The Almighty RPG


Thing is, France can both be viewed as capitalist and socialist, depending on your current country’s development. I write this from a country very “developed”, yus? Mать Россия very developed, yus?

Also, we all know that all croissants are made by French people, C’mon, don’t lie.


Mr.Rawr sits on a cloud and eats donuts while watching the shitfest below


Who said only Frenchman can make croissants?


It is becoming night, and he finds a suitable campsite off the side of the road.

A nice rocky clearing next to some high cliffs above him.

He sets up camp, builds up a campfire, and drags a fallen log to sit on, and relaxes as he reads a book to the scent of roasting meat on the splint above the campfire


the french people did

(i’m sorry if your iq is too low to comprehend the immense amount of logical information above)

/s btw


Just to give Codian’s point some legitimacy, and maybe some doubt

A small link floats down in front of all that cares.


There are French Communists.
I rest my case.


You may indeed be right! Remember that “history of the croissant” link peedeoo gave me? On it, there is this image.




But wait, there is more. If you so happen to paste this link into discord, it all comes together.

The company that runs discord is called “Discord Inc.” but if we look deeper… “Hammer & Chisel Inc.” Coincidence? I think not!


Peedeoo7 sits at his campsite as a communist passes and gives him a croissant

And he feels as if someone’s point is made, not knowing who’s, but he feels like he contributed to the community.

of communism


AJ has been moved to spectator because of how cringy the crap happening to him is.


Peedeoo7 puts out the fire, checks his tent, and closes it as he goes to sleep.


Aj cant understand this “spectator mode” hes panicking because he cant move, and such


Pug is incredibly confused as the world seems to be merging with a medieval setting. He makes a few strange devices for each of the players, then jumps through.
Everything goes dark.
(everybody can pick a single sci-fi device that Pug would have made in the new medieval reality)

btw I am in Canada rn so I’ll be a lot les active


Peedeoo7 suddenly makes a acquisition animation from the legend of Zelda

Confused, he looks in his hands.

There lies a scroll on it describing what it does and how to use it, he immediately uses it.

Peedeoo7 acquired “Thee Sci-fi laptop”

Complete with laptop accessories, invincibility, and the complete internet acsess from a different age somehow. There are even several ways to recharge it, like a hand crank. it’s even binded to him

He immediately spends the rest of the night playing video games and passes out as dawn rises in the tent.


Aj doesnt receive anything.


Aj is removed from this world.


The laptop disappears, since pug realises that he gave the laptop to the worst person possible


Pug receives his infinite backpack with a few new additions:
A GPS hooked up to satellites that don’t exist
A machine that dispenses food and drink. Odd.
A solar panel

It is labelled “Ultimate Survival Backpack”

There are instructions on how to use the devices attached to the side of the pack.


(BTW y’all, AJ is permanently gone. I may introduce another character or something but ye. )


Peedeoo7 slowly wakes from a deep haze, he never knew you could get six daily bonuses in a day

He lifts his head and rolls to his side rolling broken orange triangles off his chest, and kicking a green potion with his feet.

he glances and looks around… in his tent

It’s an absolute horror show.

The strange lucid dreams fade and he looks to check his email.

But the sleek black pug crested laptop is nowhere to be seen, but instead there is a note.

“I’m sorry, but I had to take this away from you, it was about to drastically change and absolutely ruin this reality, as you would have unleashed wars that bodycounts are unheard of in these lands, take it from me and you, living in a land ruled by you would eventually drove me insane as the guilt built up, as these lands could not take another evil lord”

Peedeoo7 looks at his hands

it’s kinda seen how he whould have flipped this world on it’s head knowing and being able to replicate things seen in the modern age.

He knows about guns, but not means to produce them.

He knows about the illuminati, but they are irrelevant to his reality.

And he learned about modern music, and is devastated he will never be able to hear it again…

He gets up, and sad music starts to play?

Peedeoo7 acquires environmental sound system!?

The system cannot be seen?

Puzzled, it seems music and sounds will start to autoplay around Peedeoo7. Ability acquired: Hidden orchestra.

He gives a gesture.

It stops.

He wishes for climatic music.

It starts.

Seems like midevil rock bands may be a thing now

Saddened from the loss of his laptop, he wonders who the pug is, or what he is.

Tired of sitting around he cleans up, takes a bath, and packs up and goes on the road to the sound of a guitar.