causing the rocket launcher rocket to explode at the ends Peedeoo7’s launcher, and at pugs helmet, instantly obliterating half of Peedeoo7’s health, applying stun, sending him backwards, and then absolutely blasting the pug at the skeletron.


Pug slams into Skeletron, causing large cracks in the side of it. Skeletron hits the side of a cliff, shattering into pieces.

Pug falls to the ground as loot falls around him.
“This could be useful”
Pug picks up a light machine gun and a broadsword made of an unidentified metal.

A large stone door slides open at the front of the dungeon.


Aj is sitting wondering wth just happened. AJ, Pug, and Peedeoo enter the dungeon. the remains fo the dungeon guardians that are now gone thanks to skeletron being dead are littered everywhere. As they go farther down, living skeletons start atacking them! the farther down they go, the more there are. AJ has found Natalie the Mechanic! (NPC)


“Do you think we should get out of here?” Pug asks as he pushes aside piles of bones. Pug finds a chest, oddly fitting the key he picked up earlier. Pug pulls out a long blue sword. It feels strangely wet, and ignores Pug’s attempts to dry it off.


Still clearly blackened from the blast

“Well if it leads to me getting back to my home reality to maybe get things fixed, if it did not completely melt down by now, which is a actural possibility, then yes.”

“Surely you were doing something important before this happened and whould like to get back to it, also please explain to me how you can talk as that thought just popped into my head.”

“What is your home reality like anyway?”

But as soon as he says that a prompt pops up and says

A wild @Pero2635 appeared

It scares the pero’s out of Peedeoo7 and his trigger finger clenched and immidiately

Releases high velocity projectiles right towards Pero!

It looks like there gonna hit!

What does a wild Pero look like anyway? A bloody black floating sphere? Creepy


Aj just watches. currently he has on a medical mask and sunglasses, along with a hat. talk about not being inconspicuous


apparently this is eather in slow motion, or the bullets are being slowed down with unknown forces, and if it’s the second option, maybe we should snap out of it and be worried

after all we might be fighting some kind of bloody floating black sphere in a bone splewed hunted underground dungeon

maybe we should have listened to pugs


AJ has been sitting for an hour watching everyone be in super slow motion. he finally walks up to the mysterious creature, and destorys it.


Peedeoo7 blinks, as he swear he just saw something appear, but there is Aj instead?

Then he thinks he might have shot Aj, but then he notices a Indiana jones style rolling boulder (that he Probualy just triggered) in this narrow kinda hallway situation behind Aj, and this wierd black smokey mist.

He instantly decides to book it, yelling “Boulder Boulder! Get to a crevice! Where is one? Where is one?”

Peedeoo7 is currenlty sprinting at the pace of the boulder

(the hallway is mostly smooth, exemption is scattered bones, looks like you must run deeper or do something, man that thing looks heavy)