Now, I want to preface this by saying this has been suggested before, but it hasn’t been balanced well, so I wanted to help fix that.

Previous posts:

And you will also need this:

I will also only be focusing on Nightmares for the moment, as I hardly see any reason to have regular dreams.

This will also be a Single/Co-op only suggestion, since balancing this for multiplayer can’t happen.

With that out of the way, let’s get onto the video post.

When a player decides to sleep for the night, there will be a chance the player could have a nightmare. Nightmares can be disabled in the options, and will also not be triggered with any sort of sanity meter; they are completely random.

However, this nightmare will tell the player things about the world that they now live in; such as the player having a nightmare similar to that of the Soulcrystal easteregg. The player could pick up notes within the lab, or other locations which are otherwise unreachable.

The player could also be teleported to a location on the map, one with high amounts of danger. Specifically I am thinking about the Alpha Spawner; the player could be teleported right to the Spawner, giving players a heads up to where the Spawner could be. It should also be noted that the player will wake up when they take damage.

Nightmares can also be exited by simply walking through a door the would be label “Exit,” thus waking you up.

The player will also be locked within that certain location and item spawns will be disabled as to prevent freely looting high tier locations with immunity.

What does this add to gameplay?

I would like for it to add atmosphere while at the same time adding more lore to the world. This could also help newer players realize some dangers that may be in certain locations.


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I agree that there isn’t much reason to implement a sanity meter, but if one were implemented and these nightmare hidden lore/Easter eggs were implemented, I wouldn’t rule out them being connected. Easter egg hunters/lore masters could be testing different sanity levels, while most players would only occasionally accidentally happen to sleep in that state, giving them and unsettling surprise.

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I could see them being connected, but we haven’t heard anything about Nelson confirming or denying a sanity meter so I guess we will have to see where he goes with that.

However, It could also prove interesting to have a nightmare while your sanity is depleted, this could result in the person actually dying in the nightmare.

This sounds like something for Story Mode.

I think that instead of sleeping to cause this it should be something you trigger by consuming some sort of item or using a device, It could work like the excursion idea thats been thrown around.

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