4.0 Zombie Ideas

You guys know how the ghost zombie was added? well what if in 4.0, if they come back, you can only see them in mirrors, would make it useful, and it would be interesting if they would more of stalk you and if you turned quickly, you would catch a glimpse of them for a second, before they go invisible again, and if you keep your back to them for too long they will kill you?

  • Ghost type zombies that you can only see in the mirror or when you turn around quickly then you would catch a glimps of them, would add more of a horror style to the game, because you wouldnt know if they where following you. Plus that would make players paranoid. you would need to check quickly behind you to know where their at before you can attack them.

  • Zombie torsos, or basically a zombie missing both of its legs, would crawl towards you similar to a crawler.

  • Zombies with guns, (one handed guns btw) I know this sounds stupid but maybe zombies which died holding a gun, and occasionally would fire randomly when their chasing after you, like their holding their arms out but they still have a gun in their hand and their finger twitches occasionally? Of course they wouldnt have infinite ammo

  • Zombies with Melee weapons, similar to the zombies with guns, but they have one handed weapons in their hands, like knives or maybe even a brick. would basically just do more damage to you when it attacks.

  • recently infected, for one they would be faster, and they could look like dead bodies on the ground, but there would need to be dead bodies you can loot if this where to work. like say 7 days to dies system, where their bodies in places like leaned up against cars and such.

  • Mega variations of previous versions, except megas would possibly be able to hold a 2 handed weapon in one hand. cause well, they can obviously hold it easier. maybe not the ghost type or the recently infected type tho.

  • (was about to suggest zombies that drive vehicles but thats really stupid xd) Unless its a player who died while driving a vehicle, but that would be more like the vehicle crashes and the zombie is right by the wrecked vehicle.

  • Player zombies, Obviously, everyone wants dis.

  • maybe as a joke zombie, just zombie heads hopping towards you? this is sorta a joke referencing to monsters in a mobile game called pixel gun 3d yes, I know sounds stupid but just imagine, a zombie head just hopping towards you xd… sorry thats kinda stupid but THATS WHY IT WOULD BE A JOKE ZOMBIE!!!

  • ermmmmm I dunno

  • tell me your ideas XD, most of these are terrible.

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OI DERES SOME NEW ONES! and Ive most likely already read that. I was just posting mine and other peoples ideas.

Most of your suggestions are just about changing the appearance, Yarrrr’s thread is more oriented towards gameplay and new mechanics. Which is honestly what Nelson would clearly improve with 4.0


Be on the look out for Zombie ideas episode 3 2

So like in dead rising 3, kind of…

These 2 aren’t very good, I think. But the other ideas are pretty interesting

Zombie torsos: okay
Zombies with melees: okay
Ghost type zombies: interesting…
Everything else: I feel indifferent

yeah I knew this would be met with a negative response xd

I think gun zombies, ehh no. Mega gun zombies, ehhh sure. Ghost zombies? Yeah, just make them have a loud sound. I also don’t like the hopping head, a joke zombie should be the horribly mutated model Nelson made.

Why not both?

Yesh XD Sounds brilliant.

Well, normal zombies I don’t know about guns. I don’t care if they don’t get added and I don’t care if they do. Also, how could a head hop around? Maybe it would roll or something. But I’m pretty sure the pixel gun 3d head is copyed off a Minecraft slime.

Why are you asking me?
All I was saying is that the two ‘Joke zombies’ needn’t be mutually exclusive.

I like all these ideas. Nice work! They could spice up the game though I think the bouncing head may detract from the creepiness your trying to create with the ghost zombie…or add to it…I dunno. Last time I saw something like that was in Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”. Great film…the stacked bouncing heads were kind funny and disturbing somehow…especially when they melted and morphed into a giant, obnoxious, baby!!!.

Now, by ghost zombie do you me the blue phasing zombies? The ones that become transparent blue when they are alerted? If you need a mirror to see them (i.e. they don’t become opaque blue but truly invisible) they will become a wicked menace early game. It’ll certainly up the challenge and add to the scary vibes.

On variations of mega zombies would this mean seeing a whole lot more megas? Like the boss megas in some of the moded maps? If so might need to be nerfed or at least have some weakness so that you don’t have to wait until you get to late game equipment in order to deal with them. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be challenging, only that if they are gonna be more prevalent then it counters the 4.x progression of making loot more scarce and rare guns harder to find and maintain (repairs, ammo, etc.).

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The ghost zombies are completely invisible but turn visible when your not directly looking at them

And more megas? Yes

…then maybe the megas can have some interesting means of killing that we have to figure out. For example, busting a fire hydrant and getting a flame mega to chase you through it, and the rapid cooling makes it explode (dangerously even!).

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Yeah, maybe the explosion would be a lot bigger than normal fire zombies, but its lessend a bit from the water. Sorry im on my tablet so i cant fix misspelled words :confused:

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Also, zombie animals might be interesting. With all the pets we have among us it could make looting a post-zombie-apocalypse city block really dangerous…with a properly higher reward to match of course.

I mean if you have to wade through packs of zombie hounds, kitties, and rats stuff could get ugly, even scary around the cities. Talk about dark, the sewers could become an entirely different kind of hell…