The Almighty RPG


Shadows cannot be contained. For whenever there is light, there is darkness.


Codian has joined the game.

“why is this thread alive again”

Codian has left the game.


AJ wakes up with a mouth full of sand. Coughing he stands up. He’s on a beach and there’s some creepy buildings on the hill. He shrugs, uses a watch on his arms to open a mini portal, reaches through, grabs beach clothes and lays down on the beach, sipping Pepsi yes AJ is alive again. He hath returned to his place in this world.


Little that he knows. That pepsi is laced with Methamphetamine and he suddenly fells ill, tripping infact.

Hallucinated. AJ forgot if he’s really a lad. Or not. A couple of peaking in his pants proves him otherwise. Sadly it’s was too hard for him to concentrate on what’s seems to be the most easiest task in the mankind history. He rips his pants and his lower part are no longer protected from the cold. With a ball-freezing temperature suddenly hits the surrounding area, He’s forced to moves inland.


AJs watch counters the drug… the DANG thing can do about anything, what did you expect? though it takes some time before it does get completely destroyed from his system, when he has come to his senses, he is perfectly fine sorry but did you reaaalllyyyy forget that AJ has a lot to do with 2 things? 1 is fire… The other is ice. Basically opposites Ines cold ones bot yada yada yada he opens his tiny portal and pulls out some winter clothing, even though he really doesn’t need it. Now he’s wearing a blue winter coat, red scarf. Ect. Though he can’t remember what happened in the last few minutes, so he heads up to the asylum.


Peedeoo7 looks at his surroundings, he really could be anywhere, so he just pulls out his smartphone and uses satellite connection.

He pulls up the map… And then his news sources.

And it’s apparent that he is near the old lady asylum, and well… The invasion of earth is not going off so smoothly…

As they did not take account or know about the illuminati organisation this planet possesses.

Now, it appears as if there invading, and winning, but it’s staged and planned, and the real battle is occurring between them and the invaders.

And there being destroyed. And simultaneously being absorbed. Goodness gracious there effective.

Seems like the illuminati is good for something after all

Well, Peedeoo7 needs to find a new hideing place, and then he remembers @AstronautPug had a tendicy to build secure and hidden underground facilities, and wonders if he has a word with the pug and exchanges a few goods and services if he would be allowed asylum.

However there is no point on the map to warp to, noor is he on the server… Maybe there is some other safe haven from “the other interests”.

For the meanwhile, with the snap of his fingers, a naval destroyer appears. And in a blink of a eye, he is manning it, and it even has generated crewmembers, top of the line and loyal. Complete with magic weaponry.

It even possesses a few mounted automatic railguns and all the latest technologies, legal in the Geneva convention, and not. There is even forcefield technologies

He pauses at the helm for a moment.

@TheUnturnedplayer spawns on the shoreline, maybe he will be decent to have on board.

For now he charts his next plan of action.


AJ sees a giant ship just appear. He shrugs, and continues on.


Peedeoo7 sees someone who he remembers on his montering station that he slipped rebranded toxic industrial waste down and was defeated later down by the shadow via the animated Netflix series.

He shrugs and just belives he is going slightly wonky again.


AJ arrives to the asylum and looks inside. It looks abandoned so he heads in.

Several minutes later loud explosions can be heard, and the building catches on fire.
AJ walks out looking like a boss right as the building explodes. Except for the fact that he looks injured but other than that, he still looks awesome. He also somehow has a pair of sunglasses on.


Somehow aj missed the frog trying next to corpses as he enters and exits.
-King frog takes the molton letter, and follows AJ out.


AJ proceeds to accidentally trip over a rock. He watch gets damaged… Again… And starts malfunctioning. (as I said, this thing can do anything. It can change how you look, no, not just make you look better, it can Litteraly turn you into anything it’s scanned. So yeah. If it’s malfunctioning, it’s not going to be a pretty sight. ) AJ disappears a few seconds later, and reapears. He seems to be glitching through different forms. He’s on his hands and knees and such. Then there’s a massive explosion and he’s just gone. Or he could have turned into one of the animals in the area. Who knows.


(Look I don’t even know anymore, don’t judge)


King frog is stunned.


Another explosion happens and AJ is back to normal. His watch luckily ran out of power, so now he can fix it. He stands up. And walks away. Like this has happened many times before.

Well except the fact he’s limping


Aj still doesn’t notice frog

-King frog gets clinical depression


AJ looks back and sees a horde of frogs. He can’t see kingfrog in the midst of them. AJ considers eating fried frog tonight. Annnndddd Pulls out a flamethrower…

Which he uses to burn plants in the way


King frog decide’s to open the molton letter. It has a face of molton montro’s most recent pfp on the front. The words say: HA U GEUY XDXDXDXcxDXXXDXDXDXXxxxxXXXXdXDDDddxDXXdDd

Memer montro.

-king frog crys more :’(


Pug’s bunker has been evacuated for a long time. Pug opens the gate, hardly operating after such a long time. The main entrance is dusty and filled with cobwebs, broken technology lining the security room, with shattered windows overlooking the gate. Rooms once occupied are half-emptied and abandoned.

Bunker restoration program has begun.


AJ sees a place that looks suspiciously like a high tech bunker. He heads there to repair his watch and recharge it, since it might have some of the tech required.


@AstronautPug receives a message.

Hello, I come seeking asylum, I can offer goods and services not dissimilar to a god, I am wanted, pm for more details, i will be sending a drone shortly

~Former associate, Peedeoo7

It’s becoming night outside, and a minor hurricane is brewing, Peedeoo7’s ship braces for impact, however from Peedeoo7’s advanced spy software… Shows reports of a…

land kracken

And it’s right under king frog

Peedeoo7 moves his ship away into deeper waters.

Also since @TheUnturnedplayer was afk, he is now swept up by a large wave off the coastline, what a shame. He will be drowning before long.