Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]



Here is some retopo on the mesh and optimization so i ve managed to keep the same polycount while adding some edge
The UV is done and was pretty long for this one. No texture for the moment but see how it look with some color :

Next is shotgun ( soviet )


lemme guess,

your gonna take your average shotgun and put a soviet star on it?


When you working on non-soviet guns again?


Stalin is very unhappy.

No bread for you this month.


Don’t worry my comrade, model looks great.
Keep in mind that (at least according to wikipedia) Vepr and Saiga were in production after dissolution of Soviet Union, so they are rather russian than soviet :3
Also, Vonya resembles Vepr-12 instead of Saiga-12 (Unturned wiki; trivia section almost always tells which real-life counterpart the in-game gun resembles)

Whole trivia section brutally copied and pasted (:3):

  • Contrary to popular belief, this weapon is actually based on the Vepr-12, a shotgun very similar to the Saiga-12. This can be concluded due to the following:
    • When the gun was added to the game, it was fully automatic.
      • No Saiga-12 variant in real-life is capable of fully automatic fire, unless converted.
      • The fully automatic variant of the Vepr-12, known as the ВПО-205-03 (VPO-205-03), is intended exclusively for police and military use. It is not sold to civilians.
    • The Vepr-12 is usually produced with a folding wire frame stock, like that of the Vonya.
    • The Saiga-12 is usually produced with a fixed stock resembling that of a Zubeknakov (AK-47).
    • Vepr-12 magazines (5-8 shells) are usually smaller than those of the Saiga-12 (10-12 shells).
  • “Vonya” can be the transliteration of the Russian word “Ваня” from Cyrillic script to the Latin alphabet.
    • “Ваня” is a unisex diminutive of the Slavic given name “Ivan.”


  • Minus/plus makes full dot
    • double space before symbol makes empty dot (circle)
      • quadruple space makes full square
        • sextuple makes another full square
          • every further double spaces moves full square further

Another russian shotgun. 23mm (:3)


I’m pretty damn sure the barrel on the Makarov is just a little too long and the safety switch is too small.
The shotgun better not be an IZH-43.

No anime allowed.

Traps are gay fyi.



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Hello there,

DISCLAIMER : please guys dont over-post meme. Its not the purpose of the topic. One or two could be funny, but there is too many and that make the whole topic unreadable.

SECOND DISCLAIMER : The model that i made doesnt pretend to be 100% accurate, nor 80%, nor even 60%. The main “things” is to have mesh that fits the game ( from what we can see from it ). So all the gunz on this topic are not and should not be accurate, but aesthetically friendly with Unturned 4.0.

To continue with this subject, i have no answers from the dev (contacted him via forum priv chat ). So for now i will finish the model im working on ( Vonya ) and will temporarily stop to make models. 1* : because of christmas hollyday 2* being not sure to have a real purpose to continue making model. Maybe adding them via modding, but that wasnt the initial goal.

Here is the pics of the vonya. In my oppinions its a bit too detailled. The polycount is high, and i must “optimize” the mesh to drop it to 1200/1300 tris.



Looks very nice


Now that looks good.


Looks very good, although this handguard’s square transverse profile might be painfull to grab in hand :3
But if you’re worried about polycount, you may better model front handguard the similiar way as Zubeknakov one - without those carvings and moar simplistic way (mean moar straight one, without this curve on lower part of lower handguard that AK have). That should lower the amount of “tris”.

lel, "tris" :3

Instead of this handguard
rather like upper handguard of this gun here
both, upper and lower, may be smooth ones
hm, i stare and stare at those handguards and i think they indeed would rather have square rectangle front profile anyway. looks muh better. moar modern :3


Hello There

Finished the UV, and playing with texture. ( not final ). Ive dropped the polycount to 1310tris. That low enough ( IMHO ) Pics :

Next model should be snayperskya, but as say earlier my will of making more is … diminished.
Stance until i ve answer from dev ( or modding is open on next beta )

As usual comment and feedback are well appreciated.



Looks great. No matter what some people say, it’s not super-hd or something like that.
It have that Unturned blocky low-poly style, but it can be seen clearly that this is a gun instead of a lego bricks.
Just remember to model Snayperskya to look like SVD instead of CX4.
So it will look like a sniper rifle instead of a sport pistol:

(it’s not shorty sawn-off)


You should post all your pictures somewhere where we can see all of thoses without scrolling .
Now , do you think you can make a Hecate II ?


Sword art online lmao


Hello there,

Ive re-wright the first post, and add screenshot of each weapons so you guy dont have to scroll the entire topic. ( thanks @THEMAX94120 for suggesting ) .
Ive also rework on the AK, make it thinner, the upper part of the gun as been tweaked so its more accurate and certainly nicer. Adding some details on the left side of the guns. Reshape the grip to have sharper edges. Added the 2 holes on the handguard. The polycount has increased, but its ok .
I have “break” the uv so next step is to redo-it ( not entirely btw ) and maybe make the magazine.
After that i will look further into the snayperskya.

The pic :

Bye bye all


pretty nice, I would say it would be better a bit more squarish, but…

I dont feel like crapping on your day.


Amazing :abraços:


Fits very well IMO.
Only thing that should be completly round is the sights, I can’t stand looking into a pentagon.


Shadowstalker 4.x design would prob be so wack


Make it more realistic. Nelson is puvitubg the pelvis