The Almighty RPG


Red walks behind Godzilla and rips apart its shadow. As an object’s shadow is bound to their physical form, Godzilla is now a large pile of rended flesh and bone, each piece no larger than a grapefruit.


ff com

The automated security lights up

a beam points to where the form is


the door ahead is a mostly… Normal looking stylish vault styled entrance

On the screen, Peedeoo7 is watching, he has a few meaures in place when this goes badly

also note, the boat is at a slight risk of capsizeing from the now nearly category five hurricane abrewen, how the figure stands, I do not know


Harvest nukes the rended flesh, afraid that Red Comm was going to redistribute it (because redcomm’s a commie.) Unfortunately radiation heals Godzilla, so now each of the pieces grew into additional Godzillas.


Red simply absorbs the shadows this time. Godzilla(s) dissapears from this plane of existence.


The now presumed redcommzilla now towers above the city.

The US military is now faced… With this shadow monster.

The space invaders, also take note.

And the illuminati take great interest… Into “aqureing” some of this power.

Redcommzilla is now faced with the dirrect attention of all three major fractions.

exemption, The greater MoltonGalatic Empire

The invaders already sent out tracking probes

The military is regrouping and amazing reinforcements.

The illuminati… Is doing something… Unknown… But for sure greater uncle Sam is keeping his singular eye on you…


That’s not how shadows work.
My shadow does not increase, I am the shadow.
Darkness is unlimited, and can take whatever form it wants.
Instead, collected shadows pool around the elementalist in an aura.
I can also gather it around to appear normal.


The Illuminati summons Cthulhu! A worthy opponent to the Redcommzilla as cthulu is also a ruler if darkness (he has no shadow either)


King frog uses RAGE and yeets bAeJ gaming into the upper stratosphere with his magical :hammer:


Mr.Rawr grants everyone a Golden hazelnut donut (which is actually black in color due to mystery ingrediants) with a tag on it reading “the best donut you’ve ever eaten”


Peedeoo7 sits at his desk trying to stabilise his ship in the ongoing storm, when a strange golden glazed black " doughnut materialised on his keyboard

He eyes fill with concern, as he quickly gets a pair of clamps, takes a sample for testing, and shoves it into a shoebox with a particularly annoying orange he had to apprehend recently and leave it in a safe, clamped down and locked in.

also a massive glazed golden doughnut, black in color that was gifted to cathulu, falls onto @Aj_Gaming, encasing and crushing him hard


The figure on the deck is unaffected, so it isn’t AJ. But then the ceiling breaks on peedeoo’s ship and AJ falls in, unable to move from a giant doughnut. He’s saying a lot of stuff that makes it obvious that he’s ticked off.


King frog uses the evil power in the golden glazed black donut to reincarnate the land kraken (btw the land kraken and cthulu are diff dudes). The figure on the ship suddenly disappears and goes back into the land krakenboi’s this bod.

-king frog is worried about what he might have done…


The land kraken, stops for a moment, then turns completely black (not a racist joke guys, I’m not racist, it’s black as in black like a black cat) and dark smoke is coming off of it. It then attacks kingfrog.


Peedeoo7 lies pinned on his chair by the giant mass of darkness.

And which at that moment, he hears a little “ping”

Ingredients: sugar, all natural wheat powder, and finally, sin, the most delicious and corrupting substance known to any when condenced into a physical form, why was sin added? Because he used Wikipedia as his only source of information for the perfect doughnut, while far from perfect, the taste is however, perfect

He lies in his chair, partly crushed, he can hear his crew downstairs…

He turns his head to the monitoring station.

What he sees is not pg 13, and it can only be described as his crew members turnes into twisted and demented beings. Of unimaginable scale.

The same probably could be said about the nearby metropolis, which may there god bless there soul…

Peedeoo7 hears a creeking laughter coming from the shoebox that’s within the vault.

And then, a round orange sphere appears before it’s door.

It’s eyes glows red.

It’s mouth is like a humman, but twisted.

Behold, annoying sadist has appeared.

And Peedeoo7, though immune to corrupting and altering effects, lies between a chair, and a soggy place, and then a flood.

Since a category five hurricane is outside the ship.

The waves rock harder, and it comes closer and closer to a tipping point.

The ship is filled with ungodly noises and abominations. How shall this play out?


The reconstruction of the Pug Bunker is finished and open to anyone seeking asylum from the chaos.

The Bunker includes:
Top notch security
A sealed tungsten door
A food court
An indoor shop front for selling items of use
and Luxury Apartments.

Construction on a new powerful weapon to combat the large amount of hostile amphibious creatures has begun

On the beach, a small tunnel has been constructed to ensure safe entrance from sea vehicles.

Pug’s Bunker is now open for shelter and resupplying


Red simply rips a hole in between time and space and shoves Cthulhu through it back to his home dimension, then proceeds to simply walk through the Illuminati HQ and rips apart everyone in there.

The Illuminati is no more.


~cue climatic music

the hurricane has reached a climax, and has reached a self proclaimed sixth level, the waves are getting to be too much, and is approximately three miles from the pugs bunker

the most ungodly of clashes and moans ring out among the security’s systems attempts to regain control

Peedeoo7 lies pressed into the seat, and mutters how he dislikes doing such overly powerful things.

annoying sadist approaches

but before he gets much closer, Peedeoo7 phases through the dough, and reappears on the other side

Being concerned about this particularly nasty abomination getting lose he commences combat with it.

With a flat hand towards his wrist, a beam, a sword of the sun starts to emerge as he slides his hands away, he takes one step, one sidestep, and deal’s a devestateing sideswipe to the annoying abomination, but it’s only… Party effective…

It’s eyes light up even further

Its now… Annoying savage…


AJ is cursing profusely, trying to get out of the giant doughnut. But failing. Finally he just lights his right arm on fire and burns the thing.


From the perspective of the side view of the ship, as the seas roar and the storm only grows

located only a few minutes away from the pugs potentially safe hideout, the duo lie in a precarious situation

The security systems just failed, and succumbed to the corruption, now purple lights flood the ship, and the turrets and the security measures are now working against them, the floors inside the ship have calmed down, but inside only lie horrors that the eyes could not behold, the ship helplessly flops in the sea, taking brief moments of unintended flight, nearly capsizing at every moment, objects being continually thrown about.

To make things worse, in such storms, it’s only expected that you may suffer a Kraken attack, but today it seems like the last snack it had… Was a sin essence filled pastry… So just think of how that makes it worse.

now from the outside of the captains quarters, it can be seen the corrupted orange is putting up quite a hassle between the ear-shattering Reee’s, occult magics and spells, and it’s ability to sustain absurd amounts of damage, it can be seen Peedeoo7 was just thrown against the shatterproof glass, which no surprise, doesn’t shatter. He gets up quickly.

However below has taken notice

Outside the doorway can be heard a great gathering of feet. A slam, and then two slams.

And what is observed is horrifying beyond telling

The captain Sydney, which was on the ship for who knows the reason, has her head attached to an xenomorph's body

someoene do a pic please


And behind, is an army of true horrors.

It seems like Aj and Peedeoo7 got themselves into a real hell, and one they cannot currently best by themselves, resist they can, but the captain spares no one.

Outside lies only drowning, and being beaten to a pulp by the rocks, inside, an evisceration.

and just then, @AstronautPug receives a ping



A helicopter touches down on the ship.
Rescue has arrived!

Correction: A message was received confirming the helicopter has crashed.