Curated Translations

I think that curated translations would be an excellent addition to both Unturned 3.x and 4.x (assuming it’s not implemented).

This would hopefully help people who’s main language isn’t English, but still a widely used language such as Spanish or Chinese. This would prevent people from having to try out 10+ different translations where some parts could be wrong or possibly unfinished.

I understand that you don’t speak all possible languages, but it wouldn’t be hard to find a community member who understands the language and will review it for you.


Very gud Chubby

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If this goes, I apply for Italian translation.

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It’s been suggested several times before and honestly I don’t see why not.


applying for russian one

The problem I see with curated translations is that it’s adding ownership when there shouldn’t be any such thing. It also does nothing to prevent “wrong or possibly unfinished” translations when you’re relying on just one community member to do the entire localization, who may also eventually decide that they don’t want to do any more translations.

Proof that it adds ownership and unnecessary officiality? Look at some of the above posts (sorry guys), and other similar discussions.

I am making a Chinese patch for unturned,I started the job from 2015,I would like to ask, we can cooperate, pushing the official Chinese patch,Free of charge,For the Chinese users to serve

I can do the job, after all Nelson did the unturned alone right?

I apply for Italian

applying for russian

people can apply for a position of a translator of the game. I mean, to apply for translating on the project itself.

Proof it can be wrong? A fair amount of people suggesting off-site (and sometimes on-site) that they can do official translations admit to needing other translation services in order to post and understand English (the game’s native language). It also just doesn’t prevent people from making poor translations.

Community endeavors like this should be open to everyone without any silly things like mock-up applications, official sense of ownership, etc.

Hence why I still suggest using something like Crowdin instead. Obviously, I’m sure not everyone means for it to come off the way I’ve interpreted it above, but it’s blissful ignorance nonetheless.


Just add have Google translate implemented. It might be perfect but hey, /s

Apply to brazil :smiley:

I could see where you’re coming from, but something does need to change with the translations.

If exists good maps, exists bad maps
same to translations…

Nelson is the one choosing which projects can be curated, implying that he already has a good opinion about it.

There can be good community-based translation in some games. I’m thinking about Terratech. They have an effective way to allows the community to translate. There are only some picked up translator however. Would love to explain in details their system, but won’t do on a public way.

I am translating the game with everything, I already had a great progress translated the Items, Interface, NPCs Russia including the 2 conquests of Russia.

I have translated all unturned 3.0 into Italian for some time, but I have never been able to publish it :stuck_out_tongue:

do you pass?

Sure, if you’re gona deal with it, go ahead! You have my blessing xD

i could apply for the Polish translation