The Almighty RPG


[Console] RedComm has joined the server.
Checks stats
Species: Homo communis
Attributes: Shadow/Fire elementalist, genetic modification, cybernetic enhancements, telekinesis.
Specializations: Assasin, conjurer.


Red equips Dragunov SVDS and PP-19 Bizon


Red has invited @Reaver to the server.


Reaver dabs and then leaves.


Red teleported him back with a warp gate.


AJ is questioning this worlds motives.


Pesky Feels Content Because Redcomm has filled his Notification

Pesky Plays his song



he does that occasionally


Guess im Lucky


Ma dude Aj listen to that song


no… never


He does that with almost everyone


I use long posts to generate likes for a badge.


didnt you already get that badge tho?
edit. nvm, also, Im pretty sure people have to have given you a lot of likes aswell


You don’t understand. I’m the entire person in this Discourse that has
That badge, and I’m aiming to get
This badge. Keep in mind that nobody else has Higher Love.


hmmm okai sounds good


Red has challanged Aj_Gaming


RedComm uses SHAME


Aj used,
It happened when I was gone for a week.
Then AJ disappears from existence.