The Almighty RPG


The field generator is starting to smoke. And at this point the fighting is a blur. How Was has so much energy is unknown. 5 seconds later both of them pass out from exhaustion. Though not before the field generator Litteraly blows up, and a piece smacks peedeoo in between the eyes. Possibly kicking him back to his senses.


Smacking Peedeoo7, and laying him to the ground comedy style, he drops the hologram displayer he was using to demonstrate something to pug, and it shatters, releasing now hostile holographic style opponents, which now pissed at Aj now swarms him, Inflicting a flurry of nasty scratches while he is down.

Peedeoo7 also takes his sweet time getting up, rubbing his face, and applying some nice healing ointment, disconnected from the conversation, he is still mostly uncareing about the conflict, as he the group around him pick him up.

Though, knocked from his pocket is a nice elixer, one of such that vary likely that restores power.

might be useful.

Only now does he stand, rubbing his temple, and start to actually notice what is going on.

Pug n’ associates are still being mostly useless.


Codian has joined the game.

A little restaurant selling the finest of foods has opened in the middle of nowhere. It also offers mountain dew, some bottled dead memes and a second-hand pack of chewing gum. (Oh, and also a pretty decent sword, which Codian will sell to the highest bidder.)


AJ wakes up and realises that he is being attacked. AJ converts his left we for energy, and starts fighting the things. He ends up just trapping them in cages of ice because he can’t kill them. And he looks over and sees peedeoo on the ground, and 2 shadowy figures next to him and pug. He’s trying to decide if they look like them. He then converts his arm back, then passes out, minus a finger


Codian puts down the napkin with which he is practicing his “wiping the bar” skills because let’s face it, EVERY BARTENDER SHOT IN EVERY MOVIE EVER has the bartender wiping the bar. Anyways, he walks outside to listen to the birds chirping and enjoy nature at last, away from everyone and the war, only for his hearing to be shattered into minuscule imaginary fragments of concentrated acid. A cry for help! Who could it be, a man, full of riches? A beautiful lady in need of a hero? NO!

It turns out that he established his bar right next to a damn ice cave! He quickly realizes that the ear-piercing squeals of help originate from the being known as “Aj”. There is only one thing that can be done in this case.

Codian goes to tend to Aj’s wounds and help him out in battle, by giving him some free items.

Codian searches his inventory for the most painful and exorbiating weapon he can find, so he can finally end the miserable life of the entity producing such painful cries. He finally finds a Dragunov SVU, a weapon of TRUE pain. He aims down the reticles of the beastly sniper rifle…Oh yes… Codian remembers the days in COD… the deaths… oh the KD… he remembers all but one thing… the terrible hipfire accuracy.

With the slightest chance of hitting his target, but strong optimism on his hand, Codian pulls the well-oiled trigger.


AJ is unconscious and codian just walked into the cave of a beast that can mimic voices. So yeah xd ure screwed,

Sorry m8. Also, the tunnel was in the tunnel to pugs bunker so yeah xD


Codian notes the voice that is in his head, and quickly notes the words “I’m screwed” in his notebook, as the bullet ricochets of the walls of the ice cave, right into his left thigh. “DAMMM BOEH HE A THICCCCCC” is heard from the depths of the cave… maybe a rescue?

also pug’s bunker is in ice now xd only cuz of plot convenience


Immediately everyone in there falls over, and is knocked unconscious. AJ and the shadowy version of himself are still unconscious. Except codian


Codian, despite the burning pain, manages to write down in his notebook. “Clear my browsing history”

…Then he falls unconscious.


After a few minutes, AJ wakes up, at the same time as the shadow version of him. They almost start fighting again before they notice wkly the stuff that’s happened. AJ shrugs and walks along, (BTW he also has the ability to never fall on ice. ) both AJ and shadow AJ just drag everyone inside the bunker to where a fire it burning which has melted the nearby ice. A lot of @AstronautPug S bunker systems are damaged, so half of the place is malfunctioning now


Peedeoo7 gives a half conscious sleepy smile, and asks if it’s time for dinner yet, and if they whould mind getting him a head rest, and with that, he falls back asleep, peacefully.

Remember that energy elixer he dropped earlier? Well it just rolled to the energy constructs entrapment, and the energy constructs only lusts for Aj’s destruction, though shadow version is fine


AJ walks into a room to see some guy with a glowing circle on the side on his head slapping a drunk guy saying “wake up lieutenant” slapping intensifies

AJ continues on.


AJ then finds a room full of energy drinks. 2 minutes later, cans start flooding out of it. Empty cans BTW. AJ walks out, twitching his entire right side of his body is on fire.


Peedeoo7’s eyes open, as he lies in a odd crumpled pile with the others, he is immediately disturbed by the two other creatures he was talking too earlier, one big, one tiny.

He runs his eyes and gets up.

And slips and nearly knocks himself unconscious again, so he, after recovering, places a heater in the room, and as he does that, he notice several…

Uhh… Beings of pure energy… Walk by…

On that note, he puts some nice quilted blankets on the sleeping party, some soft material under there heads (but hesitates touching two of them).

And starts tinkering with the rooms machinery to try to get it up and running again.

But meanwhile, he has a nice hot pot of top quality caffeinated hot chocolate, complete with creams, milk, sugar, and some splendid marshmallows on the side.

its also noted one of the beings of pure energy went back, and grabed themselves a nice sealed cup of it

It seems like he restored power to the security system, and two lights, but it’s stuck on…

Belly rub mode??

Peeeoo7 immediately sees a mechanical arm come out, and make a circular motion towards him.

his face immediately crunches up and goes red


AJ walks in and sees peedeoo trying to escape the machine. He proceeds to back out. The one guy is still snapping the other guy. It’s quite hilarious to watch


Peedeoo7 sees the spinning mechanical arm come towards him, and he leaps out of the way, and since the floor is still mostly ice and headbutts @Codian in the stomach, which he skirts out of the way as the arm makes an additional grabbing movement to him, in which flat out rips the shirt off of Codian with a loud RIIIIIIPPPPPP

The camera, with its red gleam, retracts it’s arm and launches a quilt, which Peedeoo7 only partly evades as it ensnares upon his foot, the arm retracts and the mechanical claw spins, pulls back, and as Peedeoo7 makes a slashing motion it launches… and grabs a

Instead, as Peedeoo7 throws himself onto the ground, smacking his face an additional time.

~ it hurts ~

Said Dragunov SVU gets spun, and crushed to little bits in its claws, and the parts fly everywhere, and in fact, the clip falls into the fire where the chocolate is situated at.

And… the bullets fire, and… Hits some delicate machinery… In particular a control center,, and a strangely situated hot tub.

Immediately several explosions go off in the building, the ground shakes, and the machinery wakes up and goes haywire.

Red light start flashing, a series of sirens go off, the previous spinning arms… now reveal there… malicious claws, and cranks up the speed to hyperdrive, and den a loaded minigun unfolds from the wall conveniently, then doors can be heard going off because why not, a “cree” sound echoes as a swarm of autonomous death machines of various sizes and functions swarm the room and surrounding areas because it’s necessary I guess

Apparently pug actually built a defensible bunker this time around

And then on top of that, to make it even worse, some portal 2-rip off whatever its name was descends from the ceiling and stares directly at Peedeoo7. And gets up into his face. Because of that’s natural behavior for it apparently…

Peedeoo7 just simply slowly puts his hands up, and drops the item he conjured up in his hands and smiles nervously, complete with a nervous chuckle

Aj seems unnoticed.

Everyone else just lies in a padded mound together, exemption codan with his shirt and quilt ripped off, which just leaves him sleeping on raw ice, also the little whistle letting you know the liquid is boiling goes

so now it’s just a lone high pitched whistle as Peedeoo7 stands with his hands up, thinking up some way to get out of this

One thing of notice, however, pugs device on his little arm lights up


the 2 guys are also in the pile, and the one is still slapping the other. the older one obviously has died from physical trauma at this point. Or maybe he was dead all along. who knows.

Aj lights what looks like a cigarette, but isn’t. its just something to look cool I guess. And puts on some sunglasses. he then proceeds to start working on a few machines, somehow managing to make them stop malfunctioning. though its not enough, a gas starts leaking in throught he air system, which turns out to be poisonous and everyone but AJ leaves the bunker.

after everyone has left, AJ pulls out a gasmask, and puts it on. then gets to work.


King Frog arrives to the bunker where he was invited.

He sees the robotic spinning arm going towards peedeoo, and just walks away. King frog states: not dealing with that homo-robo.

He reloads his mp9 and prepares to defend himself from the ongoing battle outside the bunker.


kingfrog seems to have gone back in time.


For now, Peedeoo7 puts some healing ointment on his face, and sets up a small encampment near the entranceway.

For now the sleeping party members lay in some cots, under some tents, alongside a few sentry looking out for them which occasionally fire since the rex basically turned most of humanity into horrible abominations, which leaves several billion hostiles out and about, high level foes they be

For now peedeoo7 plays on his portable PC trying to fix and iron out a few things wrong and messed up about reality, because lets face it, the longer we stay in this world, the more critically messed up it becomes.