I know this is a bad terrible idea, but hear me out please.

So, if we can sleep through the night in 4.0, why don’t we have dreams? Possibly you would be teleported appear in the dream sort of place and possibly be able to get occasional items from it? Depending on the type of dream of course xd, well say you have a nightmare, you are in a hellish landscape of sorts, and have to survive till you wake up. Maybe you could possibly get certain items from it. If monsters/the infected came from another dimension, is it possible this dimension would basically be nightmares?

I don’t know. I’m sorry guys, just trying to post ideas so the forum isn’t so inactive.


Unneseery so no.


Basically this. It would also require extra work from Nelson to apply it just the way you’re describing it, so no thanks.

If what you want is to not let the forum die in abandonment, at least try to post well-thought stuff or something important up to discussion, rather than random posts that evidences you’re drying out of ideas, therefor most people just ignores :confused:

I have a shit-ton of posts pending to do, but I usually think on them and re-think on them over and over until I lastly get in the mood to write it and finally post it. If I’m in mood for it, I may post something tomorrow or the day after :man_shrugging:

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unturned: door to phantomile

Wasn’t this a Star Trek Voyager episode?

Please no, this literally has zero belonging in Unturned II or any iteration at all.


Not trying to be too aggressive or anything, but just saying this isn’t valid justification to make half-assed ideas that haven’t been thought through very well. Being really honest you’ve made a lot of questionable posts recently and it’s starting to rub off on some of the people here.

Quality > Quantity


I still cant really see how sleeping could be a good mechanic in a multiplayer survival game that people want to have a certain degree of immersion and realism. If it worked like minecraft, where the night skips when everyone is in bed, no one would sleep because freshspawns dont have beds. If it occured if the majority of a server was asleep then it would be incredibly stupid and “immersion” breaking to be doing a stealthy night raid on a compound and then boom its full on daylight.

If sleeping was sitting in a bed afk, that would be really annoying and the exact same as just sitting in a house afk, and doing nothing is not a fun game mechanic. Your suggestion sort of solves this last part, but in a bizarre way. Would your character be physically teleported?? “oh no im in danger hol up boys lemme just take a nap” That would bring up issues similar to combat logging. Are you trapped in a nightmare dimension and cant get out until you wake up but your body is still in a bed and vulnerable? No one would sleep as it would be too dangerous until you have a base set up. Conjuring items from a dreamscape to use in the real life?? Thats really “unrealistic” (not that I care but most people seem to) but in general its really fantastical and is basically straight up magic.

The Excursion concept on the trello is still incredibly conceptual, and is probably the last thing to get added to the game whenever the beta comes out, and on top of that the dimension of horrifying organic abominations should definitely not be accessible by just making a bed.

In general this is incredibly unnecessary and is just another of the hundreds if not thousands of suggestions that would just add on more development time for no real reason

Also dont suggest things for the sake of suggesting things, it reduces the quality of the forum

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My dream:
I didn’t get killed by a naked punch man.

Seriously, those are in my fucking dreams.

-Geared players dragging fresh spawns to one of their empty beds so that the night skips-
“Now SLEEP!”

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sorry w h a t

I didn’t think about it before but, what if you clear out a house and use an existing bed or couch?

I guess you haven’t seen my post; following its logics, being awake for too long would be truly detrimental, so anyone would need to sleep sooner or later. Even if being afk on a bed seems boring to you, there wouldn’t be a better way to make it more realistic and balanced at the same time. Regardless, maybe Nelson could figure out a way to solve this without breaking the scheme (I’m thinking on something already…).

@Aj_Gaming congratz, you revived the forum. In a really silly and unnecessary way, but you made it, LMAO.

I have read your post, which is very well put together, and yeah it is the best solution really, personally I would rather just not have a sleep mechanic, and instead use beds as spawn points like in 3.0 but thats just preference. Also i look forward to another wall of text lol

Well it was inactive for like a day xd, so I posted something… And then a bazillion posts showed up XD

I dreamed that this shouldn’t be a thing


I think that the Nightmares could work as a FNAF - inspired game. Where you wake up in a nightmarish location where you have to check doors with a flashlight and you have to prevent yourself from being awake or killed from terrifying nightmare creatures.

No thanx, turned and KoSers are enough.

Well, you won’t get killed from a nightmare. Your character will slow down or wake up with half of it’s oxygen.

This is a survival game and you support the idea of a FNAF minigame inside it.

It’s still seeming to much just for a nightmare.