The Almighty RPG


AJ is starting to seriously question this world” AJ equips fordable bicycle. he pedals by peedeoo then grabs him and continues on. AJ just has this smug look on his face as if to say “If the world is gonna be strange, so am I


King frog retrieves the pocket fang and takes out the enemies in front of you (Note, king frog is not with you, by uses his infrared scope to see into the dungeon. Bullet penetration did the rest).


Note, Pug might have just been left behind, aure your just gonna let him be left behind?

Note 2: Looks like the frog shot up a coalition search and rescue team with a hand full of cute puppies and kittens in hand, they might have been usefull, also where did they come from? Also… The Baby animals… :frowning_face: :sob:

Note 3: there are Bones in the hallway

Aj hits a bone the wrong way and fall off the cycle!

He is now tumbling down the hallway with Peedeoo7, and Peedeoo7 notices the bloodstained blue mounds and the puppies?!? about to be crushed while rolling over them, it’s a sad sight, also it transitions to stairs so it hurts much more now


AJs glasses fall off. He has a scar across his eye? huh. wonder how and when he got it. anyways AJ is trying desperately to summon his wolves to help them. but to no avail. guess those lazy pieces of junk just dont care right now. AJ is utterly disgusted by the amount of blood and guts that are covering him, from rolling through that pile. The boulder passes over the stairs but doesn’t go down them. Aj hits his head wrong and gets knocked unconscious. (did I forget to mention the mechanic is falling down with us?) AJ lands on his face. Peedeoo is the only one not knocked unconscious. the mechanic lands on him and that ends up breaking his nose more than it already was. Literally blood splatters everywhere. the mechanic regains consciousness, stands up, and then passes out again. Peedeoo is stuck there with 2 unconscious people. in a dungeon where there are a ton of living skeletons that want to kill him. Also, your ammo fell in some water on the way down. along with most of your other gunpowder based stuff.


Also AJ is covered in soot and ashes from the mechanic. Seriously how much time does she spend on those machines? Add that to the fact that hes bloody, once again his clothes are damaged, and it smells like crap. hes also covered in cuts and bruises. man those cuts are gonna get infected



Well Peedeoo7, after laying on the ground for a fat second, pulls himself up, somehow he is not covered in blood but he notices a smushed puppy on Aj’s face He pulls off that little dead pup, and wonders who whould do such a thing?

He then fully gets up, and sets up a campfire, in the dungeon, luckily it’s well ventilated in a small side room with benches… Ment for dead people… He noisily removes said dead people with his trusty sidearm! A nifty little longsword! Why? Zombies.

Turns out he has to hit the skeletons with the blunt side of his blade, and gets several nasty knocks on his head from said really pissed off scellies.

He places hopefully not permanently companions on said stone benches. And wonders about the pug.

Then he notices why the boulder did not go over them.

it’s jammed in the doorway leading up, with @AstronautPug 's head and space helmet jamming it, he looks… Pinned and well… Unharmed, Peedeoo7 is unsure how to unpin the pug, and not get crushed to death

He looks around (checks on his companions) sets up a frying pan sentry for pug (and says sorry we’ll have to figure this out together), and proceeded to barricade the only way opponents can get to them, the deep, dark, hallway.

Which Who knows lie withen.

He sucedes at partly barricadeing it, it should at least make a decent defensive point, and sees his sentrys supply… Is quite low… So he just sets up one with a tac light and paintball gun to spot anything.

Also Peedeoo7 doesn’t quite know how to describe the 2.5D shape he is in

He pulls out a cot Apparently Peedeoo7 has nearly anything and sits there, stiching up his sleeve and applying light medical attention to those who need it.

He even gets a little lonely, and roasts up some sausages, places his on a nice fresh bun, and tries to gove one to pug, but with the whole stuck thing he just puts the small meal on a offering plate for pug.

Peedeoo7 has little trouble, checks some pulses, and records all what has happend.

Also he strangely hears painting on the other side of the boulder, as the smell of his meal once again wages up to him.

He sweats nervously, and places a few re-enforceing pillars as he hears some scurrying on the other side…


AJ starts muttering. And he keeps getting louder… and louder… And louder
pretty soon it sounds almost like hes talking to someone. (you dont recognize the name he addresses them by) Suddenly he shouts, jolts up and immediately has a burning sword to Peedeoos neck.


AJ relaxes and lowers the blade. he mutters sorry and goes and sits on a chair. listening to the noises ont he other side of the wall… the sounds of cracking… wait… cracking?


I just adjust my headgear (obi) and sit up from my report.

I grab that bookbag, and sling it over my shoulder.

I’m looking at pug, his little lags just flail around, and notices the small puddle under him from his curious sword.

Which is weakening the boudures grip on him, and the doorway.

Also, the sentry he set up to spot intruders?

Well it just spotted intruders.

Double trouble?


AJ is eating a sandvich, in the distance, a voice can be heard saying… “Sandvich make me STRONG


Peedeoo7 remembers when he put that sausage on that bun next to poor pug, with that frying pan sentry

He also hears it now, faintly, smacking whatever made that voice…

It’s pretty ineffective, and just repeats

Peedeoo7 expects it Might be friendly, but pulls out a stupid crossbow /w assorted arrows, because why whould he not have that on him? and just sets it on his belt.

He just kinda looks…


suddenly a fat russian dude breaks throught he wall behind AJ and fights him for the sandvich…the fat russian dude loses.


AJ is wandering around, while everything is frozen again. the fat Russian dude, actually wait hes muscular is frozen crying in a corner. AJ has eaten the sandvich at this point already. suddenly everything unfreezes and the guy crys for a little more, stands up. then pulls out a minigun… oh dear


Peedeoo7 skids and takes cover behind where the mechanic is still asleep dead? and throws a flashbang directly in front of the Russian dude, which also happens to be right next to pugs face, it goes off, blinding both.

Now there is randomised mini-gun fire everywhere, but at least he cannot see (and maybe Aj?)

Peedeoo7 takes a tranquliser bolt and in rapid succession nails him twice in the arms, laced with no other than ©Cosby Brand Tranqs, guaranteed to put nearly anyone to sleep in 30 seconds!, or almost always less!


Aj is wearing a gasmask… where did he get that? and somehow eating popcorn while wearing it


What shall we do about this unconscious Russian dude and our mechanic friend?

And the pug?

Also the sentry is still spoting a intruder?


Aj looks over and sees that the gas is outlining someone. he walks over to it… and smacks it with a frying pan… theres no one there. AJ goes and picks up the Russian dude (its like lifting truck) and then AJ collapses under his weight. Aj is temporarily disabled XD


Well with Major Peedeoo7 being surprisingly well built, dispute his skinny frame and high rank, manages to successfully push the dude off Aj, which now suffers from broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Seriously, why you go do that?

And knowing that Aj likes to carry around magical items, rifles though his pockets, and pulls out a gallon jug of a health potion.

It reads “Health Potion

But in fine print it says “Made in China”.

Well Gezz

He just simply dumps half of it all over Aj’s body, drenching him

Turns out it was a off-brand and was really just lightly tinted water in a fancy, but just really simplistic, bottle.

He decides to force feed Aj the other half, hopeing he was just doing it wrong.

Nope, He bought a fake (albert convincing) product, Shame.

It also tasted heavily of industeral waste, that’s worrying.

Peedeoo7 decides to dig into his pockets and pulls out a

Also darn it, someone else say something!


Pug finds a dusty old backpack lying on the ground. It seems filled with a soft material, as if cotton is inside of it. When opened, it appears to be completely empty, but is very large inside. Big enough to step inside. Pug comtemplates how a phenomenon like this could of happened, but shrugs it off and equips the bag.

  • Interdimensional Bag added.


Odd, Looks like @AstronautPug found one of those things Peedeoo7 usually carries around, just don’t forget about the bags carnivorous tendencies