Medicine [Long Post]

As of now in Unturned 3.0, there are a few effects that your character can suffer from, like bleeding, broken legs, burning, freezing, etc.

In an effort to try to increase the medical aspect of Unturned 4.0, I’ve spent several hours on research on various illnesses, afflictions, and treatments, both from real life and in survival games, such as The Long Dark. Enjoy!


Caused by slashing or puncture wounds from sharp weapons, such as knives, swords, chainsaws, and other blades, with a 100% chance on slashing and 20% chance for stabbing attacks. The player will slowly lose health at a rate of 1% every second, with consecutive slashing or stabbing attacks stacking the effect up to 5% every second. This will be the primary effect of bladed weapons, with comparatively low damage on strike compared to blunt weapons, but causing large amouns of bleeding trauma. In additon, sprinting will open up wounds even further and cause an additional 2-3% blood loss. Treated with rags, bandages, and dressings. Certain types of armor will negate slashing attacks.

Caused by blunt trauma from weapons such as baseball bats, police batons, and other blunt weapons. Bruising will reduce the overall maximum health by 5%. Strikes from blunt weapons will have a 10% chance of inflicting this effect, and disregards all types of armor, as the energy from the strike itself is transferred through any armor and into the flesh under it. Bruising would heal by itself after 24 in-game hours.

Caused by extended freezing of a limb over a period of time. Can be prevented by wearing proper cold-weather clothing or staying indoors in a warm environment. Frostbite to the arms would result in increased sight sway, and frostbite to the legs causes decreased movement speed. Can be treated by warming the limb. If the afflicted limb or limbs is left frostbitten or rewarmed and frozen again, gangrene could occur.

Caused by falling from a height, or by blunt weapon trauma. Blunt weapons have a 0.5% chance to inflict a fracture. Fractures to the arms prevent players from using double-handed weapons such as rifles, and fractures to the legs result in the player being unable to sprint or jump. Can be treated with a splint and avoiding physical extertion for 72 ingame hours.

Cabin Fever
Caused by spending the majority of five in-game days indoors. Will prevent the player from sleeping indoors for 24 ingame hours.

Caused by leaving an open wound untreated with antiseptic over a period of 48 ingame hours, and also has a 2% chance to occur whenever the player uses a rag to bandage a wound. In left untreated, will result in blood poisoning. Can be treated by taking two antibiotics, or by taking three cumulative doses of ginger tea over the course of 12 in game hours.

Blood Poisoning
A serious infection that can damage multiple organ systems, causing them to fail and untimately resulting in death. Caused by leaving an infection untreated for a further 24 ingame hours. Requires ten consecutive doses of antibiotics over the course of 24 hours. If not treated until that time, death will result.

Afflicted limb must be amputated within 24 ingame hours.

Food Poisoning
Caused by raw meat or fish, or by consuming food or drink that is under 30% quality. Certain foods such as MREs do not suffer from this. Will cause an increase of water loss by 10%, a 10% penalty on maximum health, and an inability to process solid food until treated or it passes. Passes naturally after 20 ingame hours, and can be treated by taking two antibiotics.

Caused by drinking non-potable, untreated water. The chance to ocur will stack by 5% for each time the player drinks unsafe water. Will cause an increase of water loss by 20%, and can be treated by taking two antibiotics and drinking 2 cumulative liters of water.

Radiation Poisoning
Caused by exposure to irradiated air or by consuming irradiated consumables. Causes an increase of 20% water loss. Can be treated with indralin.

Caused by the continued use of certain drugs. Can be resolved by not taking said drug for 72 ingame hours, but the player will have a 10% maximum health penalty and a 5% movement speed penalty.

Medical Items

A strip of cloth torn from clothing to bandage a wound.

Treated Rag
A rag that has been soaked in antiseptic in order to sterilize it.

A sterile piece of cloth used to bandage a wound.

Field Dressing
Military-grade sterile dressing designed to treat gunshot wounds.

A powerful painkiller contained within an autoinjector. Effect lasts for 20 ingame minutes and allows the player to fuction normally despite any afflictions. Has a chance to cause addiction, with a base chance of 5%, increasing with each consecutive use and stacking up to 20%.

A potent stimulant that causes the player to have a 10% resistance to all types of damage, as well as a 10% damage bonus to all melee attacks and a 20% penalty to ranged weapon accuracy, scope sway, as well as causing blurring of the screen. Effect lasts for 10 ingame minutes. Has a chance to cause addiction, with a base chance of 5%, increasing with each consecutive use and stacking up to 20%.

An autoinjector containing synthesized epinephrine. Effect lasts for 5 ingame minutes and essentially grants the player infinite stamina for that amount of time, and also causes screen blur.

Bottled hydrogen peroxide used for disinfecting wounds.

A bottle of pills for treating internal infections.

A natural herb useful for treating infection, inflammation, and motion sickness.

Wooden brace designed to support limbs after a fracture.

A bottle of pills for reducing pain, causes a health overcharge of 25%.

A bottle of 2% iodine ticture. Useful for both treating contaminated water and for disinfecting wounds.

Alright, that’s the result of two hours of research and typing. Please leave thoughts and comments below.


can we use these for crippling depression?

anyways, looks good.


nice job man!

Not a fan of amputation of my own limbs.


I agree that these things should be added, however not leaving anything by chance, for example:

(There’s probably more I’m just too lazy to read the whole post again)

This is too much. Will the limb like magically grow back? Other than that everything is pretty good except for your in-game times. Some need to be reduced.


I think puncture and gunshot wounds should be handled as a separate category from cuts and slashes.

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No limb regrowing, but I’m thinking prosthetics.

Dude, it’s too much.

Maybe it can be added, but acting as a not-so-permanent limb disabling factor that can somehow be cured, whereas amputating could be an unnecessarily drastic feature.

3 in-game days even after using a splint seems pretty long, especially without the ability to skip time by sleeping like in TLD. Maybe there should be multiple types of splints and casts with different recovery times. They could be clothing that occupies the shoe slot, provide some protection, increase recovery speed, remove the movement penalty of broken legs, but add a separate, lesser movement penalty while worn. Maybe an implant could be used to instantly heal broken legs, but they would be difficult to find or craft, take quite some time to apply, and possibly cause damage or bleeding, so more than just the implant would be needed to successfully recover.

I disagree, as it will encourage people to use slashes which are quicker and take less time to be done again. As for stabbing is what causes the most tissue damage, thus causing more bleeding. So i would like to switch the percentages.


Maybe not nerf this thing, i mean it barely lasts for 5 seconds, so I don’t think Adrenaline should have that. Consecutive use, however, that’s a different story.

I don’t think that’s how addiction works xD
It harms you if you suddenly stop. And I dont understand what speed penalties have anything to do with addiction.

This, is too much mechanics added for a simple concept. You have been watching way too many Saw movies, my friend. But amputation is just overkill at this point

Afflicted limb must be amputated within 24 ingame hours.

As fucking metal and badass as this sounds, I doubt this would fit in Unturned.

100% chance on slashing
lose health at a rate of 1% every second
stacking the effect up to 5%
sprinting will open up wounds even further and cause an additional 2-3% blood loss

Why bother having it stack 5 times? Would anyone let you hit them for that long?

Also I didn’t hear you mention bleeding coming from guns.

Cabin Fever

You don’t really need to sleep in Unturned so.


I noticed you like treating Antibiotics like you’ll find them all the time.
Thats not the case my friend.


With the system you proposed, everyone is going to be addicted to Antibiotics if somehow you find that many.

Hound’s advice:
Decrease Antibiotics needed for curing Infection, Food Poisoning and Dysentery to 1

Decrease Antibiotics needed for curing Blood Poisoning to 3

Keep in mind the pacing of Unturned, as well as the worth of enduring the disease in comparison to just dying and respawning.


Antibiotics aren’t something you get addicted to.
I’m also considering natural, herbal remedies that take the place of some conventional medicines, and gunshot wounds, being puncture wounds, won’t cause as much bleeding as slashing wounds.

Bruising, Bleeding, Fracture, Infection, and Addiction are definitely needed.

Bruising - Actually makes blunt weapons viable. Prevents people from just healing up to max health after getting a good smack to the head. You could also have this applied to firearms, armor may stop the bullet…won’t stop the energy of it. Beanbag rounds could become a police spawn, blunt damage without too much lethality.

Bleeding - Rather that set vault, actually seeing variable amounts of bleeding would be interesting. Forced to make a choice, “Bleeding isn’t too bad, guess I can wait it out.” or “I really need to stop this, losing blood too fast.”

Fracture - Oh no a broken leg, welp there goes two metal. Kinda broken how you can fall from the SKYBOX and hit yourself with a rag + splint. Completely treating it with JUST a splint is not enough, should REDUCE the amount of time that the affliction lasts. Dual handed weapons not being able to be used is a perfect touch to it as well.

Infection - Nothing to really say here, I really do like it.

Addiction - Biggest one here, right next to bruising at least. Being able to just take 5 pill bottles and be A-Okay shouldn’t be happening. Make you think about what you’ve been taking.

The medical items are fantastic, a few I will bring up though…

Morphine - I thought I had read that Morphine is pretty addictive…like really addictive. Prolly stack up to 50% with a chance of 20% (or keep it at 5% and have it increase by a number, variable or set…doesn’t matter.)

Amphetamine - Seems pretty fair, melee buffs for decreased ranged abilities. The blur should have a red veiny look at the edge of the screen, really display the effects the drug is taking on the body.

Antiseptic - Really good, should be able to use it as is or on a rag. Better to use on a rag as you don’t lose as much and it’s more effective.

Ginger - Natural meds, fantastic.

Painkillers - Prolly should give some health and the overcharge seems fair. Addiction chance should be REALLY high, 25% more health makes all the difference in a fight.

So…that’s that. I really like your ideas, adds that extra touch to survival and a fear of injury.


I think that when ever you break your legs (fracture) you get a overall speed debuff, a limping animation, AND you can’t jump or run, and depending on how far you fell is how long it will last and and how big the speed debuff is. Then if you use a splint it will not fix your leg, but rather half the time, it will also make the splint visible on your leg, this can also improve role-play. There should also be a better splint that makes recovery a quarter of the original time.

I really like the amputated limb idea even if it is a bit hardcore. It would really make role playing interesting. Perhaps since it’s so hardcore, it should be a setting in world options? Or perhaps a way to make it less unforgiving is to add prosthetic limbs to hospitals, and maybe semi-futuristic robotic limbs at Scorpion-7 bases or similar research labs? These prosthetic limbs wouldn’t be as good as normal limbs, and you would reload slower or something along those lines. Implemented correctly, I think this could really be great.

What about medkit containing random medicine that you could use.


Three months later @THEMAX94120

Addiction should not happen because it’s too complicated to do, also addiction usually happens to people who are missing some thing like family, friends or a job. In World War II I think people would be worried that soldiers would be addicted to morphine when they come home from the but the majority didn’t since they could home to sa family and a house.

That’s not how addiction works, and is a weird stereotype to push.

That aside, it’s the apocalypse. In-game players don’t exactly have “traditional” families, friends, or jobs.