How close would you say is Unturned II to being a proper beta-level (in terms of development) game

It is basically a Pre-Alpha Demo right now imo… I would give it two years, but I am very excited by its current development.

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That’s why it’s called a demo.


This topic is pointless. If you’re trying to get regular then I don’t recommend posting these kind of things.


Video game development isn’t one of the things I obsessively categorize, so for all I know the correct terminology for the current state of Unturned II could be semi-public hyper pre-alpha, but I can point out that it’s said private beta in the menu since wave 1.

I haven’t posted in 2 months and I make 3 posts? Why don’t you shut *** **** up about me trying to get regular and just write an actual answer to my question? Right now all of your replies, as well as AJ’s, to any of my posts are just unnecessary and unhelpful spam…

Also, it’ll take me another 44 days to get regular at best. By then the requirements for U4 will be dropped anyway.

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@anon24515308 I am actually not sure why Nelson is calling it that. Surely the next stage is an open beta, according to his timeline, yet the game is nowhere near finished?

Oh really now?

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It really isn’t hard to find an answer. Let that alone, it really isn’t hard to guess an answer. It will come out when it’s ready.
You might not have bad intentions asking this question, but you have no idea how many times people asked this and how many times this question was somewhat answered.

IMO though, I wouldn’t say it is possible to make any accurate guesses. Might be a whole year away. Might be months away. Might be two years away. At the end of the day, it is ready when it is ready.
An official announcement about not just a release date, but for a public beta release date would build up unneccessary hype and could easily fail unless nelson himself is sure about it.

Also this

Confirmed by the man himself. :wink:

Edit: LOL He apparently asked the same question not so long ago

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What stage of development is Unturned II actually in? already asked, already answered.

Not to mention that this applies to the other posts you created aswell regarding how to get access to the game.

It’s a demo, period


Remember when Nelson basically addressed this?

“Hype isn’t too important to me right now. I’m looking forward to building the game with the interested community as it works its way up like early 3, and I suspect the zombie survival genre will become extra popular again in the mid 2020s at which point 4 will be super solid.”

“*by “mid 2020s” I meant like 2025”

cant actually quote the stuff for some reason


“beta” doesn’t inherently mean anything for Unturned II. Every time a game uses “beta”, “alpha”, etc., it’s more relative to themselves – not other games. “Pre-Alpha Demo” doesn’t actually mean anything.

In U4’s case, there’s been demos. Demos are “proofs of concept”. The Vehicle Demo was a vehicle demonstration proof-of-concept. Horde Potato and Horde Chapel are horde mode demonstrations, that function as a proof of concept.

Generally speaking, most games aren’t typically playable by thousands of people during early stages of development. This is part of the reason why trying to assign “pre-alpha” or “closed beta” doesn’t work super well, as the reality is that you’re watching the game’s earliest development from before any company would’ve even possibly announced the project.

So all of these demos, and other things like Blastlane, aren’t just about being a demo/beta/whatever. They’re:

  1. opportunities to implement important features (either related to the core game, or modability).
  2. ways of showcasing the features being implemented to the large number of players with access to U4.

Right now, U4 considers itself a Private Beta as far as the main menu is concerned with describing it.


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