Duel Wield or another word "akimbo"

It would be pretty unique to duel Wield one handed weapons, i mean would sound cool, people would probably want “2 handed weapons” but that is a bit, eh unrealistic and would be TOO op. idk some one probably got to write something like this before me but the akimbo or Duel Wield Would sound cool to me and if this becomes a real thing into the game, servers should have an option to turn akimbo or duel Wield.

I believe it is also on the UII wishlist, but not much is known about it.

Ah ok thanks.

We’ve seen the pistol being used while driving in the vehicle demo video, so akimbo feature is hopeful.

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Combat, Upcoming Features, SDG Wiki. Confirmed for quite a while now.


It was one of the things he worked on for pistols.

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Why do i never research?

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