Ammunition types

Currently in 3.0 we have a couple types of ammunition: regular, tracer, and fragmentation. There are also Shadowstalker rails and shotguns pellets, but those don’t have different interchangeable round types. Now what I’m suggesting here is similar to what we currently have, but different.
Now, in Devlog #005, I believe, Nelson posted this image:

My suggestion here improves on that. Instead of just having “5.56mm Military Ammunition”, we’d have some things like:
5.56mm M855
This is the current ball cartridge used in the majority of current M16-style weapons, from the M4 and the XM-177 to the M231. This will be the “base” ammunition, and are identified with a green tip. (Also has the M855A1 enhanced performance [or EPR] subvariant with an unmarked steel tip)
5.56mm M856
This is the tracer variant of the M855, and is more commonly used in machine guns. They are identified with an orange tip.
5.56mm M995
The armor piercing variant of the 5.56x45mm SS109 cartridge, withe enhanced accuracy and penetration. Marked with a black tip.
5.56mm Mk 262
A spealialized, match-grade ammunition designed for vastly improved range for use by designated marksman rifles.
.223 Remington
The civillian variant of the 5.56mm cartridge, available with hollowpoint tips.

Such a variety of types also applies to other calibers such as .45 ACP, 7.62x54mmR, etc.
In addition, I’d like Nelson to have the full dimensions of the round as part of the name, such as 5.56x45mm instead of just 5.56mm.

Shotguns would be slightly different, with 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 shotshells.
In a broad perspective, shotguns would have four main types of ammunition:
The default and most common type of load, containing six round lead balls.
Fires a single round that effectively converts any shotgun to a smoothbore breechloading musket.
Tiny steel or lead balls that have a huge amount of spread, devastating at close range but almost completely useless at anything other than close range.
Fires six small, pointed steel projectiles that are fin-stabilized, allowing enhanced range and penetration.

Adding different ammunitions types would greatly change gunplay, as different types of cartridges could change a firearm’s playstyle for different purposes.


I dont think that the full dimension of the cartrige will be a good idea since unturned has so many guns that have differet type of cartrige, it would be a bit messy to loot all those different types of rounds or put it to spawn.
Any way that is just my opinion and i dont think that your idea is bad and i would love that 4x would have realistic gun stats, it just has to be a limit that the game wouldnt be to complicated.

Dragon’s Breath 12G incendiary would be a good idea

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Uhhh actually not. It’s not common as the M855A1.

4 normal rounds + 1 Tracer will be repeated over and over again in the belt

Same with 5.56, 30 rounds M4 mag.


I’m fine with major differences in projectiles (Eg: Buckshot and Slugs for shotguns), but I’m quite unsure about minor differences in regular ammunition. I just find it a bit unnecessary for a game that isn’t looking into becoming a Military Simulator.


#NotSarcasm , Raufoss Mk 211, Aka Multipurpose, HEIAP, 12.7mm

Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifles needs it.

I know, I was actually going to say being able to put different ammo types in one mag, but I forgot XD

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This is way too many ammo types. Nothing more needs to be said.

What milsim actually goes into that much detail about equipment? I can’t think of any, because they’re just glorified shooters. The only genre where such details might make sense to include is in survival games.

The only game that I can immediately think of that has ammunition diversity down to this level is, of course, Escape From Tarkov. Ironically we’re already borrowing a lot of their similar mechanics, so honestly, I could totally see this becoming a reality.

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I’m for realisitic ammo designations if it can be used to diversify existing ammo, making it harder to actually find a working match for your weapon. I would even go so far as to work in the danger of putting in the wrong round or degraded round into your weapon causing it to misfire, hangfire, or squib load (i.e. nothing stops you from using the wrong round for your weapon unless you have the skill to know the difference). The chances of finding bad ammo a year or two after the zombie apocalypse seems, to me, a very real possibilitiy consider how diverse our guns and ammo really are.

That all, however, seems a complex endeavore to program so I’d be more happy with simplified ammo selections and deisgnations if it means more effort put into overhauling skill progression and the more core aspects of the game.


You just gave me an idea:

Ammo mismatch can be enabled or disabled in the server settings (disabled by default), so when it’s enabled it won’t stop you from inserting the wrong ammunition and potentially causing one of the above consequences.

If it’s disabled, it just prevents you from loading it.
This is mostly a hardcore setting for immersion/difficulty


Just used the PUB system :joy: 5.56mm, 7.62mm etc…


Just rambling around… it came to my mind that filling mags with ammo shouldn’t be instantly, like it is currently in 3.x. It should take its time to refill a magazine (even more if it’s an LMG or HMG one). Of course, with help of skills, this activity should be done faster.


I’m not sure what’s so funny, that’s already the system implemented in 4.0.

This post is about specific variants of ammo calibers.

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Personally right now, we have a beautifully simplistic ammunition system.

Realistic? No.

Easy to learn and not worry about. Yes.

What I suggest.

Limit how many different ammo types there are. Make it easy to understand. But have 20 different 2.472 mm random sized bullets/restrictions just for mid tier military weaponry alone and I’ll be pissed.

Personally I whould have something like (oversimplified), Small military munitions, mid, large (repeat for distinct weaponry groups, like ranger and civ/whatever), And specialised ammunition for specilised weaponry (snipers, nailgun). And the varaients (frag round, blanks, high velocity [rare better of same bullet], exa)

Because if I have 1 .667mm bullet, 12 165ACP, 6 Arrow (Compound crossbow only), and copy paste 15 more random individual ammunition types for guns I can’t get or don’t want on a simple looting run that’s going to be a mess and a headache that I don’t want.

Just… Remember to keep it more simplistic… Please…

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honestly as long as Nelson doesn’t do something stupid like clump 7.62x39/7.62x51/7.62x54 together then eh.

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I think that he could easily keep it the more simplistic route that we have seen so far in 4.0, and modders could create more intricate ammunition diversity like in 3.0.

As @Whistleblower said though I would prefer actual proper division of calibers and not the wonky shit we saw in 3.0.

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honestly even 3.0’s system would be preferable to, say, clumping all the 7.62 rounds together, because at least 3.0 was HONEST in its ignorance.

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What the hell are you saying? A 600mm Mortar?

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