Modular Weapons is a Bad Idea?

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@Whistleblower You’ve used the mod. Come forth to proclaim your thoughts!

For a bit, this mod was interesting to use, as is the concept being implemented into Unturned. However, I find that it also shows a problem with having weapons be too modular.

By having one weapon being able to be modded to do anything, I have found a few issues.

  • Combat, specifically PvP, is far less predictable.
  • One weapon can do anything.
  • It is extremely easy to have an overpowered combination.

Of course, the mod itself could have been balanced a bit better too, and if more stats were able to be modified by attachments it might balance out a bit more, but…

  • Balancing the system in general seems to be difficult because it either makes certain parts too similar and thus typically useless, or too vastly different that you can do anything with one base weapon.
    • Or, certain combinations become ridiciously overpowered and you cannot nerf the combination without making the part less useful overall when used with anything.
    • 75-rounds, fully automatic, and the ability to fire long distances is a bit overkill.
    • The more advanced a system is over other game mechanics, the more it is indirectly encouraged to players to learn and focus on.
    • Other weapons become redundant, since it is less about the base weapon and more about the individual parts you put on that base weapon.
      • The base weapon is only good for the stats the modifications typically would not modify, such as damage.

All of that aside, I think a better solution would be to at most just add a fifth possible attachment slot to go along the current four, and/or implement a system allowing for multiple sight attachments in general. This should satisfy a decent portion of people, especially as other gunplay-related changes are added that make each gun more unique.

Also, if it was really important to people, more gun variants could just be added instead. For example, the AKS-74U and AK-47.

  • They would be consistently visually different.
  • They would be more predictable than a fully modular weapon.
  • They would be easier to balance, and make more unique.
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There was someone somewhere that I don’t remember that said different variances of guns could all be labeled under one blanket term, for example an ak-74 and ak-47 would both be under the “Zubeknakov” category.

Hopefully the variants would be different enough to not warrant being called the same exact name, though. Start tacking on letters to the end or only keeping half the name, ie: Ovskynakov and Zubeknakov or Zubeknakov and Zubeknakov C. :man_shrugging:

@101gamer101 is primarily talking about a bulk amount of variants being added, which I don’t think that is what #unturned-4 is going for at this point anyways.

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Fair point, but I would like to see it added anyways.

I’d rather not see different firearms with the same name, that’s just confusing.

But yeah, if we could get different, but somewhat similar weapons, simply for diversity, that’d be really nice. Of course, they’d all have to handle differently and have different looks. For example, the M16 could have semi and burst only and a carry handle by default while the M4A1 has auto and semi and no carry handle, as well as being smaller. Maybe if slots are carried over to 4.0, the M16 would be 2x5 and the M4A1 would be 2x4?

M16, M4A1, C7, Scar-L for military as an example

AKM, AKS-74U, AK-74, AK-12 for ranger

This could carry on to other weapon types and/or grades as well. I just think more guns in general would be nice, even if they took the same mags (although for the AKs, I’d say having something along the lines of a “Heavy Ranger Magazine” and a “Light Ranger Magazine” would be a good idea, considering those AKs take different mags irl).


For ammunition in general I wouldn’t mind it being one of the more realistic/advanced features in Unturned, tbh.

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@Whistleblower You’ve used the mod. Come forth to proclaim your thoughts!

actually if you looked closely you’d see i only favourited the mod, i haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet so i can’t actually give much of an opinion on it other then it looks interesting and it seems a lot of effort was put into it

as for your post, it seems we might be getting a total of 3, maybe even 4 sight attachment slots in 4.x: one for the front sight, one for the back/main sight (if these are separated this would bump the count from 3 to 4), and one for the secondary sight

your point about weapon variants is interesting for a couple reasons - for one, your examples are, frankly, really stupid (the AK47 and AKS-74U fire entirely different rounds and i believe the internals are also fairly different as well - a better comparison would’ve been the AKM and the AKMSU or the AK74 and the AKS-74U), and on a more serious note, it’d be interesting to see how nelson would implement these variants, seeing as making an AK74 and an AKS-74U look different enough for nelson to add both, along with other potential AK variants, may be more of a challenge then you expect

tl;dr: actually i haven’t played the mod, your post is interesting, and variants could be a tricky thing to put in (though not as tricky as total modding ability, as much as i would love to tinker with guns in that way)

I assumed by the favorite you had used it, even though...

I’m actually unsure of how much you play Unturned still. (I can’t actually check whether or not you’ve used mods regardless of how close I want look either. :cry:)

I assumed so too, but the wishlist is only a...

compilation of ideas (and things Nelson would want), and I can only treat it as such when giving concepts/ideas/thoughts. I really only mentioned it because I was trying to emphasize the alternative systems that could be focused on instead.

I was going to do the AK-74 and AKS-74U as my two examples instead originally. However, I...

wanted the ones I chose to be based not only on other posts already on the SDG Forum regarding similar ideas and wants, but based on my own preference on how to handle the system in general. (It continued off my own opinion that all weapons being added should be more individually unique, unlike some older weapons added to Unturned 3.)

Using two more closely-similar guns as the examples would go against my opinion that super visually-similar guns should be added, much less similar guns in bulk. (Notably because some of the potential problems I listed for modular weapons can apply anyways with a bulk amount of similar guns of the same family.) Even if content is slightly higher-poly overall, it is eh :man_shrugging:.

Need more uniquely stat’d and designed weapons in general.

tl;dr: gl :green_heart: I edited it down a bunch. Also moved responses to spoiler collapsible summary tag things.

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Honestly, as long as weapon parts that actually fit would be rare, I wouldn’t mind, you already mentioned AK variants, I’d imagine it like this: you have your weapon that you work on, let’s say you found an AK-74N (“N”-variants have russian “dovetail” mounts on them) and it’s just a normal AK, wood parts, nothing fancy, iron sights, but then you explore the military base and you find a load of useless mods you find a half-broken AKMN, which has a cool Magpul handguard and a picatinny rail adapter on it’s dovetail mount, which you want. So you take the mods off it, rendering it useless, you scrap it, and go back to base and improve your AK! I imagine most weapons already spawn with some mods, and finding singular mods that aren’t attached to anything would be more rare.

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i don’t know if an akm handguard would fit on a 74

I looked it up, Magpul handguards are for almost all AK-systems, including -M and -74.

ok then
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molt noticed me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m late but I need to say that I didn’t mean stuff like this:

I meant things like this:

The bottom 2 guns are AR15s. They have the exact same scope and grip. The only major difference is the 20 and 30 round magazines. (We should have 20 rnd magazines in unturned btw) The stat differences should be extremely tiny. Big enough that you should modify them, but small enough that it’s balanced.

Also in my post I mentioned tools like a screwdriver to remove and add modifications. It would be balanced because it’s rare.

I used these websites:

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I’d prefer the ability to mod guns but with no performance changes.

I’d prefer the ability to mod guns but with no performance changes.


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I’d be fine with a few basic barrels and stocks but nothing past that. Changing weapons up too much is a no in my books

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