Medicine v2

A rework of my original post, with several edits suggested by various community members. Don’t worry, no more amputations, and I’ve cut down on a lot of the proposed statistics to fit more into Unturned as a whole and make gameplay actually enjoyable instead of a pain and suffering simulator for masochists. Enjoy!

Afflictions and Effects


Caused when the food meter drops down to zero. Stamina and health regeneration are each decreased by 1% for each day the player is starving… After five days, the player will always reconnect at half health.


Caused when the hydration meter drops to zero. Decreases stamina regeneration and the amount of food recived from consumables, as well as the effectiveness of healing items by 10%. Being dehydrated for three ingame deaths will result in death.


Caused by slashing or puncture wounds caused by either weapons such as knives, swords, and other bladed weapons as well as certain blunt weapons, and varies depending on how much damage the player takes. The player will lose health at a rate of 1% per second, however consecutive attacks can stack this effect up to 5% loss per second. This will be the primary effect of most bladed weapons, with comparatively low damage per strike compared to blunt weapons but causing bleeding damage. Certain types of armor such as kevlar will negate slashing attacks and decrease damage taken by stabs.

Gunshots also have a chance to inflict bleeding depending on how much damage it does to the player.


Caused by blunt trauma from weapons such as baseball bats, police batons, and other blunt melee weapons. Bruising increases damage taken from blunt weapons by 5%, and ignores any protection from clothing and light body armor such as kevlar. The chance of inflicting bruising ranges from 1% to 10% depending on how strong the player is and how much damage the player takes. Bruising will heal naturally by itself after twelve ingame hours.

Gunshots that fail to penetrate body armor have a 20% chance to inflict bruising.


Caused by leaving an open wound untreated over a period of two ingame days, and also has a 5% chance to occur whenever the player bandages a wound with an untreated rag. Infection will slowly reduce the player’s maximum health by 1% every ingame hour, down to only 10%. Also causes a minor yellow tint to the screen.


Caused by exposure to cold temperatures. Wearing wet clothing increases the speed of which the player gets hypothermia. Hypothermia causes bursts of damage at random intervals, and the damage will gradually increase as time passes until the player freezes to death. The screen will also acquire a bluish tint.


Caused by extended freezing of a limb or limbs over a period of more than three ingame hours in sub-zero conditions. Can be prevented by wearing proper cold-weather gear that covers the extremeties or by staying indoors in a warm environment. Frostbite to the arms increases sight sway when aiming down sights by 50%, as well as increasing equipping time of any item by 25%, increasing crafting time by 10%, decreasing distance thrown with throwables by 10%, and decreasing melee damage by 10%. Frostbite to the legs decreases movement speed by 25%. Can be treated by rewarming the limb.


Caused by falling from a height of more than five meters, and affects only the arms and legs. These result in the player being unable to sprint or jump, and the player will also limp. Can be treated with a splint, however note that the leg is not healed immediately. Fractures to the arm increase weapon sway significantly by 50%, increase crafting time by 10%, decreasing distance thrown with throwables by 10%, and decreasing melee damage by 10%.

Food Poisoning

Caused by eating raw meat or fish, or by consuming food that is under 25% in quality. Certain foods such as MREs cannot inflict food poisoning. Will cause an increase in food and water loss by 15%, as well as an inability to process any complex and combination foods until either treated or it passes after one ingame day.


Caused by drinking non-potable unsafe water or any drink that is under 10% in quality. The chance for it to occur will stack by 5% each time the player drinks unsafe water. Will cause an increase in water loss by 20%, and can be treated by taking antibiotics and drinking two cumulative liters of clean water.

Radiation Poisoning

Caused by exposure to irradiated air or by consuming irradiated consumables. Causes an increase in water loss by 20%, screen blur, and gradually worsens over the course of several ingame days until maximum health decreases at a rate of 10% every minute.


Caused by any type of flame or heat weapon such as flamethrowers and Molotov Cocktails, as well as standing in campfires or any related activity. These decrease health regeneration and health received from healing items by 1%, stacking up to 5% with continued exposure to the heat source. Exposure to radiation will also cause Radiation Burns, which have the same effect as regular burns except these can only heal naturally and are not affected by any healing items.


(Adapted from @anon67155151’s Drugs Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)
Has a 1% chance to occur the second time the player takes a certain drug within thirty ingame minutes, and will stack as the player uses the same drug multiple times within the half-hour time period. Addiction risk will slowly decrease as time passes at the same rate. Only certain drugs such as painkillers and morphine can inflict this debuff.

If the player is addicted to a certain drug, they must take the drug continuously within a certain time period or they will suffer from withdrawl symptoms, which cause screen shake, increased weapon sway by 20%, and a 5% movement speed penalty.


This one’s simple. Each drug has an overdose threshold, and when you take too many you will die.


I’ve borrowed this image from @Codian as a visual representation of my proposed health system, which also takes more than a bit of inspiration from Escape From Tarkov, whose system is shown below:

Individual effects are shown on seperate areas, however for the sake of simplicity I don’t think there should be different health bars for each individual limb or areas. There would also be an upgradeable skill allowing the player to self-diagnose more serious injuries and determine severity. I’ve also neglected to include many injuries in my afflictions list, as making them each having a different effect would be too much, rather injuries should just be divided by their severity and damage. Note that I’ve also neglected to include other statuses such as the flashbang tinnitus effect and blinding effect, or effects such as simply being intoxicated or high.

As for healing items in general, medkits remain the main way to restore health, but in a revised system similar to that in EFT, as simply using the item will take priority on the most heabily injured area and these can also be dragged onto areas which you want to heal.

Medkits will also be a storage item that can be hotkeyed for use instead of a magic bag of health, using the components and smaller healing items that are inside it. When an item such as bandages runs out in the medkit, the medkit will no longer stop bleeding until the bandages are replenished. Of course, medkits can also be broken down into their core components.

Of course, based on severity, certain afflictions and injuries would require multiple items in order to fix them, for example severe bleeding would require several bandages. Certain items such as a bottle of pills will only take one pill at a time, however, individual pills can also be found and taken out of their containers.

Healing Items


A torn strip of cloth. Can be used to stop minor bleeding and restores 5% health. Also has a 5% chance to cause infection.

Sterilized Rag

A rag that has been soaked in antiseptic or boiled in water in order to sterilize it. Stops minor bleeding and restores 7% health, and no longer has a chance to cause infection


A sterile length of gauze. Stops mild bleeding and restores 15% health.

Field Dressing

A military-grade wound dressing. Stops mild bleeding and restores 35% health. Note that these are olive green instead of the current pink ones.

Hemostatic Dressing

Stops any bleeding, no matter how severe. Restores 20% health.


Stops any bleeding instantly, however it can only be used on limbs.


An autoinjector containing synthesized epinephrine. Increases stamina regeneration by 300% and health regeneration by 150%, and adds in 10% overheal, effect lasts for five ingame minutes. Brightness also increases, and the screen will also blur slightly around the edges. Addictive.


Codeine pills that eliminate most pain effects and allows the player to function almost normally, however the player will still suffer from the fracture debuff. Also is an anti-diarrheal and can be used to treat dysentery. Effect lasts for five ingame minutes. Addictive.


An powerful painkiller, contained within an autoinjector similar to adrenaline. Effect lasts for ten ingame minutes and allows the player to function despite any afflictions and debuffs, as well as temporarily restoring health to 100%, however after the effect wears off the player will go back to whatever health they had before taking morphine, plus any additional damage taken after that. Highly addictive.


A potent stimulant in pill form. Similar to adrenaline, the screen will blur around the edges after taking these, as well as take on a slightly red tint. Causes a 10% bonus to melee damage and swing speed, and a 20% penalty to ranged weapon accuracy and sway. Highly addictive.


A small bottle of 2% iodine tincture. Can be used to disinfect wounds and treat water.


A large bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Has a better size-to-use ratio than iodine, however its bottles are also larger and bulkier and it increases recovery speed. Can be used to disinfect wounds and treat water.


Salt water. Can be used to disinfect wounds, but requires large amounts compared to other antiseptic agents.


Any type of hard liquor such as vodka or whiskey can be used to disinfect wounds. The consumption of alcohol also helps slightly with radiation poisoning.


A bottle of antibiotic pills. Used to treat internal infections. Drinking any type of alcohol thirty ingame minutes before or after taking antibiotics decreases the effectiveness of the pill by 50%. Used for the treatment of all types of infections, food poisoning, and dysentery.

Antibiotic Ointment

Topical antibiotic cream that can only be used on external wounds and infections.

Burn Cream

Medication specifically tailored for the treatment of burns. Also has a mild antiseptic effect.


Restores 10% health and eliminates the side effects of infections and hypothermia, speeds up recovery times of afflictions that heal naturally by 5%.


Indralin-based antiradiation drugs used to eliminate radiation from the body.


A synthesized version of vitamin K. Regenerates 25% health in as many seconds.

Suture Kit

Can be used to stop bleeding and has much more uses than bandages or dressings, however using it takes ten seconds, making it an unlikely choice in combat situations.

Willow Bark

Contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin. Has the same effect as aspirin.


Can be crushed into a poultice, which can be used as a disinfectant, and can also be consumed to eliminate nausea.

Activated Carbon

Black charcoal pills that can be used to eliminate the effects of any drug as well as most organic toxins.

Aloe Vera

Can be crushed to extract a gel which can used as a natural substitute to burn cream.

First Aid Kit

A basic medical kit with slots for bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn cream, aspirin, and iodine.

Paramedic Kit

A slightly more advanced medical kit wtith slots for bandages, hemostatic dressings, suture kits, splints, antiseptic, burn cream, antibiotics and painkillers. Takes up the most space.

Military medkit

Contains slots for field dressings, hemostatic dressings, morphine, adrenaline, antiradiation drugs and a tourniquet. Slight 3% healing bonus on gunshot wounds. Takes up the least space.

There’s seven hours of researching and typing that I won’t be getting back. Please leave any suggestions and concerns below.



Wow, so detailed

Holy shit what do you do for a living, how much time do you have :astonished:

It’s a really good post overall but I have some observations.

I think that anything that slashes and pierces (and heavy blunt) should cause bleeding, but in different degrees depending on damage severity, since relying on RNG and chances isn’t that convincent for many people, including me. This would probably require an adjustment in numbers for balance, like being 0.25% per second the minimum bleeding rate.

And that goes to anything on which you’ve included RNG elements: there should be always conditions to comply in order to reach a status effect, being buff or debuff. IMO, the less we have RNG and chance elements, the better gameplay.

Arms fractures should exist too, by blocking very strong impacts and/or taking medium to high caliber shots. Arms fracture would reduce handling and arms mobility overall.

To balance this a bit better, individual health for different body parts could do its part, so that affections for that parts are more determined via a more measurable way, rather than out of RNG.

And about everything else, pretty detailed and very well built. Let’s hope all of this (and probably even more) makes it into the game.

Why not, I think it would be great to have many healthbars for diffrent parts of the body

@AtomSplinter edited to include arm fractures and changed bleeding and bruising to be based on damage instead.

@skoeldis because then we’d have to go through the trouble of balancing that out and adding different effects based on damage to those. Same reason why we don’t want individual organs, rather we should just have a total health that is split between different areas.

With starvation and dehydration there isnt really a need for cuttoffs, it would be better to just have it be a slowly increasing debuff instead of stages, as this would probably lead to people metagaming it by eating right before a certain stage hits, also I assume reconnect means regen, but thats a typo

As an actual suggestion for bleeding, there should be small cuts and scrapes gained in melee with turned that would slowly turn into actual bleeding wounds, this would make getting wailed on by a zombie feel more realistic as you arent just instantly bleeding horribly

For bruises I dont think it should be a flat reduction of maximum health, instead it should be a increase of bashing damage taken in a bruised area, with bruises stacking. Bruises shouldnt make cut damage deal more, as a cut on top of a bruise isnt much worse than a cut, same with a bullet hole. This also fixes the problem of shots to kill that comes with reducing maximum health. Also I dont think it should be chance based, instead just a “if you get hit with a blunt attack you now have a very minor bruise”

For frostbite and really everything effecting the arms/hands should also effect crafting time, throwing things, melee etc.

Same with bruises it would be nicer if there were stages, like stress fractures from small distances, and then normal fractures.

For poisoning and dysentery it would be nice to see some yacking to explain the drop in food/water, but thats a tough thing to tackle.

Assuming everything in the medical category is over time, its all gucci.

Interesting to see the new anti necro measures being taken :thinking:

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IMO, the risk of infection should begin as soon as you gain an open wound, not be applied when apply rags. Regular rags shouldn’t create this risk, but shouldn’t cure it either. Sanitized rags, and other medical items could be used to cure the risk of infection status.
If open wounds cause a health to drain, this creates time pressure. To have a risk of infection caused by open wounds would be complementary in creating this time pressure, and makes using unsanitized rags less efficient than something that would both stop bleeding and prevent infection, but would still allow them to be a viable option. To have a risk of infection caused by rags just creates conflict with the time pressure and confusion as to whether you should ever use unsanitized rags at all.

@anon67155151 edited, changed bruising, starvation, and dehydration, added debuffs to crafting time, throw distance, and melee damage for frostbite and fractures affecting the arms. “Reconnect” refers to every time the player connects to the server, and is intentional.

@anon24515308 you must have skimmed over the part where I wrote that any open wound can be affected, rags is just a seperate thing.

in regards to the healing menu-actually fuck it veritas already explained this shit here you go


Looks good, not sure if completely necessary in UII.

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This is really good.
But I think bleeding should be more than just a major bleed.
There should be small cuts and injuries that each require a bandage.
These small cuts do bleed a little, but add up slowly. So instead of instant major bleeding, each cut removes some small time between each damage tick, smallest cuts may deal no damage at all. There main risk I’d for infection.

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Added Activated Carbon as a way to eliminate the effects of any drug as well as a potential antidote for poisoning.

that’s not how carbon works tho is it