Connection between maps


unturned 3, in it when you reach the end of the map there are invisible walls and you can not pass but what if instead when we reach that limit you start loading another map? No it’s not 2 maps loaded at the same time but a point that closes a map while carrying another, obviously you will not leave russia and magically appear in the United States but this is for 2 maps that are based on different parts of a country like the PEI and the Yukon that are based in Canada, could also serve for countries which border, as soon as the other map loads you have all your items but if it dies it will take longer for you to be reborn considering that you will be taken back to your bed that is on the previous map and the game will need to close the current map and I opened the previous map mainly on lower specification PCs, and obviously would not work on servers whereas the server is only a map could appear a screen d “Map transition not enabled” you can also enable this or not on the map selection screen.


Nice idea, but there really is no other point to this then that “It sounds cool.”

I am also sure people would camp map borders to easily hide their loot, or something akin to that.


This is a cool idea, and something I have thought about myself but it wouldn’t really work. Unless the maps are literally based next to each other it wouldn’t make any sense.

Other then that you also gotta consider custom maps and such.

It could easily be blocked off and abused by people, if turrets exist in U4 then it would be even worse. Someone could be nearby and place a sentry there and you are dead as soon as you join because how loading works.

Cool idea, but it should only stay as one.


You realize that:

A) Canada is the second largest country on earth
B) the distance between Yukon and PEI is 4,638 km (2,882 mi)

This is literally farther than travelling from Halifax (which, btw, is in Nova Scotia, Canada) to London, in the UK.

Yukon outlined in red and PEI colored magenta.

I rest my case that, as @Pork @lusod said, this is not a good idea.


You cannot fast travel here.


As I said this is more so the single player on servers is disabled for this reason you explained.


who cares??? its a game, dude lmao.
also i think a plugin that makes you connect with another server when you " fast travel " to other map would be pretty easy to do, so theres hope for you, OP.


Because it will seem really logical to jump across over 4000 Km of distance between two entirely different locations by just walking over a border, yeah right…

I’d really like this suggestion in case that the locations linked up are IRL that close to each other, e.g. PEI > Mainland coastline > Inner State (not an expert on Canada’s geography, so not going deeper there). Otherwise, travelling to a new location featured in the game which IRL is placed at an insane distance from the current one by walking across the map’s border would just make no sense at all.


depends on where to put this is to replace the invisible walls if it is enabled, considering that the 4.0 maps will be larger with 1 training map the PEI and Yukon were just examples.


So… we have to keep making maps until it covered the entire continent.



That’s not what I meant, it’s just a game does not have to cover the continent.


With that logic, someone could justify implementing virtually anything, even if the idea is terrible in practice.

It may be a game, but if that’s the only thing you have to defend the suggestion, it doesn’t make things any better. There’s also the fact that Unturned II is aiming to be a lot more realistic overall, so this is generally a poor argument.


If it’s like east virginia to west virginia, then I might be able to agree on.

But with that logic, it’s mean that we have to constantsively updated the game to have the next area of that map again and again, sure, your idea of connected maps might be “from PEI to Yukon” (In which GreatJ already stated why it’s not ok.) But that is not what most people though of.

Personally, I like adventuring. I don’t really minded this feature as much as 2 hours ago, but the idea is pretty much a wet dream.


Where’s East Virginia? :thinking:


The less-interesting part of Virginia. Filled with virgins and whatnot.




I’m bored, alright?


Years ago I made a post on the Steam Discussions suggesting that Russia could be made into 3 parts, and they could all be connected. While the part about Russia isn’t very relevant here, the part of which how they’re connected is.

Basically, wherever the map edges with another, there’s a node asking the player if they want to move there. In singleplayer, it would be simply something like “Do you want to travel to X?” map. For the multiplayer part, server fosters could chose to link the nodes to other servers running it, saying something along the lines of “Do you want to travel to X on Y?” server (from here comes new ideas not featured in the original post).

These nodes could be either configured in the ingame server hoster, if 4.0 is that advanced, or in a .dat file like 3.0. Let’s say the maps would be “Manitoba” and “Alberta” and there would be 3 points where you could move between them, North, Tunnel and South. In whatever way of configuration, it would say something like “travel_north_ip”, “travel_north_port”, “travel_tunnel_ip” so on and so forth, in which you’d have to simply link the ip and port to redirect to.

On a gameplay standpoint, these travel points could be “safezones” like the ones around spawn areas, and depending on how far apart the two linked maps you might consume an amount of food/water. If the maps are so far apart but still travellable between, you might even loose supplies while moving between, like food, water and a randomly generated amount of ammo and health/medicinal items. If the game deems that you don’t have enough supplies to make the move, it’ll forbid you from travelling.


This system works amazingly on free roaming games where you are forced to move in order to survive (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.).But in games with basebuilding like Unturned,this can be EXTREMELY easily abused,as @Pork and @lusod said.