Food/Drink in Unturned 4 - A progressive (fixed rate) system for constumption

Food And Drinks In Unturned 4.x

Since no one has brought up the aspect of food in Unturned 4, I think that food/drink items should work on a more progressive system, embracing the system of milliliters and grams.

ex. I am walking in the forest, about to dehydrate, but have little water left, I can now HOLD my mouse button to drink a certain amount, (at a rate of like 3 milliliters a second or something) which leaves me half my water bottle, that i can use in a more valuable situation.

As well as that, empty food/water containers can be used as craftables, or be thrown away.
For example, if you have a can of soda and you drink its contents, it can now be used as a regular can, allowing you to craft more things, such as silencers, water purifiers and so on.

As to PvP, I think that many players are going to be infuriated with this, so I think that there should be a button allowing to quickly consume food/water, maybe at a faster rate, or just entirely.

This system would add another aspect to survival management, and also add some more realism to the game, which I think (considering the art style and models you have chosen, nelson) would be appreciated, but of course not too much of it, this is unturned, after all.

I think that the unreal engine was a step in the right direction, I love it so much! It allows you to do so much, and the game looks much better. Good call on that, once again!

-Codian (I hope this suggestion helps!)

There’s already a lot of posts on food/drink portioning, and another handful or so of the crafting-related threads include stuff about reusing cans and bottles (there’s also some on more food types, reworking how stats are given from consumables, cooking, and food rot/preservation).

The main difference between this suggestion and others on portioning is that this is a “slowly hold to consume more at a fixed rate,” while others seem to typically just be a “click to eat one of the portions.” The latter concept alleviates the need to be able to quickly down an entire meal. It might still be interesting to see water consumed at a fixed rate instead though.

Personally, I’d recommend looking at Thing that relate to food (Suggestion) and Item portioning, medical effects, more food. If you just search for “food” in the #unturned-4 board though, you can find a lot of individual posts on food and stuff.


I think that the portions system would win over the fixed rate because the community would rather want convenience over realism. Anyways, this is just my idea for food and drink, feel free to leave any suggestions…

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