Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


Obviously this is Mosin M1891 rifle, aka Schofield (in Unt).

I would recognize it even if there were moar ww2 bolt-action rifles in Unt.

If i will ever get mugged by someone with a gun, i might easily recognize it before it would kill me :3


Much too blocky. The magazine doesn’t extend out enough, and there is no rod under the barrel.


Rod isn’t that important. It doesn’t need to be any rod if it will be too much work with that.
Hm, ye, there’s also something about “blockyness”:
First, check M4 in devlogs, like Devlog#002

and look at it’s stock. Round tube, not square + some details. Looks muh moar like real one than 3.x.
And now check AK’s stock shape:

And Mosin’s:

Also check on video how character is holding weapon in 3rd person view when aiming sights down.
It can’t be too wide. Guns aren’t like 15 cm (6 inch) wide. At least not their stock.

Let AK stock stay that shape, it’s fine (or if you have patience/time, you can also give it an 8-point oval shape or even totally round oval).

Mosin’s shape (idk how to say it; this shape when you look at it’s front or back; lenght-axis) instead of square, could be an oval-shaped figure, like here:

P.S. If you’re gonna create moar models and threw them here, you can name a topic as “Fan-made UII weapon models” or something like that, and if Nelson will confirm that he will use your models and write a “certification post” here, you can change it later to “Official UII weapon models” :3
Also, as Ekho is in fact american bolt-action sniper rifle (instead of russian one, as game says), it could be converted into american in 4.x, giving it some “cyborgish” or “electronic” name, due to CheyTac’s gadgets:

Aaaaand, as russian high-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle (counterpart of american Barrett/Grizzly) can be used OSV-96:

5 round box mag, semi auto, high-caliber. Best counterpart.
Now that’s some badass military russian sniper rifle :3
(and now that’s a blocky weapon x3 )


@OtterAlpha I think its going way too far to the style. The mosin you’ve just modelled recently is still ok. But both zubek and the recent fusi is way too much detailed and shaped


Like i said before, better ask Nelson about his opinion + ask him to write something here.
But for me, Mosin is too blocky, while AK and Fusilaut are modeled very well, and these two fits UII style.
Remember, 4.x aka UII isn’t gonna be 3.x. It’s will be SEPARATE game, while 3.x WILL NOT BE REMOVED.
Players deserve to have 4.x moar realistic and properly-shaped, unlike very blocky 3.x.
I’m already drooling by looking at Otter’s models.
It would really hurt my heart if UII would continue 3.x Minecraft style :3


That was kinda stupid answer. You should have looked twice to what the style of Unturned 4.x is.

Yes i know both version’s style is different. And i know both’s style. Ive been making 3.x’s artwork/concepts and model for a long time. And i also know alot when it comes to 4.x style. My oldest post which was a mistake i sent a wrong/outdated pic of an eagle fire from 4.x. Ironically you called his recent model/post which is the “mosin” a “blocky gun” which isn’t, And i gotta tell you, It is a fit while those 2 guns the zubek and fusi he just made is way too much detailed for Unturned II.

Unturned II’s style isn’t really going to be fully accurate/realistic to its real life counterpart. Except what nelson might have done is he uses old models and then reshape/remake them with more realistic counterparts like trigger guard, rails and etc to make them look like what they look in the real life counterpart, Some grammar issues nd shit but eh lol


I liked his models, but when it comes to 4.x style it doesn’t fit. BUT AGAIN, The mosin that he has posted recently is a good fit for the game. Less detail.


That Mosin is better for 3.


Nope. A better fit for 4.x


Looks nicer than 3.x, but still fits 3.x instead of 4.x.
AK and Fusi are fitting 4.x perfectly.
We need to focus our magic together and summon Nelson :3


Totto matte!
You really want the game to look like modded 3.0?

The 2 first guns are pretty nice, only thing about the Kalash I don’t like is that the grip is a bit to blocky, the mosin is probably WIP and right NOW would be better fit in 3.x rather than Unturned ||
Go Look at the most updated m4 picture, it shows how the style will be. Though I feel like some things should be ROUND and not everything blocky. Like the magazine,scopes and sights would be better off being more round. While the rest can retain their style.

But Unturned || will be more moddable than 3.x, allowing custom scripts, char models and animations due to the new engine. So if you wan’t to play more blocky style there is bound to be mods that have blocky guns. Right now it is just best to see how he will change the character model, right now it looks like a noodle and I’m curious to see how it will look next devblog.


@Sakura how can you say the mosin looks done, when you make a highly detailed vector?


Not highly :stuck_out_tongue: the body of the mosin he made is simple yet has the look of what it really looks irl.


I didn’t knew that mosin was square.


Wow some ppl here really can’t understand stuff…



Ok heres my thing, I really don’t want Unturned II to look exactly like 3.0 or so “blocky” but what nelson has made on the eagle fire 4.x is what im talking about. Its still keeping the shape of the eagle fire except its remodeled.

If Unturned 4.x’s accurately realistic then his famas fits. But it doesn’t resemble the fusilaut cause of its over detailed body shape.


And its kinda sad how ppl here can’t understand what im trying to say except them thinking im hating on 4.x or his gun.


I understand. You want nicer 3.x models, not new ones.
And that means you want SVD looks like Beretta CX4 pistol instead of normal sniper rifle only because it looked like pistol in 3.x. You want it look nicer, but still in 3.x shape.
btw. you know you can edit posts instead of creating double-posts (post under post)?


ffs, thats not what i meant.

What im pointing out is that, Nelson used the “eagle fire’s” from 3.0 and made a new style out of it for 4.x