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Really good!

Amazing job! I really like the new animations, really gives some much needed flavor and aesthetic to the game.

Looking very nice! Good level of progress and the wait was definitely worth it.

On the part about an animal perspective/gameplay, I could see some potential for it as a mini-game or meta gamemode of sorts, and considering Unturned is well known as a sandbox-oriented survival game, perhaps somebody creative can find an application for that idea in the future (e.g. controlling an RC drone and looking through a camera, or playing as a zombie during the events of the outbreak). Either way that idea sounds rather peculiar, but definitely something that could be developed further. As @Yarrrr said this shouldn’t be a priority though.

Coming back to the actual contents of the videos here’s some feedback I have:

  • in the locomotion video, the animations look very solid but rapidly changing direction seems to unnaturally snap/spastically twitch out the body in an awkward way. In particular I’m referring to motion in the video like this (notice the torso kinda swivel in an unusual manner). While the new animations are a massive improvement, I would like to suggest perhaps some sort of small animation delay, or maximum speed at which your body parts can change direction, perhaps some kind of smoothing/transition in between animations.

  • with the 3D preview system, I know this would be very difficult to do, but perhaps you could make it so actual attachments on guns can be adjusted to your liking. For example, you can preview the Eaglefire and hold LMB to look around the gun while RMB would drag attachments, allowing you to for instance move a sight forwards or backwards on the rail. Just an idea.

  • I can see a lot more potential room for items to have unique characteristics, with the modular system of modifications as well as the 3D preview screen… For example you can modify regular items to have special characteristics, like very crudely taping a flashlight to your construction helmet or inserting extra nails into a table to give it more structural strength. There’s a real possibility for a huge system where you can customize your items to a crazy extent.


Good job on all of it! That’s something worth the wait from the previous devlog.

Just a suggestion in the future, it would be nice if the slot capacity is smaller compared to what is shown (or 3.x). It’s a bit too large and makes holding on things too easy. I mean, make it so you can’t hold most large items (Including rifles) in pants, shirt and vests, leaving backpacks and certain clothing (like Fannypack) to be able to hold them. I know the slot size for items are larger than 3.x, but if it the inventory space is atleast the same as in 3.x or lower it would make the game more challenging. (And yes I know it’s not even playable yet)

As for my opinion on playable animals in multiplayer, I think it’s pretty whacky. Basically you’re trying to create a silly animal simulator set in a post-apocalyptic environment. But I think it should be low-priority until all the core stuff sets in


What if you could choose to play as an animal when joining a server?

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I love the way that the character aligned with the slope. And all this new customization that you’re going to be able to do with your character and NPC’s is INSANE. Loving it so far!


Agreed, you shouldn’t be able to carry rifles and the like in your pants. If storage ends up going for the challenging route, you should only be able to carry small weapons, like pistols, knives, or a sawn-off at most in your long johns.



would be better fix the right arm, looks weird

I am being completely honest when I say that I would hate that. I understand its unrealistic but then again it would be annoying to remember what Clothing I can hold my gun in and what Clothing I cant

EDIT: It would be better to to just make the clothing not the same number of slots as before you cant put em in at all

the only reason i didn’t comment on this was because i thought the size was merely placeholder. i HOPE it’s placeholder. if it’s not it needs to be shrunk WAY down.

also the video i posted was a positive “Fuck it”, not a negative one. the sheer amount of memes it could generate is worth the risk.


I think we need the clothing slots shrunk down and more backpack variety with many different sizes (maybe even some for specific item types?? not sure how it would work but its an idea none the less)

well we’ve only seen the one bag so far (and it’s currently the only backpack in the game) so the second one is a given

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear about that: All of the storage sizes (and values in general) right now are temporary/whatever I set them to while prototyping the features. In general guns will be bigger than 3, some storage smaller and some bags bigger + certain storage for different item types (e.g. pistol -> pistol holster, arrows -> quiver) and ideally implementing nested storage containers soon.


Hello fellow humans. It is worth pointing out things you assume to be placeholder / a known bug, thanks m8s.

  1. Probably noticed the awkwardness of its phrasing, but can you switch the color state and textile state placement on the MOLLE Rucksack around? (I assume this was developed in a way to do so easily.) “Forest Camo MOLLE Rucksack” sounds better than “Camo Forest MOLLE Rucksack” imho.

  2. Manually created description text = description. What did you call the automatically generated text? Anybody know? I swore there was a GitHub issue with that information, but I couldn’t find it.

  3. Not sure about removing the caliber from the magazine names tbh.

  4. No rarity Balaclava mask is best rarity. In all seriousness though, setting up a better text and/or color to default to rather than nothing and [Rarity] would be gucci. Possibly keep the lack of a rarity color, but change the text color from black to white.

  5. To clarify: Iron Sights and Upper Rail Sights merged now (into Sight), but Underbarrel slot added?

  6. Keep the STANAG Drum as a Common rarity item. Forever. :smiling_imp:

  7. It’s not shown in the Devlog, but I’d hope for the Tactical Laser to also have color states, if not already a given.

  8. 6x2 (or even 6x3) item sizes in the future? The Eaglefire is a 5x2 in size, and so I assume most longer-range rifles and machine guns will be 6x2. I don’t think people would object to that, to be honest. Probably a given, but maybe this is me talking to the other humans, not you! :angry:

  9. I approve of the animations for the most part. Obviously some clipping issues, such as with shoes and belts, but yeah.

  10. Are the “Sneakers” with the textile variations of brown and leather currently? Can the gloves be black still? Baseball and blue textile variations on “Cap,” or what!? :weary:

  11. Posts regarding inventory size is hit-or-miss with me. I think we need to see more content in the game first before balancing that out.


My eyes were wide open when I saw the new inventory. Its amazing. The amount of clothing slots there is is just mind-blowing. The ability to inspect items, being able to equip attachments through the inventory, it’s awesome. I also noticed that unlike the previous iterations, there isn’t a primary and secondary “equipped slot” which makes sense. Maybe if you equip a sling and/or a holster it adds those slots?

The animations are really well done as well. You don’t float in the air anymore, you don’t turn like you’re on an axis.
Overall it’s great to see how much the game has improved since the first devlog. Keep up the hard work.


maybe with pants and shirt storage, it has separate areas so you can put big guns in them, like say you added a gap in between 2 storage areas int he pants, which represent the pockets, and for one, I like the all the clothing slots, makes your character amazingly “customizable”(does this word not exist??) and I will actually be able to make the character look how I want it to, so I think it looks good, though one thing, when you make the really sharps turns and the body bends so far, ugh sorry it just looks so unnatural, let me sent you the times int he video I mean (0:02-0:05). And I also like the style of the doors. SO good job nelson, keep up the good work

I expected this.

Was about to make a big thread about it until you said that. :frowning:

For official servers, that is bullshit.
But the ability to play as any entity is cool for custom servers/custom gamemodes.