A new way to skill up

I suggest 2 new ways to skill up which would require a bit more work. These two ways are books and experience. I may also post another one of a only having a specific skill for each category. (Offence, defense, and support.) Here is how they will work:
*Here is where I will talk about getting skill points from reading books. It would take 10 or 5 seconds to read one book, and you can only read it once. There will also be tiers. The higher the tier, the higher the rarity. The skill things that will require you to read are all the ones in the support category.
*Here is where I will talk about getting skill points from experience. The skill things that will require experience are the ones in the offence and defense category. Here is how they will work:

  1. Overkill will require you to punch and kill 10 harmful players.(Harmful players as in people who attack you.) For each tier it is doubled.(10 kills, 20 kills, 30 kills, 40 kills, 50 kills, 60 kills ETC)

2.Sharpshooter will work the same as overkill, but you have to shot and kill harmful players. You also have to kill different harmful players. (an exploit where your friend shots you once, and you kill them, and it is repeated.)

3.Cardio and exercise will level up with each other. You will have to run 10 miles. Leveling up would also work the same as sharpshooter and overkill.

4.Diving will require you to stay underwater for a total of 15 minutes, but you can’t stay in one spot, you have to keep moving. And for each tier it is doubled. (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, ETC)

5.Parkour will require you to jump 15 times while running around. To level up it will double for each skill bar… (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, ETC)

  1. SneakyBeaky will require you to successfully sneak around 18 different zombies. And leveling up would work the same as the others.

7.Immunity will require you to get bitten by 10 different zombies, and leveing up would work the same as the others.

8.Toughness and strength would require you to survive 5 times under 50% health by being shoot by different players, or bit by different zombies. Leveling up would work the same as the others.

7.Warmblooded would require you to be outside in the cold for 10 minutes without freezing to death. To level up you would have top stay out in the cold for +5 more minutes then the other. (10 mins+5 mins=20 minutes.)

8.Survival would require you to be under 50% food and water 10 times, you also can’t be AFK. Leveling up would be double the amount of times. (10 times, 20 times, 30 times, ETC)

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I have previously made a topic regarding this idea in a bit more detail. Take a look if you want (Skills in 4.x)

As for this…
The way you have suggested can be easily abused and don’t really focus on the actual skill rather on reputation as you only need to kill bad people to skill up.

For people who attack you have to be worse than you are and can’t be farmed as it Must be on an online player as you have said.

Same for sharpshooter, you have to kill bad people to lvl.
This is a skill, it can be practiced in any way necessary. People learn martial arts from watching, training with people, and actually fighting with people. It doesn’t only have to be bad people.
Please make sure that what you are suggesting can still be relevant no matter how much you try to run around the topic.

Leveling up the skills seems more of a task rather than actually practicing the activity.

Many can be abused and almost all of them are gonna be very difficult to code.

Like the sneakybeaky skill. You can simply crouch walk around the same xombie for 5 minutes and you’ll have max skill in no time.
The Survival skill also. Just wait till you reach 48%. Have a chocolate bar that heals 5~10%, then do it again and you’ll reach max skill.

Many of these skills can be abused easily or can more difficult than they should as they sound more like tasks than practice

  1. You said that twice
  2. Be nice

I do agree that skills should be achieved by actually doing said skills (a la Skyrim, 7DTD, etc.), although I don’t know if the way you’ve suggested is necessarily the best ways to do so. I like the idea of books teaching certain things (such as farming, carpentry, etc), but I think the “practiced” skills need to be adjusted to be a bit more difficult to get. Remember, in real life, it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. While obviously this is a video game, and not only does that have to scale, but it also has to be arranged in stages (Sneakybeaky I, Sneakybeaky II, etc.); however I believe it is still practical to make such skills require more than just a few minutes of gameplay, albeit at the same time not feel like a job to get.


Still extremely difficult to code


As i said. It shouldn’t be like a task.

It’s alright. I’m used to being around triggered people

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The ways to level up skills that you suggested seems extremely easy, entirely impossible (in singleplayer), easily exploitable, or extremely difficult. The concept of improved skill systems is always interesting, but I don’t like the way this suggestion has taken it because I feel it has failed to account for itself, and at later levels is just a way to kill time.

Nobody likes a game that forces them to stop playing. I understand you meant to make these feel like the player has to be active to achieve them, but when you try to level up a skill you can’t do anything else besides that. It’s not the player being active, really it’s the opposite in my opinion.

I would reconsider your methods of leveling skills, even though this post does raise the question of whether or not some skills deserve to rank up over time, and if there’s even a way to make it feel like an achievement rather than just something you’ll eventually reach. (That’s why ideas involving an excess experience pool are pretty good though.)


MoltonMontro is right, remember that the skill system will need to be achievable in singleplayer as well.

This is basically an overly complicated version of my idea


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