Blood splatters

Currently in 3.x, those seem like a true though ridiculous red-painting nightmare. I’d like much more if those keep their violence, but in a more realistic and subtle way, maybe alike this:

.GIF archives made from a No More Room In Hell gameplay

These are an example of smoother yet much more violent and realistic blood splatters. Only way I’d imagine blood splatters being bigger than that could be via a random boost (spatterific, respectively).

What do you think? Do you people agreen on that we need to change blood splatters?

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I turn blood splatter off to improve FPS.

So I’ve actually never seen it in my game for most of my Unturned career.

One thing I can say — splatters that we have now is pretty awful.

Who knows what the blood of our enemies would look like.

It might be black or dark red

Maybe both? (Optional)

Just chose which splatter you like best.

I think that there should be less. For example, when you head shot someone, blood doesn’t go all over the place, the blood goes from the back of the head!

Well… that really doesn’t change how gravity will work on some blood thats been pushed outside of a head from a high speed bullet coming from the opposite direction so… but yea maybe blood could be black :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah, realistic blood splatters would be ok to have if he could pull that off

Made me laugh, lol. Brought me back to 2.x times, when i could run to my friend with a chainsaw in a co-op pve server.

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Depends on how the new Turneds will be like. If their body consistency will be like the zombies one, then yea some splatter wall painting blood effects would be legit, cus heads will blow even if shot with low calibers. It really depends on how far Nelson wants to go with his “realism” crusade.

Nobody can assure that yet.

You took out of context just one phrase but if you see the entire comment then you should agree that such a scenario is more then possible, even if I haven’t claimed anything I just said if.

I didn’t take anything out of context, since it’s (sort of) a mild-looking game that attracts lots of young aged audience (-12), it’s also possible that Nelson decides that he won’t add that feature up, despite how similar the turned are to zombies and how realistic the game goes.

I agree but since that this word “realism” is storming around heavly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that splatter thing would stay in, and since we are going towards a mutant\less humanoid main enemy then that could be the prerequisite to increase the games violence even more, without risking to have the ESRB to be raised.

Also it’s important to keep in mind that as you said 3.0 already have those splatter moments and since that the new UII graphic doesn’t look too much different from 3.0’s style, it might be assumable that the same ammount of “violence” could be also in this new game.

Anyway idc, can play in both scenarios I’m not bothered at all :slight_smile:

I think that different weapons should have different blood splatters depending on the caliber ant stuff like that.
Shooting someone in the head with a .50 would have a bigger blood splatter than a 9mm.(and if you think that using a gun to kill someone is not bloody enough you can just blast it with a frag granade)

That should be a thing too :+1:

What I don’t want to see are giant blood splashes covering an entire wall when you just got punched, lol.

How would you guys feel about red mist like in pubg, with an added on small blood splatter

It’d be cool if variations of blood color happened.

Like if you got shot a lot, the oxygenation levels of your blood get lower therefore, causing your blood to get darker.

That…really doesn’t make any sense scientifically.

Your blood is always red outside the body because it immediately oxidizes with the oxygen in the air. It doesn’t change colors like some rainbow crap.

I have no idea how blood gets darker, I read for like 5 seconds on Google.