Craft healing items

One idea I have had for some time is about being able to craft healing items like remedies, medical kits etc.

Medical kit:
To craft a medkit you will need: 5 dressing, 3 bandages, 1 antibiotic, 1 blood bag, 1 backpack, the crafted med kit cures 15% less than a normal medical kit.

Blood bag:This probably should be the strangest of this topic, so you’ll need 1 empty bag easily found in hospitals and an all of transfusion that is unusual but comes in x5 piles, the concept is that you fill the bag with your own blood which means that to craftala you will lose life, each one cures 65% of life or it is recommended you have a base and a bed to not regret to craft one of these blood bag.

Dressings and bandages:use the current concept and method of craft using cloth.

Remedies and antibiotics:For craftalos you will need a laboratory and a medicinal plant, the medicinal plant can be raw food besides used for diverse recipes combined it with different ingredients, in the case of the antibiotic it is necessary to have an laboratory that equipments, like centrifuges, Microscope and etc. , mixing different amounts of the medicinal plant with berries will have antibiotics and remedies depending on the berry They resulted in different advanced remedies.


Medkits should (will?) be containers that spawn with random medical gear in them.

I don’t really understand what you mean with the blood bags

Crafting bandages in common sense, but the current system is god awful, bandages should probably only stop bleeding.

There should be a makeshift antibiotic ointment, but we don’t need to be able to make commercial grade antibiotics, that would just be weird.

TL:DR This is mostly just common sense or doesn’t make sense/is weird and doesn’t really add an interesting spin to previous medicine related posts.

Also nice contribution redcomm.

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One of the main reasons why makeshift antibiotics wouldn’t work is the sheer amount of work someone has to go to in order to make them. The first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered through sheer chance. The mold which produced it was found growing on a petri disc which had been contaminated after leaving it in front of an open window. Consider this: in order for the event to occur, a single mold spore from that specific geographic region had to have landed on that petri dish containing Stapth bacteria, not to mention the weather conditions had to have been exactly perfect in order for the mold to thrive and Alexander Fleming just happened to notice it and decide to analyze it instead of throwing it out. The chances of recreating an event like that without having actual spores of penicillium would be several million - no, billion, to one.

Now, to go into another common antibiotic: the sulfa family. I’ll cut down on some of the details, but essentially the reaction requires sulfonyl chloride (which is itself made using benzenediazonium chloride, an unstable salt, and reacting it with sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid) to be mixed with ammonia. You probably didn’t understand a single word I just said, but know that these aren’t just normal things you find lying around in nature, and even if they were, as is the case with sulfur dioxide, the costs of isolating it from the atmosphere or from volcanic activity would be astronomical.

TL;DR, crafting antibiotics in Unturned II would be downright impossible.

I don’t see how the history of antibiotics pulled off of Wikipedia has any merit whatsoever, let alone how it would make it impossible to craft antibiotics in a video game, I’m not sure where you are going with that. If diseases/infections are a problem, and it’s fairly difficult to craft a makeshift antibiotic, it would be a good late game solution, and it shouldn’t even be a complete cure, maybe just extend the time you have before you succumb to whatever it is.


I’m trying to point out the difficulty of implementing every small chemical that you would need to craft an antibiotic as opposed to just looting some from a pharmacy.

But why? Just add some kind of plant that you find in the woods, and then maybe another kind of mushroom, mix em up together and boom magic shitty antibiotic. No need to purposely confine yourself into a box of “muh realism”

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Salt, spices, and certain metals and more are known to be antimicrobial.

That’s called an antimicrobial, and it’s essentially the same as pouring hydroxide or alcohol on your wounds as opposed to a scientific marvel of engineering and chemistry.

If you had meant that from the beginning, why didn’t you just say so?

Because it doesn’t matter. This is just about a makeshift medicine that prevents infection in a video game.


He did though.

The thing with your craftable medkit is that the supplies are more valuable than the product :frowning:


I like the resident evil route, have a handful of herbs that cure mild ailments, combine herbs to make more complex remedies to heal more complex ailments.

Maybe even even make herbs farm able.

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