A couple of suggestions for 4.0

Hey guys! This is my first post on the forum, and probably my first outside of places like the steam discussions and reddit. These are a few of the suggestions I have for when the game goes to 4.0.

A more indepth weapon customization

A few interesting examples of this would be that old picture made by Yarrr, showing off shortened, stockless, and sawn-off versions of many weapons. Another would be expanded weapon customization from JarlTank. Someone on the reddit 4.0 megathread also suggested that the 2.0 customization be brought back.

A bit of a long shot, but imagine if they were all combined. The only thing that should really be restricted would be the ranger/military items, and some specific iron sights. You find a Cobra in a police station and a broken MP40 in a ranger location, you could take the stock of the MP40 onto the Cobra, and then craft a makeshift grip out of scrap, effectively making an impromptu carbine/SMG.

It’d be interesting to see whatever apocalyptic frankenstein guns you’d come across in the world. Balancing might be an issue, among other things, but it’d be cool to see play out.

More clothing variety

Right now we have shirts, coats, profession based clothing, and military clothing. That’s really all there is. There is a few standalone clothes like toques, sweatervests, and the different pants, but besides that there’s not really a whole lot of variety. Like there’s no glasses for the glasses slot, only snorkels and NVG.

There could be some more clothes like sleeveless shirts, logo’ed shirts (big J, scorpion, aegis, etc) medical masks, maybe even some rare facial clothing that actually provides protection, like military goggles and facemasks. Maybe to extend it further, there could be more sections for hands, feet, ears, and neck. So there could be gloves, shoes, earmuffs, or necklaces. Some might provide a benefit while others would just be cosmetic.

More resistances for structures and vehicles, rather than just being “Invulnerable” or not. Alongside some things being more susceptible to something than others.

I made a thread about this on the reddit. With some editing and tweaks, it could help balance out a lot of things.

Some things like weak glass would be able to be damaged by everything, emergency and lighter military vehicles wouldn’t be able to be damaged by melee, pistols, carbines, and possibly shotguns. While at the very top of the spectrum, certain things would only be able to be damaged by explosives and special weapons.

Some things would also be more susceptible to certain weapons. The rocket launcher wouldn’t be all to good at killing players and zombies (but still can very well) but would demolish vehicles and heavily damage structures. LMGs wouldn’t do a good job at damaging structures, but would absolutely shred players and barricades.

Possibly being able to play whatever we want on the Stereo?

I also made a thread about this on the reddit. I’m still not really sure on it, but it’d give more use to the Stereo. If you do want to go through the trouble of putting your own music in, no one else will hear it anyway. Maybe you could put in any valid URL to a video or something similar, but that could be abused.

I’d like to hear your feedback on this!

Placeable radios

If there’s ever a maximum range for walkie-talkies, this could be used to circumvent that. It’d be much more powerful than walkie-talkies, at the cost of being based down. Maybe you could be able to send out broadcasts or messages using it.

On the topic of walkie-talkies and earpieces, you should be able to use the chatbox with them, instead of being restricted to voice chat. If world chat is ever removed, you shouldn’t be able to communicate cross-country using the group chat, maybe instead you could use the group chat as a way to communicate through frequencies, but it could also be seen/heard through the area chat, similar to how it works already.
(Some people don’t have access to a microphone, so I thought this could be made useful.)

More makeshift weapons and tools

Right now we only have a rifle, and a bow. Being able to do something like craft a knife out of scrap, or a club out of wood could be useful. Maybe even a single shot pistol/shotgun at higher levels. It’s pretty limited at the moment.

Locked doors in some buildings

On the trello in the environment section, doors might be coming to all doorways for buildings in the future. Maybe some of those doors could be locked. Like the door to the armory of a police station has been boarded up/locked/blocked, requiring either a specific tool/melee weapon, or a explosion to access higher quality loot, like some armor or a Devil’s Bane.

What do you think of some of these suggestions?


Good idea for the stereo with the URL !

I did make a thread about this.

some people didn’t understand my post

Going back on my original thread I don’t think weapon customization should be too indepth, because balancing really would be a serious pain. But someone can always dream.

Mix and matching would be pretty cool to see though.

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