It would be nice for more attachment points like say a stock attachment point, so you can have custom stocks on guns, with slightly different recoil stats. No stock would make the gun shorter and have high recoil.
Maybe do the same for grips, except they dont do anything, they are just for style points
Here is a crappy example:
pic 1
Another thing would be stackable attachments. You put an attachment on a gun, and you put another one on top of it. You should only be able to put 2 on though, it would get ridiculous after 2.
Also another thing to go with stackable attachments: sight mounts.
To put a sight on a zubeknakov, you wouldn’t take off the iron sights, you would put on a sight mount, then you put a sight.
Example again:
Notice how the iron sights towards the front aren’t taken off.
Holding a snayperskya with a scope would be something like this

The scope is tilted off the mount.

Also, finally, lastly, ultimately, in conclusion, to conclude, at last:
Tools to remove attachments, like screw drivers, or something.
You wouldn’t want noobs just taking stocks off maplestrikes for quick auto secondaries (with high recoil)
You should need an rare tool in your inventory to do that.

I just want more weapon customization.
Also if bump stocks are still legal when 4.0 releases add them as an attachment.


honestly you could divide it into modifications and attachments

attachments would basically be what we have now (i guess magazines would fall under here just for simplicity) plus i guess the separate front and back sight hooks and second sight hooks that nelson wants to add.

modifications would be things that, realistically, would require some amount of field stripping, such as stocks and handguards and gas system modifications. that being said adaptive chambering would probably also fall under modifications, since you’d need to open up the gun and it’s probably some sort of bolt modification anyways.


Is that…
Is that a Maplestrike with a Zubek grip and stock?
Congradulations, you just made this:


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