Halloween Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the 10 winners!

What’s this? It’s a spooky Halloween giveaway! Enter for a random chance to win an in-game bundle containing a Mythical Cosmetic Item.

You can enter as of right now! Entries will be open for one week. The closing day for entries is November 3, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m. (Central Time). You’ll need a forum account to enter, so be sure to sign-up if you don’t already have an account.

Read the instructions below for how to enter the giveaway, choose your preferred prize, and claim your prize if you win. These steps are important!

Entering the Giveaway!

To enter, leave a comment below. Your comment should contain both of the required details:

  1. Leave a Halloweeny comment! For example, you can tell us what you love about Halloween or Halloween-themed in-game events, or upload a Halloween-themed Unturned image!

  2. In the same comment, tell us which of the two prize options you would prefer if you win! (Refer to the “Giveaway Prizes” section.)

Giveaway Prizes

Choose your prize, from one of two options! When commenting, specify which prize you’d prefer if you win—between either the Haunted Mummy bundle (Option A), or the Blood Sucker Vampire bundle (Option B).

Haunted Mummy bundle contents:

  • Mythical Haunted Mummy Hat (mythical, Haunted)
  • Mummy Top (rare)
  • Mummy Bottom (rare)

Blood Sucker Vampire bundle contents:

  • Mythical Blood Sucker Vampire Cowl (mythical, Blood Sucker)
  • Vampire Cape (epic)
  • Vampire Top (rare)

Claiming your Prize!

This is a multi-winner giveaway! At least six entrants will win, all of whom will be randomly selected after the deadline for entries.

Winners will be notified through their Forum account, via a direct message (DM). Be sure to login and check if you won, after entries have closed! Winners have 5 days to respond. Otherwise, your prize may be forfeit.

If you win, be prepared to provide your SteamID (or a link to your Steam profile) via DM. This is necessary so that we can send your prize to the correct Steam account. Once you’ve responded to your DM with the necessary information, winners will receive their mythical cosmetic (and other bundle contents) in early November.

Giveaway Rules…

  1. This giveaway is only available to PC (Steam) players. A Steam account is required to claim and use your giveaway prize.

  2. You may only enter this giveaway once. Any additional attempts at entry will not be considered. No entries will be accepted after the deadline. If needed, you can edit your comment before the giveaway ends – please do this instead of posting multiple times!

  3. All entries should be appropriate, and abide by the normal policies and guidelines of the Forum. Entry attempts that are inappropriate, or fail to abide by Forum guidelines, will not be considered.


Global pin during the duration of the giveaway.

[ 1 ] : What I like the most about Halloween is the changes in the games, because in my homeland they don’t celebrate this holiday. Yes in general, Ukraine is not up to Halloween now))

[ 2 ] : Would like to win [Option B] or an autograph on a Steam profile from MoltonMontro :flushed:

  1. I have a lot of favorite things about Halloween. However one of the main one is Haunted Houses. You can never go wrong with a good scare.

2 - I would prefer the Blood Sucker Vampire Bundle [Option B[


The thing I love about Halloween is vandalism. The amount of vandalism you can do to someone’s house is funny, you legally can do vandalism to someone’s home after they go “Get outta here” and you leave with no candy whatsoever, since you said “Trick or Treat”. I always have been more of a vampire guy than a mummy one.


I enjoy when Halloween comes around because all the old folks in my town call every kid wearing a costume a pagan, love myself eastern Europe.

Here’s a zomb

Mummy set would be cool


i love alot of things about haloween but my favorite has to be playing spooky games with my friends
if i win i would like to get the mummy

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  1. I must say, my favorite thing about halloween is the rush the day before. People running about to get different things or costumes, just the organized chaos of it all.

  2. Option B would be cool.

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  1. when i was younger i only went trick or treating once (i made myself a set of iron armor from minecraft and people thought i was a robot) and i collected vast amounts of candy only to come home and never eat it because i hated candy (fr please eat more apples yall)

  2. option b

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In my country practically no one celebrates Halloween. But I personally like this holiday very much. I don’t often celebrate it, but if there is an opportunity, I will celebrate it with pleasure.
And it’s nice to see when your favorite game does not forget about Halloween, forcing people to play together and celebrate it together as well. :blush:

I would like option A please.

1: Something I love about Halloween is dressing up. Even though my costume’s were usually bad it was still fun. Its also kind of funny to see others dress up like goofy characters that walk the street at night. Something Unturned Halloween related that I think of immediately is the old Unturned - Danaby’s Halloween Adventure! (skit thing) on YouTube where he fails to trick-or-treat on November 2nd. Only real ones remember that.
Its halloweeen gif

2: Option A (mummy for life)


1.I like being able to dress up as the most wacky, goofy outfit, then roaming the streets and not being questioned.

2.Option B

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  1. I loved the Tales of Terror map, which was released in 2020 iirc. I remember playing with a friend of mine almost all day, killing monsters, completing quests and searching for rare items. Both of us had a lot of fun.
  2. Option A
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1.I love halloween cause of scaring other people is very funny

  1. Option A

1.We go to the halloween with my friends to scare people or go home and enter the games with the halloween update and play until the night is over.cosplaying zombies and running at people scaring little kids it’s actually all a joke but very funny
2.mummy for life

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[1]One thing I love about Halloween is the process of finding a costume it just is really fun to me and I love doing it.

[2] I personalty would enjoy [option b]

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  1. i like halloween because on halloween i get free things, i am a freeloader.

2.option A


Ayo im just a unturned play just saw this would like to get the Vampire bundle if i win and what i like about halloween is scaring people with my ugly face :slight_smile: my steam name is Swoogity;) have a nice day kiss kiss

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[1]: I’m from Ukraine and I don’t celebrate Halloween :frowning:
(I love the new discord ringtone XD)

[2]: I would like option A

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  1. Unturned has been one of my main games since 2015. The hallowen events back in the day were really amazing I still have the old 215 PEI map ready in case I just want that nostalgia back.

  2. Option B