Dynamic world, factions and such stuff

first of all

I Think UII has very much potential, and I would love to see the game to be more alive, like fallout 4, I love the feeling I get from playing that game, It really feels more alive with all the stuff that it has, UII could have stuff like that in it and I would LOVE to see that, To have a game feel more alive makesa it so much more fun to play even for a very much longer time.


I Think agree with some other ppeople that have talked about factions, that there should be a few “original” factions that mainly consists from NPCs.
Lets take 3 factions for example:

one that is pretty neutral but more on the good side, becomes hostile if you have too bad rep

the one that is more religious with some idea that the virus is a new god or something (like the Children of atom from fallout 4) nautral but becomes hostile if you work against their ideas(embracing the virus)

raiders (originally hostile, but Changes if you have bad rep)

the factions should grow dynamicly with the game, What i mean with this is that the longer the server has been running the more the factions have grown and the more Towns they have.

Factons shouldnt only consist of NPCs they also recruit players, and players should also be able to start their own factions.

Faction missions
factions should have some kind of missions that are just random, But also missons that tell you about what happend, missions that tell the story and help you find the reason behind the virus and the story of the faction.

Dynamic growth of factions
factions should grow dynamicly when you help and do missions for them, they would grow in size in time and when you are not there but you could see that the NPCs that live in the faction city are building scaffholdings and Hammering stuff off of them.

  • I Think there should be factions, and that they should grow dynamicly as time goes on
  • I Think there should be factions, but they should NOT grow dynamicly with time
  • I dont Think there should be any factions
  • null

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Player factions
player factions/groups

player factions wouldnt be the same as the NPC factions, the NPC factions would have missions that tell the story while the Player factions dont.

You could for example star a faction by taking over an city which is possible to take over, or build an totally new city from scratch in the middle of the Woods, but howerer you would start a city, depending on your starting Group size the size of your “building” area is regulated.

  • the more your Group grows the more the city grows, NPCs will build houses on the area that is designated to them.

  • your citys growingspeed is faster or slower depending on your location, resourses, and faction size

  • people and NPCs can move in to cities
    there could also be different ways you could choose

For example:

  • futuristic or very high Tech, (which could have more hightech stuff that would be more powerfull the more healt it has, but when the healt drops hightech stuff becomes weaker), this way would be more expensive but the most powerful way

The high Tech way would use more electronical advanced stuff, like more high Tech vehicles, cities, guns, attachments.
these would be very powerful, but at the same time weak, while they are the most powerful at high healt they might even be the weakest at low healt. the hich Tech way would be the one of the most expensive, but if you use the right tactics wiht ur team it could be the most powerful.

if we take as an example thei vehicles, they might have full armor, no windows, but cameras instead and screens from wich you see out, sensors, guns which calucate your movement to hit automaticly and stuff like that, but if you hit a ritical Point, they might not work at all anymore.

  • the scrap way, ( which is simpler stuff, cpould use anything they find in many different ways, like “raw stuff” they would not be almost any technical with Electronic and stuff. this stuff would not be the most powerful but their Power and functionality would stay almost the same no matter how low their healt is)

more about scrap/raw/crude way, this way would be more raw, you woul pretty much use anything you find to many different stuff, you could for example buid a new house of an broken schoolbus ( wich would be fun to do anywaýs srsly)

the scrap way would be moderate in Power but the Power of their stuff would not drop as their healt drops. the scrap way would be the cheapest way, and you wouldnt even need to worry about a good tactic, just spray n’ pray and run for ur life.

again for example their cars, their cars would be pretty much totally stript down vehicles that have been built up again, they could even work after youve blown it in half, thinking ofc that you had the Engine and gastank in the front.

-“normal”, (they would use the stuff they find, like they are supposed to, pretty much like normal surviving and reusing stuff withou doing anything extreme to it)


the normal syle would be the “classical”, this way would be pretty sheap but not very powerful either, it would be almost neutral but it would be on the cheaper side.

as an example their casr. they would fix them up and use them so nothing special, ofcourse upgrading is possible like in all the other ways (shouldve probably mentioned that )


  • cyberpunk?, (a Little inbetween the high Tech and the raw scrap way, wouldnt be the most Tech adwanced but not the most raw/crude way, their stuff would be very powerful but not the most powerful stuff but their stuff would also not lose as much Power as the hightech stuff)

more about Cyberpunk style, this style would be pretty powerful, and moderately expensive, they would have hicgh Tech stuff but also just scrap stuff

for example their cars. their cars could be first stripped out then upgraded with high Tech a Little, but while they take much damage and their Tech stuff might get broken the car will still run and worl like it should.

a Little much Tech in the Picture above but hey you get the idea

  • I Think there should be different “ways” you could choose (not necessary these)
  • I Think there shouldn’t be different ways
  • Null

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-if we Think the “ways” as a line:

very Beautiful indeed.

  • depending on your choises while you build up your cities if you choose to start a faction and build some cities, you can choose what kind of city it will become.
why would you want different types of cities?

the type of city you build or use to visit the most, might be the most pleasing city for you but then again no for someone else, the stuff the merchants sell in one city might have a higherr prise there than in an other, and some stuff might exsist in one city while not in anthother, some cities might fit better for your playstyle while others might fit worse.


With an dynamic World the game would feel more alive in many ways.

this could for example do that NPC and Player cities grow and become more advanced and richer, the zombie cities might get more mutations further in depending on the time, cities might become owergrown over time, the offroad routes you and your friends usually use might start to become an dirtroad, the cities that are the most popular (the cities that the most players visit) grows the fastest and in a different way than others, the least popular gets poorer and grows in a different way, some zombie infested cities might get overtaken by NPC and the zombies take over an NPC city, raiders might raid an NPC city and take over it and so on, the World would feel more alive this way and there are so many possibilities to make it even more unique.

  • I would like UII to have an dynamic World
  • I would NOT want UII to have an dynamic World
  • I want UII to have dynamic World in some degree
  • Null

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random encouters
random encounters, like meeting an travelling merchant while you are Walking along a road to an near city you saw from your watchtower, or getting stopped by raiders at a bridge them demanding money from you so that they would let you cross the bridge and such things

  • I Think UII should have random encounters
  • I Think UII should NOT have random encounters
  • Null

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different factions using different ways
for example the most common way for the raider is scrap, and the rares is High Tech, the location and popularity of the cities “decides” the way the city goes.


This has already been suggested multiple times. I recommend you view the other suggestions by typing in “factions” into the forums search bar. Read them before continuing this post.

With that out the way, this is by far the best suggestion of this type, and you have gone into great detail to describe how everything should work, so great work for that. I must admit, I completely agree with this. They really should implement something like this, especially to add more content, quests, and an actual challenge for when you are out surviving.
They should look at games like Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Rust, etc for inspiration.

The only annoying thing is that Nelson does not really like adding complex mechanics and systems into his games.

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yes I know that there are other people that have suggested stuff like this Before, and I have read their topics too :slight_smile:

but indeed from fallout 4 and games like that there are plenty of ideas and good stuff.

and yes its sad, But I still hope some stuff like this will be added

At this point I am wondering if Nelson even reads through the #suggestions list in the Unturned II U4 Discussions Forum? Or maybe do some of the staff/leaders forward the most popular & most liked suggestions to Nelson for review?


I do think there should be multiple factions on a map but i feel like if they all start at neutral relations with the player and the missions you do for them would contradict missions you do for other factions and so you could befriend whoever you want .

I dont think i fully understood but from what i got i dont rly like it , i dont like the idea of people being able to build factions , i think this is based on fallout 4 aswell but in fallout 4 there is only one player , you , in unturned there would be many more players and it would be quite chaotic if you ask me .

I do think cities should get richer but i dont think zombies should get stronger because if someone joins a server for the first time after the zombies got a bit stronger it will be much harder for them to get loot (unless you dont need to loot cities to get loot at the start of the game ) also if there would be something like this servers would have to wipe from time to time .

I think that random encounters like this are a thing for single player games because someone could just camp with a rifle and kill everyone around a trader

yes I wasn’t very clear, sorry for that.

What I ment was that players can start Groups with their friends, as now, and If they were able to build cities and such, NPCs could move in there too and the players Group would become like an faction but not really, So I was actually just talking about player Groups.

I didnt mean that zombies overall should get stronger, I wouldnt want that, But I saw someonen once suggesting zombie mutations and I had starated Writing on an own topic of that too but never finished it…

but I ment that for example in an city that is huge, the zommbies further in in the city could mutate and the city bc of for example radiation in that area would become overgrown faster and as my friend suggested to me once, Flower type things that shoot spores to the air that Infects you or what he now said.

so what I ment was zombis overall not getting stronger but in a huge zombie infested city become mutated and a Little bit stronger but only further in to the city, wich would still keep the city easier lootable on the “outer” layers but more difficult and dangerous on the “inner” layers.

ïndeed, but wha I have tought about also is that what if the Npc cities and mabye even playercities? could have some guard type people that would kill you something if they catched you if you had killed peple in situations like these or got caught while stealing, and even some random missions like “Bounty hunting” wich would encourage some players to try to Catch players that has a Bounty on them and making it more dangerous to be a more ´hostle person or what I should call it.

there are many ways to make solutions to problems that are created by making a game bigger, but the biggest problem in most games is that there isnt so much content as there could be.

but I hope this cleared out some unclear things :slight_smile:
thank you for your time to answer the topic.

Personally I get null about factions, especially if they fade over time.
The reason for this is that in a world that even the military, with missiles, tanks and bombs could not resist, how “normal” people could survive to the point where they began to develop a faction, which in a way is almost a society?
Not that I hate the suggestion of factions, but I think that in the Unturned proposal, it doesn’t match much.

Factions of various kinds, as long as they’re not too futuristic. Yes.

Dynamic world is interesting, new types of turneds popping up over time, tracks forming as players pass, all of this is quite interesting and really gives the game a sense of life.

Random encounters, again takes away a little of the immersion of the game, in my humble opinion, in a crumbling world, with people spending all they have to get food and trying to survive, a trader who sells or exchanges items is a little strange.
Where does he get these items from?

At best I believe that bad guys attacking your house at night, or simply attacking the player when they find them seems to me to be more interesting to the game.

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with proper systems Everything could work.

also with the random encouners i didnt mean only random traders, I ment that you might encounter an random NPC survivor too, pretty much anything, random lonley zombie sitting on a branch in a tree, and falling on you, Just random stuff in general

but yes it might take away immersion of the game if too much and not fitting to the game

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Damn that is actually excellent. Very active developer!

I really hope he adds this idea because it’s the #1 thing I’d like to see in U4

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