Ain't about survival no more

We can all agree that Unturned is slowly drifting into a shoot 'em up rather than a survival game. A bottle of water gives 60% of your water. And that there are TOO many guns. So much that it’s not a survival game anymore. It’s just about “who can kill more?”

In my opinion, Unturned 4.x should be wrapped around survival rather than shooting.
Bigger maps. I know it’s gonna take a while for that, but it would surely be worth it. Having food and water to be the number 1 priority. Cuz I was once at 15% water. I was near Scorpion 7 (Washington), I got in, and got 2 bottles of soda, orange juice, and eggs. I reached 100% so quick and that’s in Scorpion 7.

The maps need more empty spaces, food and water need to gave less effects. Or gradual effects, like Nelson’s healing idea in the trello. Farming is too easy and so are a lot of other survival concepts. Xombies are too easy to handle, even on hard mode. Any melee weapon is useful against them. Bullets deal way too much damage that it kills people in a single burst. Raiding is too easy.

What I think should be a solution to these…
Gun spawn chances are drastically low
Crafting recipes require much more materials
Bases have a huge increase of health against bullets
Hunger and thirst should be the real focus rather than guns
Food and water should spawn a bit less and have less effects. Like… bottles water heals 30% of thirst.
Again, bigger maps so that people are forced to travel long distances for the simple items, adding difficulty to the game.
Any car (except military) can be easily destroyed with even the worst melee weapons
Xombie spawn numbers are too small

Anything else you guys wanna suggest?


Improvement to the zombie ai


I really like the idea of rare Gun and Ammo spawns. It’d make anything you come across that much more valuable. Don’t throw out that Sportshot just yet, as it should be something to treasure with rarer spawns.


Maybe make loot much more rarer in general too. I mean a raid in a food store would easily hold 1-2 days worth of food and drinks, and a police station would give you atleast some basic combat gear. By reducing the amount would force people to look in many places

By promoting scavenging and exploring means promoting the survival aspect.


But for that to be viable, the maps have to be very big. Because if you look at Washington, you can travel the entire map and scavenge every node in 2 days and 1 night. Very quick. And searching everywhere to not find anything is kinda boring. But having a big map will give the idea of “I need to travel more to find stuff” which is how it should be


Yeah I get the idea. But then, we don’t know if the 1st map will be big or small. Beta release would likely be set in a small part of a big map like Devtest in 3.0 which is a segment of Canada map. The loot scarcity would be reserved for full release

I mean hopefully we only get large/insane maps in the future


Better maps that actually give dem post apoc feels.

I think this is something nelson should consider, but heres my stance on the topic. Its true now it is mostly about kills,guns and raiding on most servers. But in a survival aspect raiding and killing is apart of survivng in unturned. Raid to steal the enemies food and weapons so u can defend yourself against other groups/players.

Personally I dont think completely dumping 20% of the guns in the game would help at all. Even decreasing spawns of weapons and other items. People who own servers will do what they want, they will configure their servers to their own standards so in a way it really wont help.

Your point on raiding is very true, its way too easy to raid. In my opinion no guns should do damage to main base structures. Explosive Charges (C4) should do minimal damage to bases. Rocket launchers should be the main tool of raiding, mainly because they are harder to find.

Off topic: I think there should be windows on cars.
Zombies should not be able to destroy metal base materials
landmines and claymores should be more responsive

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I never said dump the weapons. I just said make them much harder to find. Because raiding in Unturned isn’t completely a part of survival. Because when you raid someone, you rarely get food. All you get is miniguns, AK’s, M4’s, AUG’s, Snipers and explosives. The food you find is barely on a crop plot which heals all your thirst and hunger in just a few bites of Lettuce. Raiding is now only used as a method to show dominance, not survivability

Again i have repeated many times improve and build opon durablity everyones forgotten about the durablity system and everyones forgotten how much potential it has to help unturneds survival aspect

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You joined 4 hours ago, never seen you post that. :thinking:


I did that as replys i just joined 4 hours ago cause i figured out about this place but iv been here since 2.0

I don’t think giant maps would be a solution, unless you want Unturned to end up like Battlegrounds where you run through half an hour of emptiness only to be killed in seconds and start all over again.

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Half an hour of emptiness is not what I had in mind.

5 minutes or 10 minutes of moving to reach a new area that has a specific array of loot

Because PUBG is TOO empty

Food is already hard enough to find on busy vanilla servers, not really for it. However I do like the idea of larger maps.


if you have 24 players on a small map like Washington, you are bound to find difficulty finding food. Not because of the lack of spawn, but because of the overpopulation. Maps need to be bigger and the spawns need to be reduced

Make zombies OP, that’ll do it.

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Make them OP and few but scattered.
Or make then regular but all over the fucking place xD
even outside cities (navigation mesh in trello), there will be wanderers


I like the idea, but most people won’t, because they enjoy pvp more than survival. More empy space would be alright, but then there should be more animals which you could hunt for food.


if they want pvp, then csgo or Rainbow Six would be good for them. This is a survival game. take it or leave it

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