Fun/Misc Skills

Maybe most of you don’t remember nor even care about these, but these are “extra” skills that are currently for use there in 3.x, and these are named as “random boosts” in the skills interface:

  • Flight: Ragdolls and jacked cars will fly 700% further
  • Spatterrific: + 700% blood splatters upon a hit
  • Hardened: - 25% damage from Zombies
  • Olympic: Throwables will have 200% more velocity

Actually, only the first listed one may be considered as “goofy”, while the others might be considered as “cosmetic”, or even useful in the case of both Olympic and Hardened.

What’s up with these?

As these don’t have a really big importance in game, most of you may not even care about then, while others see them as “inmersion-ruiner” elements that must be removed.

However, my suggestion is to keep these, but with certain tweaks on them:

  • Add a whole variety of brand new “goofy” skills
  • Make all these new “skills” to be merely cosmetic and to not offer any significant advantages, as Hardened skill actually does
  • Use of any “goofy” skills to be a server-side option, and not being available by default
  • Olympic to be a regular sort of skill, making throws strenght normally improvable
  • Punch hit sound for guns and melee weapons to be a “goofy” skill, instead of being the default hit sound for everything as it actually is
  • Current umbrellas’ parachute function to be a “goofy” skill
  • Current car jacks’ action of lifting the car up in the air to be a “goofy” skill

Why do I suggest this?

Because even when the game is taking a whole new direction towards hardcore inmersion and realism, it would be kinda sad to let go some of the things that reminds us how it started: being a “goofy” and heavily “meme-able” game because of its aesthetics and peculiarities, which brought us a moment of joy to all of us at least once.

Currently the mentioned features are by default on the game, which kills the inmersion for me, but it doesn’t meant that I want to see these dissappear, however. Having the choice of either using these or not depending on mood and occation is fair enough.

IDK you guys, but I’d feel really glad if by some time I get tired of so hardcore survival and I decided to enter on a server that actually lends itself to unbelievable doses of crazy experiments, memeing and dumb stuff because of these features, that are just meant to add doses of fun that would be out of place in a serious gameplay session.

I’d also like to invite you guys to comment your own ideas for “goofy” skills and features!

DISCLAIMER: all these ideas are merely cosmetic for fun purposes and I'm ok whether or not these are added. 

I hope you liked my post, please leave your thoughts!

  • I like this and I agree with it (add idea if you have one)
  • I see this as a problem because… (comment)
  • I don’t like these features, delete them
  • I don’t mind if these features are changed or not

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Changing Title to goofy skills, as at first, I thought you were talking about feet.

Ok, so I do agree with you that some of these skills should stay, but some are a bit op and some are unnecessary. I don’t think they should actually effect stats, but add some sort of “pizazz,” like splatterific.

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Do you have any other concern besides the title? I see you voted on “problems” xdd

berry lover: +200% hallucination duration


sorry, i was editing my og post

About these affecting stats…

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Do you want to see skills effecting stats in 4.0?

This was one of the very first ideas I had while writing this lol :+1:

I don’t understand that question. What exactly is your point?

I mean they are both about skills, I just dont see how stat effecting skills can be integrated into a multiplayer shooter game without being ridiculously overpowers (3.0) or just pretty much useless

I should post a TL:DR warning…

No I read it, and this would be extremely out of place without an actual skill system, and without it it would fall under the “useless” section

There will actually be a skill system, it is planned and it has been discussed plenty of times (there aren’t any conclusions yet though). If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t even bother on making this whole thing.

@GreatHeroJ duty calls you, bud.

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Just remove

Slapstick: Reverts the new 4.0 gun hit and melee sounds to the old 3.x that sounds like slapstick punching effects.

Drop Dead: Removes the ragdoll physics when zombies die and replaces it with the death pose of 2.x where they instantly lay flat on the ground after dying.

Party Time: Gun sounds are replaced with air horns and confetti sounds.

My ideas so far. So that people can have a way of looking back to to how far this game has gone. lmao.


Invert, it inverts your game colors.

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there should be a powerup where the zombies explode on death


I actually forgot those skills exist, I like the way you put it in and I think they’re nice to have, but they won’t change much of the game if they aren’t in the game

It would be a good variant for “Spatterrific”… Though these explosions shouldn’t be lethal at all lmao

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That’s exactly my point, and the reason why I suggest those to be merely optional

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