Facewear (faceprotection, gasmasks/respirators n' such, goggles...)

So shortly about face wear

I think that face wear in UII should be much more “interesting” than in 3.0. In 3.0 we have the balaclavas that does basically nothing, same with the bandanas. Gasmasks in the other hand does more, they protect from radiation… nightvision goggles lets you see in the dark and so on… It ain’t that interesting and there isn’t that much variety.
In UII I wish to see face shields, ballistic face masks, respirators, goggles, and so much more.

Face protection

there should be different kinds of face protection, lets take face shields and ballistic face masks for example
there are many different kinds of face shields


these are for example connected to the helmet

while these are not
they all should have their pros and cons, but they should be balanced
some should be upgradable/customisaizable in some degree while others should have less upgrading/customizating possibilities.

Respirators and gasmasks

there should be different kinds of gasmasks, some protect more and some less, and the same with respirators,


I also think that there should be different types of makeshift gasmasks/respirators too,
for example an jetpilot breathing tube and the mouth covering part, connected to an smaller car radiator that you have on your back or something connected to your bag, with an car battery connected to it… could make cleaner air for you to breathe.

Goggles and such things

I think goggles should totally be added, to different purposes and all, and even if they might not protect you from bullets or such things, they might protect your eyes from, for example dust, if you are in an desert and ta sandstorm rises for example, or from water when you run in rain and stuff like that, and if you drive your car without a windshield, and so on. they should also be usable even f you have an respirator of some sort and such things.
goggles with faceprotection


also like makeshift goggle-respirator connected protection stuff


please comment and vote what you think about these, thank you

  • Yes, its good
  • Yes, but I would change… (comment what)
  • No, I do not like it

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you forgot this one olla%20industrial

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Thats not a facewear, thats headwear

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its both : )

yes indeed it would be quite fun seeing people walking around with a saucepan on their head as armor
but not very useful, or serious, or protectful…


that thing that the soldier has would not work,you need the big one,the big one can even stop a .338 lapua magnum

I made a post about Gear affecting vision some time ago, it has some slight similarities to this topic


yes you can use that to the helmet i suggested,its very op but has a very slight vision affection

you can use this football%20helmet

btw you cant take this serious when this thing military%20beret is able to stop a railgun headshot

This thread is in #unturned-4.

Unturned II has neither berets nor railguns in the current state.


Do note that the last two face protection pics show mouthgear that only protect against incredibly minor hits, as they are made for Airsoft.

At least the second last can mildly protect from dust inhalation, but the last one is virtually useless.

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I can’t wait to be blinded by dust and asking my teammates if they have a spare eyedropper and saline solution. If they don’t I’ll just press K or whatever to rub my eyes. Atleast I won’t be the one who trips in a forest without goggles and needs to get surgery to remove the stick from his eye. (that happened to my brother once)

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Oh yes I know they are for airsoft. As I probably said, I used them for examples, for how they look, to give you a good picture in your head of what I am talking about :slight_smile:

just don’t make the helmets resistant to like 100+ makarov rounds.

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Well I thought that dust storms for examle did more like an bad wiew and id you didnt have eyeprotection your screen would be like half closed eyes :thinking: you know how you do with your eyes in the summer when a truck goes by and lifts up some dust in ur face or in a snowstorm when u get “sharp” snow in ur face

Yes? :thinking:
I did not actually talk about helmets … but indeed they shouldnt be 100% bulletproof in every part? :thinking:

No, because helmets aren’t 100% bulletproof.

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your wrong thers a helmet that is 100% bulletproof

Which is?
Even the strongest of helmets today can’t resist rounds such as .50 BMG. Hell, it can barely even survive 7.62x54R.

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