Skills in 4.x

On a previous topic made by @NarcolepticHound, 4.x skills and how they are upgraded needed a change. and since there wasn’t a full topic discussing that, I would like to volunteer.

4.x Skills and How to Upgrade Them


  • Overkill - Killing targets with melee (Bonus for power attacks)
  • Sharpshooter - Killing targets with a ranged weapon (Bonus for headshots)
  • Dexterity - Reloading magazines after firing (Bonus for reloading after empty clip)
  • Exercise - Distance traveled by walking/running
  • Cardio - Regenerating stamina/oxygen
  • Diving - Distance traveled by swimming
  • Parkour - Jumping


  • Sneakybeaky - Distance traveled when crouch/prone
  • Vitality - Regenerating HP from full food/water
  • Immunity - Losing/gaining immunity (Except from losses from ~50% immunity), getting hallucinations
  • Toughness - Taking hits
  • Strength - Amount of times bled/broken a bone
  • Warmblooded - Duration of being cold/burning from campfire
  • Survival - Losing/gaining food/water


  • Healing - Consuming medical items (Except when full HP)
  • Crafting - Crafting certain items (Bonus for crafting items with crafting lvl requirement/crafting rare items)
  • Outdoors - Damage dealt to resources (Trees/Rocks)
  • Cooking - Crafting food
  • Fishing - Catching fish
  • Agriculture - Crafting seeds, planting crops, harvesting crops
  • Mechanic - Repairing vehicles (Except on full vehicle HP)
  • Engineer - Repairing certain items (Bonus for repairing items with engineer lvl requirement)

Rarity Multipliers

Skills that require interaction with items will gain extra experience based on the rarity of the item being interacted with
  • Uncommon = x1 EXP
  • Uncommon = x1.5 EXP
  • Rare = x2 EXP
  • Epic = x3 EXP
  • Legendary = x5 EXP

How Do Your Skills Level Up

It’s pretty simple and self explanatory
Killing a xombie will give 1 EXP for Sharpshooter, but gives 2 if it’s a headsot
Crafting a rag gives 1 EXP (x2 if it’s a Dressing)
Reloading (after firing a shot at least) gives 1 EXP (2 EXP if the magazine is full)
Traveling 100m gives 1 EXP to Exercise
Regenerate 10HP for 1 EXP for Vitality
Regenerating 100 Stamina/Oxygen gives 1 EXP for Cardio and so on…

The amount of EXP required for 1 Skill to level up is the same amount of EXP required in 3.x for each respective skill

Reserve EXP

For Each 10 EXP you gain from the activities you have done, you gain 1 reserve EXP. Reserve EXP can not decrease upon death and can be used on any chosen skill

UI of The New "Skills" Tab

The way the skills should be viewed is by having tabs for Offense, Defense, and Support just like 3.x, but the skills themselves have a progress bar showing how much EXP is left for the next upgrade. When are in the "Offense" tab, you are shown "Overkill" skill first as the highlighted skill, and 2 others below it but a little less opaque. Scrolling down or highlight the skills below will show the 2 skills below the skill you just highlighted. On the other hand, skills don't just upgrade automatically because that would make the Skills tab useless. Therefore, whenever a kill has reached it's required amount of EXP, a small notification pops up showing the respective Icon (Offense, Defense, or Support) that can be seen above the HUD like the Broken Bone notification. Any extra EXP gained before the skill was upgraded will be stored and can not upgrade the second level of that skill until the previous level has been successfully upgraded

PS: Thanks to @Yarrrr for taking the time to write most of the ideas, because I copied 90% of his comment xD


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Maybe have active and passive skills?

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This is all that I want for Unturned, cuz the actual skill system does not make any sense

Well the problem of skills is the balancement for example a contructor ever have vantage on top of the fishman for example
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