The Almighty RPG


Explosions can be heard inside the bunker. The one guy is still smacking the dead guy, whose face has now caved it. Suddenly, a wrench comes flying out of the bunker, and hits the guy slapping the dead body. Killing him.

Meanwhile AJ is in a pose just like he threw something. The place is a mess, though the toxins haven’t stopped flowing through the vents.


The ground opens up as time and space tears apart from frogs perception of reality. Frog falls into a seemingly endless abyss. (Btw don’t judge me for you degens writing on the forum at 1 am. I’m sleeping)


is the seemingly endless abyss called depression?

also sorry we don’t live in the same timezone


(no he responded to an earlier comment instead of the latest, so to fix it I said he was lost in time. probably time is trying to correct itself XD)

After a few hours, the robotic arm has stopped spinning. AJ is now covered in soot and dust.


Red gags as he chokes down an incredibly dry biscuit that he bought because it was on sale. How he regrets his decision and wishes thatt he bought croissants instead.


Peedeoo7 gets a red alert on his portable computer


Whelp, things might go haywire in the present, and just to think he just patched up the damage from the last time shifts just a week ago, and stabilised the matrix yesterday.

he puts his hands in his face, and cries

Peedeoo7 acquires clinical depression!
just like king frog

On a worse note, from codan and pug, and the other two not regaining consciousness, there now on life support, which is not great news eather.

As declared, there now in a vegetative state

Peedeoo7 cries more

also, it might be a good thing the frog is going back in time Because you know, might stop the moderately series of unfortunate events were currently in, like the demonic apocalypse, all signs of society being collapsed, captain Sydney being a you know what, you know, a new chance in life to make things right


in what feels like in just a moment, king frog falls into this scene described bellow

Oh god, what have I done?



Aj is starting to glitch.


Asking frog falls into his previous battle, he realizes that he isn’t in the same dimension. 2 frogs in one, 0 in the other. King frog doesn’t know what to do.


Peedeoo7 cries more, knowing it’s only going to get worse untill a catastrophic collapse.
which will take a entire year to fix properly, which apparently there was a year ago before this season of everything goes wrong and the planet gets depopulated again

and there’s little he can do about it

And he sits there for a moment, waiting for the expected.

A golden error message appears
And he watches as the numbers update

Reality HP: 98%->35%
Reality MP: 99.5%->33.25%

That’s catastrophic, as conveniently, that book pesky had, which broke reality last time reappears right before the glichy Aj, which take note Peedeoo7 really tried hide and bind it away, which only naturally goes into his hands, trying to speed it’s all corrupting influence.

Peedeoo7 immediately tries to force pull it from his hands, but no no avail, and it sticks, and tries to merge.

if this continues, Peedeoo7 is going to have to try to put Aj down, as that book is going to force his hand with it’s immense hatred agenst himself

As that is all happening, the landscape itself starts to unravel, as the sky turns into a trippy multi-color mess and the elements of the land start to suspend themselves, the sun turns black and casts a red light over the land, and to make it worse, organic cola cans and popcorn starts manifesting across the landscape*

And the pug and codan?

there literal vegetables now


But on the flip coin… In a land possibly more stable than this one…

the camera once again zooms to Peedeoo7’s mighty destroyer, and zooms to a handsome closeup, which his golden aviators, black obi, and dark blue hair is displayed proudly

Peedeoo7 sequences his eyes as he notices a strange anomaly, as a golden error sign appeared on his screen, which generally foreshadow great signs, and occasionally destruction.

He places his curser over the error and clicks

!¡Alert!¡ Time distortion detected! A additional instance of a current user has appeared!¡Alert!¡

Perplexed, he opens his survalance feed.

It seems like there is a time traveler about, and when they come, they almost always warn about future catastrophic events, and are on some mission to stop it,

The question is, what whould a king frog go back in time to warn about? What future calamity? What happens right now that whould change the course of history?

He doesn’t know, but he sends out a few robotic minions as his hand in this game.

From king frogs perspective, it seems like the battle, once in full swing stops, and they all stare at the extra frog, which the implications of two persons from the same timeline interacting with themselves is finicky at best


I’m the glitches it’s noticeable that AJ looks younger at times. and happier, then he goes back to his normal look. he’s stopped moving after this happened. Then, several people glitch into existence beside him. They have injuries that look like they would have killed them, and they look confused for a second, before disappearing.


ok being real here, it’s getting a bit bland here, mind if I just restart this session with a actual almighty rpg? With the classic rpg setting, midevil theme, maybe even a lose plot? Just I think we died here, agreed? Maybe you can suggest something too?

not like reality isn’t ending anyway

also I’ll cut it with being soo godly


Codian just wonders how emo and cringe some parts of this “battle” are. He asks @RedComm for a dry biscuit, and gives him a стотинка, despite this actually being Bulgarian money. Eh, close enough, Bulgaria were once communistic too, right?


Peedeoo7 looks down, he sees a swirling black and white abyss below himself, it seems that this reality has finally come to an end.

he sits down above the swearing maelstrom and types down a few last things.

looks like i failed again, like always, but what did i do wrong this time?

And with that, he falls into the abyss.

Now it’s time for a new era, one that perhaps has a happy ending.
at least one where the majority of the worlds population lives


Here is my attempt of a reboot, though not to hard though, lazy actualy, classic midevil rpg style

a stunning mountanrange basks in the evening sunset, a well beaten down road wanders though the countryside, the camera slowly lowers down to one young lad, one such lad that is looking to find his way in the world, he walks with a great pep in his step, as one foot juts out in front out of the other like some overcofident fool

Spinning and twerling some sword in his other hand down low, and holding some music box up high, he walks down the road paying hardly any mind

His chainmail with plateing chinks, his regal open faced helmet makes a slight whistling sound, His pack plops, his cloak rustles, and finaly his golden avators beam.

He walks this road alone, a moderate distance from any civilisation, he seeks adventure, and not neccisaraly fortune. After departing from his beloved family, and rideing through a few towns, he finds himself in this wild land.

Untested, and mostly untrained, he wanders through these lands

a charcter sheet pops up

Name: Peter (peedeoo7), moderate health, moderate mana, self-tought in the basic magics, specificly evocation and mending, this paladan looking poser wanders through this land looking for a cause to dedicate himself too. Though posseses refind flashy party sword tricks, he is unlikely to pose a great threat to a experanced foe, and posseses the unusural ability of force field generation, however the strength of it is finite


RedComm tells Codian that he does not wants a dry biscuit, and hands him a croissants instead.


Codian attempts to take a bite out of the croissant, but spits it out in revolt, as he realizes that the gruesome food he ate originated from a capitalist cook.


Red is insulted that Codian apparently thinks cooks make pastries, and not bakers.
Not to mention that you’ve confused food made by a democratic socialist with a capitalist, have you no shame?


Shady Individual has joined the game

Shady Individual uses Humanitarian Crisis!
All suffer from plague, famine, and war.

Shady Individual has left the game