The Almighty RPG


Peedeoo7 stumbles upon the town of the hammer and crossant, and walts on in.

He cannot describe what he sees properly.

French culture mixed with the motherlands culture.

The locals wear red, they posses those classic curly mustaches, wonderful fur caps, vodka in there hands, and long hard loaves of bread?

He wonders in, and the town looks splendid, the red flag flies high in the square, the houses orderly, and is quickly complimented by the oddly friendly townsmen, gets prased, and they start sharing like a community with him.

They start giving him a splendid meal, but he tries to refuse. They try to give him a wine-vodka concoction, but it mildly horrifyes him, they ask about who he is, but since he is not really anyone he has nothing to say (-pride). And they all start mobbing him, getting closer and they start giving him anxiety.


A blacksmith that is quite different than the other residents watches him come into town.


He goes and reports this to his brother, who is wearing a sorta futuristic lab coat and working on something that sorta looks like a time machine. Or something.


guitar ramps up

The townsmen and women get closer, they start touching his runesword (which is not really his), start tugging on his splendid cloak, asking what material it is, one if them start to get to tear in and get into his bag which greatly upsets him and he tries to too it away but it starts turning into tug of war.

One of then offer there sons hand in matrimony.

One asks for a autograph

One wants to talk about editable molding clay

And then one asks if he has anything to share with them.

At this point, Peedeoo7 is getting vary overwhelmed and begs them to get away from him, and makes wide swaping gesters and then screams for them to go away.

It’s ineffective.


The blacksmith and his scientist brother show up. The scientist is in clothes that look more of this age now and they shove through the crowd. They grab peedeoo and the blacksmith throws him over his shoulder and they run.


The crowd stares for a second, then they let out entirely not human shrieks. Then they give chase.


Some of them are on all fours.

The blacksmith throws peedeoo on a horse, then he climbs in and the scientist climbs on another.


Peedeoo looks back and sees a horrifying sight. Some of them are changing into monsters. This must be a town that is meant for attracting adventurers and killing them. Or for stealing all their loot. Whatever, they want blood.

Though apparently the creatures in those towns won’t attack twins unless provoked. So the 2 brothers are probably twins.


(BTW, as I said AJ wasn’t returning. I meant the character himself, not me myself. Just making that clear. )


Slightly panicking

!?!!? What?? breathless

grabs on harder to horse

There are apparently several particularly fast abominations after him, and none of them he could take by himself

Realising he is in a high speed pursuit, he spurs on the aditionaly panicking horse

ambient music changes more of less into 8-bit pursuit music

The side view several galloping I don’t know what’s presueing primarily peedeoo7, Peedeoo7’s abilities primarily extend to poser level abilities, as the armor he wears is not even truly his, heroic and quality it may be, absurdly resilient, his great ancestral grandfathers actually, but more on that later

Panicking, he throws a strong fireball for him, but it veers and misses terribly and smashes into a old tree, falling down and crushing one… Somehow…

The two reminding creatures follow closely, trying to grasp at him.

And then he tries to cast a illusion spell, but only thing it manages is to confer a cloud of wonderful glitter behind himself.

The second beast runs through the cloud, but the blasted glitter gets Everywhere and it immediately gets blinded as it digs into it’s white eyes. It starts making a squaling sound and trips and smashes it’s head into a rock, splitting it.

And third.

The horse is fast. Those two creatures whould not Been able to catch up anyway

The last creature is left to the dust.

cue sound off


as the town fades into the distance, the group slows to a light jog

Peedeoo7 still looking behind him, slightly bug eyed, slowly looks to the people who he owes the favor too.

Claming down, he asks, “too whome do I owe this favor too?”

He looks at them, offers a friendly face, and then tilts down his gorgeous golden rimmed aviators

“My names Peter, down from a land not so far away, I’m awfully grateful for what you did back there, they whould have probably turned me into a haunted suit of armor, new thing to note though, do not trust the hammer and the crossant.”

he gives a casual smile


James and Mathew, to your service.
(BTW, James is the scientist, and Mathew is the blacksmith sorta guy, except he looks like the stereotype for a scary tough looking bodyguard, except shorter and less beefy. ) on close inspection it becomes painfully obvious that they’re twins.

A portal opens up in the distance in the air, and another opens under it. Someone falls through. And falls into the other portal.

que anticlimaticness


James is busy throwing liquids together. Mathew is looking like a scary bodyguard.


"Ahh yes, I almost forgot. Peter, here is a… Device… That tracks the creatures you come across… Or well, it registers them if we have all encountered them anyways. Here it is. "

peter acquired : creature encyclopedia

A new entry has been added to the encyclopedia, would you like to view it?


(BTW, you probably feel them judging you by your outfit xd)


He nicely takes the little small handheld computer and then clicks, yes.

He reads the little description, and it reminds him of some pokidex entry.

He looks up, “Thanks, but I assume by… Well what your doing… this is not a chance meeting”

“I was about to head out to the fallen kingdom of Erurothopica before I ran into… That… pit of doom… But I’m assuming your going to tell me what you need of myself?” So far this is the second time adnormality I ran into, and both happened today"

Peedeoo7 takes a upright stance, places his main hand on his swords hilt, and taps his foot

“So… What’s the deal?”


The brothers look at each other before James replies. “well… We need something. I think around here it’s called erm well… …” Mathew finishes him and says “time crystals… You guys use them to power your fancy weapon crap. We need around a ton of them”
(BTW, I can tell you what the entry for those monsters said if ya want xd)


Peedeoo7 pauses, and places his hand on his chin…

Well, if your looking for a actural ton of that stuff and not just a sample, I’ll tell you what

In a time still in memory of some individuals, this land was once fairly safe to travel across, myself being a somewhat foolish individual wandered about by myself and nearly got myself harvested.

A good sized catche of your desired crystals lie within some fairly distant supervalt, inside a massive defensive fortification, inside a large city with walls, on a mountainside, with a fair bit of land to travel through.

And then on top of that, is that place there were some sealed and once protected ruins, which some force… Some doomsday cult, managed to kill the guards and open and unleashed a certan darkness onto these already fairly dim lands.

Lots of peoples lives stoped there, and such are good looting grounds, if your prepared enough.

Which i assume you know all about.

Peedeoo7 takes his hand away and looks upwards at the sun setting

Now, I’m heading to the border of this place to a small town that’s still left standing, where a nice inn lies for one last safe rest.

Now, the fallen kingdom of Erurothopica is no place to mess about, honestly I was just planning to skim the outskirts and not risk it all. Get some attention, maybe find myself, and stuff you likely don’t care about.

But if your willing to go in, I’ll tag along, mean.

Looks at the small party, and makes a few gestures while talking

You don’t just meet potentially dimension hopping folks every day.

But before we go, if you chose to go along to there, I’m assuming your packing power of some kind?

But if it’s too dangerous, I know some other locations where there not quite so abundant.

Because mean, yea, I appreciate what yer did there.

Also, can you read out this text to me? Not the greatest at reading all these new pronunciations of your times?

he holds up the small computer


"Sure… I’m guessing you mean those creatures we encountered at the town. Since we’ll. The journal resets when you get a new member… It’s a bug, we`re trying to fix it. "

"Alright… Ahem

Name : shaujena (say-you-gen-ah)


Description: shaujena are creatures that can imitate humans. Stage 1 is where their friendly and act like normal humans. Stage 2 is where they crowd the human who is their target, usually causing fear upon the person. Once person panics enough and they start running, they enter stage 3. (note, when in stage 2, if someone takes the person who they have targeted, then will become confused for a moment before entering stage 3.) stage 3. This is where they five chase, most of them won’t enter stage 4 early on but some do. Stage 4. This is where they show their true forms. The shell that disguises them as a human breaks apart, and flashy appendages come out to give them more speed, power, and a hit from them can be poisonous. Stage 4 can be horrifying, as it appears a monster has ripped out of the person. The human she’ll is still visible, and is limp and give the appearance of having been ripped in half, with the main creature in the middle.

Species: their species is usually based on color alone. There is the red species, which tend to imitate cultures that are involved with the color red.
Black, blue, grey, and diamond, are the species. Diamond is the worst of the bunch, because they can imitate people perfectly. All the other species the way to spot them is by how the people act. Occasionally ones other than diamond will twitch, or you can notice there are duplicates of each other, these creatures actually are always born as twins, which may be the reason they don’t attack twins.

Assessment : highly dangerous, but no where near the worst things out there.


James-“oh yeah forgot to mention, the diamond ones also conceal themselves in normal populations of people. They kill people and devour them when no one else is around. So watch out for shady people trying to offer you deals in a back alley”