Here's a suggestion for everyone

How about we as a community stop making so many suggestions for UII before Nelson is done doing the stuff he is focused on rn.

Wait, what’s disturbing Nelson? If he wants to do something else, let him do it. We write suggestions, evaluate them and comment. Just because he doesn’t do anything about them now, they don’t mean they’re not important.


Yea but alot of people do post them with expectation to somewhat be added and then writing a long ass post about it. For Nelson to read that would be a waste of time. The posts just seem to spam and waste time.

Also, doesn’t mean posts are bad, I think it would be better to post ides after the main stuff in the game is more polished and such.

As you said, they are suggestions, not requests.


You know dude, thats not how you handle stuff with what you disagree. Try constructing a more friendly message.

Yea but if they wait, they will see what nelson was working on. And be able to improve on that.

I think it’s better if the post is longer, with details and argumentation. And reading these things are not, at least for me, a waste of time. If you can read, you can shorten reading time several times.


Yea… they I find some interesting too, I just think the amount of suggestions coming in should be toned down. To add, some don’t even make sense sometimes.

I think if the suggestion doesn’t make sense, it will simply be forgotten.


how about we as a community don’t do that


Yea you are right. Let’s leave it so everyone can express there garbage thoughts as many times as they want.

Yeah because yours clearly aren’t



and who are you to tell others what to do as if you have any kind of popular respect or authority, “we as a community” can do whatever we want. It’s not like anyone is actually demanding that Nelson do what they suggest, they are just (as the tag says) suggestions, not requests or demands. We can do whatever we want, dude.

There is literally an entire tag for suggestions. Nelson actually engages and replies with his thoughts on some of them. Submitting suggestions for UII is a well-established part of the community on this site.

Literally, this post sounds way more douchey than any suggestion for UII that I’ve ever read. You are literally speaking for Nelson, and you’re not even a respected or well-known person on this forum.


Thank you for stating the obvious, I would like to not see this forum from not looking like an old attic and more of an clean place. Yea, I im not a well known person and nor do I think I am. I am just expressing the feelings what I get from being in this forum. But sure I guess you game ended me there well done. :clap: :clap: :clap: I personally found this place better before then now. It’s ether false memories or it actually change dramatically.

Also, I don’t think I said I don’t want suggestions, I said

which doesn’t imply that I don’t want suggestions, but they are flooding the forum.

Well, most of the suggestions on here are somewhat detailed and well fleshed out, and most of the ones that aren’t come from new-ish accounts that come here and submit one or a few small suggestions. This is a (somewhat) large community, so of course there are going to be a lot of suggestions.

And if you would rather the suggestions be better written or more detailed or something (which I fully agree with) then keep in mind that all of the suggestions you have posted have been incredibly vague and simplistic 1 sentence long posts that actually contribute little to no meaningful or well thought out information.

Like this. And this. And this.


Thats because I don’t know how to explain myself, I mostly relay on auto correct for grammatical mistakes because english ain’t native to me. I just maybe sound like I know english because I use words that people on internet use to be more relatable.

Well, ok. But it’s probably the same for most of the other people who submit vague and short 1 sentence posts. But I myself aren’t from an english speaking country (although I do live in one now) so it’s not really that hard to elaborate a little more.

And if Nelson wanted less suggestions for UII, surely he’d like, say something about it? And not add a “suggestion” tag literally in the Unturned II category. You don’t need to speak for him.


I mean, wasnt the that tag for a while there. From then when it was to now isn’t there much more suggestions then originally intended.