Claim Flag + Others Exploit

Hello fellow survivors, it’s me, ya grill coming in with a hot and brand new topic! (end me pls)

In all seriousness, there has been a bug/glitch that I have been using ever since I started Unturned and to this day, it has not been patched yet. Allow me to explain how it works.

This is your basic everyday floor…

Basically when you put a floor down, it has a what I like to call a Hard Center (HC) and a Soft Center (SC).

The part which is highlighted in Green is the SC and the part highlighted wit the Red is the HC. As I will display here

Basically, before you put down the Floor, or any buildable at all, the floor will check the Hard Ceter ONLY for any objects that could be blocking it. If nothing exists in the HC, then you are A-Okay to place down the floor. You might ask,“But what if we place objects in the Soft Center?”. Well, it won’t affect the placement of the floor at all. as you will see here…

As you can see, if I place down a shit ton of lockers without any entering the HC, I can easily place down the Floor with no trouble. But if I place down a locker in the middle where it intersects with the HC, this happens…

This exploit can be easily done and can be even done solo. So you don’t need a friend to help out. Something that is more crucial to this exploit is that you can do this for Claim Flags… Inside Pillars

As said before, every buildable has its own HC and SC…

So if I place down a Claim Flag in the HC, it won’t let me place the pillar…

However, if I move it just an inch to the side to get out of the HC, as such…

It may be unclear at first, but that white dot at the middle is NOT my crosshair. It is the Claim Flag with a top-down view after moving it to the side. Now that the flag is outside the HC, I am able to place down the pillar

(Sorry I had to use a used picture. I took the pictures then went out, so I made the post on my phone and had to improvise)

Anyways, this is basically how this exploit works. Idk if Nelson can fix this easily or it would require an overhaul. But this is as far as I can explain. Solution is simple: “Make the HC be the size of the object itself, rather than half of it”. But will it be easy? We’ll let Nelson be the judge of that


Finally, a buff to bases.

I like this being in the game because bases are more secret and interesting to raid.

Not really
Exploiting a bug so people can’t build up or can’t find your loot ain’t a path you should go. You either buff up your base with defenses or you’re an easy raid. That’s survival

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Beefing up your base has never really had an impact on whether or not it was an easy raid; and since most of the defenses were pointless, this gave rise to sky bases, underwater bases, and glitch bases.

Even full metal honeycomb bases just slow down the time for a raid, since getting raiding gear is so easy with the introduction of Hordebeacons.

If glitch bases and sky bases used this, there is literally no way you could raid them. Sure raiding is beyond easy but that can be easily fixed with the damage multipliers and/or the health multipliers.
The only question is, “Is Nelson actually gonna fix this bug along with the health and damage?”
We’ll find out

I am still not sure how all of this fits, I personally have not played that much in the way of PvP so take this with a grain of salt.

Glitch bases are generally banned in most servers, so when an Admin founds out about one, he is going to destroy everything.

Sky bases can’t use the floor glitch, but the pillar is still fair game. Depending on how high the skybase is, people generally land on top of it and raid from the top down, meaning that placing objects generally isn’t of importance.

Damage multipliers and health multipliers could help a bit with this issue, but that’s still not the main point; the point being that it is super easy to get raiding gear.

I do hope however Nelson could fix this, but most likely not, he stated a while back that changing the core mechanics of 3.x might not be the best idea this late in the game.

I triple stack my walls.

You can’t do that anymore, I believe

I’ve played PvP ever since 3.x was out. A lot of servers either have inactive admins, or the admins don’t know about the glitch bases. They only know if someone reports them or if the player was stupid enough to go into the base while the admin is on. Because there are SO many glitch bases around as far as I’ve seen. And sky bases which aren’t higher than Oxygen levels are stupid bases. But I’m talking beyond that. I’m talking about what I usually see. So you literally cannot raid skybases nor glitch bases with this exploit. Honeycomb bases are most effective against raiding as far as I’ve seen. Homeycomb + sentries inside is the most effective plan I’ve seen so far. You could also make a castle like I always do and fill it up with empty rooms and have some of them have lockers so it’ll be like a gameshow of ‘which door to open’
It’s really easy to do considering you need 10 scrap metal to make a metal wardrobe. You can have empty lockers like what I did as well to completely waste the raider’s gear before reaching the main loot

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I said I didn’t know a lot about PvP, so I was working off the basis of what I knew, which was very little, so thanks for the enlightenment.

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Yeah, you said you didn’t know much PvP, so I explained what really happens is beyond what we expect

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Yes please.

Oh boy…

I used to make a skybase with this giltch. Also wanted to mention that you can use barbed wire fence with windows. (Wire first, then windows.) not really that useful, but it’s looks kinda cool. Also a little bit useful… I guess.

Also, no. It’s not impossible to raid even with those glitches, sure it might be harder to raid, but it’s not.

All you have to do, is land your helicopter, create a ‘tongue’ of sorts with several wooden plates (very far from your heli), then place a charge or two on the end of it. You fly up, your friend detonates, and repeat until you’ve broken something.

From there, you rebuild the tongue once more, but you use it to have your friend ‘walk’ up it into the base (although in practice it’s more like random glitchiness, and takes many attempts). Then viola, you’re in.

The thing is, you can’t just find a random heli lying around. Especially if it’s heavily populated. Hell, I couldn’t even find a regular ass car xD

Tbh you don’t need helicopters to raid skybases. Heck, regular ground base if that’s matters. (wait wrong order.)

The pain is in the sentry, especially those of the group in the map “russia” that has been playing for weeks. Sentries inside the base, outside the base, on the roof, hidden on the trees. The list goes on.

That being said. Sentries abusing is not a glitch. And I’m being off-topic again.

Yeah as Loz said, it just slows you down with those glitches. Even a max height sky base is pretty simple.

Generally I just build up to it with plates, once I can no longer go near the base I go as far up as I can while being able to stand. Then I just use a dragonfang or nykorev to shoot until I find the claim flag in the pillars(making sure not to destroy the floors). And get close enough to umbrella or glide over, (depending on the map.)

How exactly are you gonna get close enough when you can’t even breathe?
I once tried to go up a long line of plates and I ran out of oxygen before I could even reach a height close enough to raid with a rocket launcher. So even if I had an LMG, I’d still not have enough time to go through the first 2 walls before dying of oxygen.
Idk about you but I’ve been in that situation multiple times keeping in mind that I had max skills during all that.
The only way to raid them is a fast way up, which requires a plane or a heli to get you there faster than your oxygen can deplete

I ended up moving an oxy gen slowly up and had a friend prep gas in some fuel tanks just below oxy level. I also had 2 industrial gas cans on me to fill up a small generator.